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In an effort to make sure that you have all of your bases covered for the next time you head out into the field, we have provided many smaller miscellaneous items to ensure your next trip is a successful one.
A correctly built root cellar is the ‘secret’ to refrigeration for food without electricity. It is an excellent way to help ensure surviving an EMP, loss of the power grid, world war, or other catastrophic disaster in the modern age. If you do it right.
How much do you know about the relationship between government actions and disasters? There are processes in place at the highest level of government for handling disasters. The more you know about the things that they do and when they do them the better you can gauge the severity of a disaster. This article does …
The Peggies took over this summer camp. The cabins are full of their stuff, and they’re rounding up dogs. I can’t fight them by myself, but I did the next best thing: I stole the master key to all the cabins and fed it to one of the dogs inside the main building. If they want access to their stash again, they’ll have to wait until the dog shits it back out!
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The title reads like some sort of terrible infomercial but it seems these homesteaders are onto something. They have found an incredible veggie that you most likely never heard of that really produces. Its one of those rare breeds that doesn’t have issues with pests, doesn’t have issues with disease or mold and produces at …
For someone who is on the fence about prepping, wouldn’t you rather have storage and not need it than no storage and need it? I think of this as another insurance policy. I keep in mind the risks I face if I don’t have this prepping storage.
I totally agree: Do NOT overwhelm yourself. Go one day (or paycheck) at a time. I do all of the food buying in our family and, I have to agree, it is extremely easy to get overwhelmed worrying over all the numbers.
All we needed to add to our hurricane supplies to also be ready for earthquakes was water. So now, in addition to the empty jugs and tub liner, we also have full 5 gallon water fountain jugs, a 55 gallon water barrel, and water filters and bleach for sterilizing water from our neighbors swimming pools. That puts us in a much better position for both hurricanes and earthquakes, and anything else which might occur, including dock strikes.
One of the goals of the APN is to help teach those who are acting through fear regarding 2012 issues to broaden their view and adopt a Self Reliant lifestyle versus stashing a bunch of stuff in case the Mayans were right.
I live in Florida with lots of Hurricane season, Tornado, Flood, Ice Storm, Blizzard, Tsunami, Earthquake, Zombie Apocalypse. here is one people arent familiar with, a trucker strike. if they dont run the trucks, there will be no food delivered and the grocery store shelves will go bare. how serious is this? hubby bought me a greenhouse so we could start growing our own food. when the Obamacare deal goes through, many people will be looking for food when they lose many hours and pay. With a truckers strike and empty grocery store shelves, thats not a good combination. when the shelves sent bare during the hurricanes, there were riots at Walmart over water and baby formula.
Civil emergencies and post collapse crime will mean break-ins, robberies, hostage taking, rapes and murders. Here are several DIY home security safeguards and tips to have in place before a true civil emergency.
If SHTF or you have a house fire or whatever, your family members may need to reach someone. Does everyone in your family have the phone numbers, full names, addresses and directions to the home and office of all your other family members and people you trust? Do you have all the police, fire and hospital numbers and addresses listed? Make a very thorough list and make sure everyone has a copy of it. This list should go into your overall emergency plan.
Skills don’t weigh nuthin. Get it into your head right now that it would be better to know how to make something out of scrap you find than it would to carry it. with enough knowlege, you could get dropped off into the middle of the woods naked and still be able to survive. Sounds kind of fun, actually. Maybe a little painful. Drill, drill, drill. A big part of preparation is rehearsal. Special Forces units practice for months for operations; you should too.

Estate, garage, and yard sales are good places to check. Used electronics, tools, chainsaws, etc. – try before you buy. From experience, that used lawnmower may look great and sound great, but when it sputters out and dies going across not-so-high grass or on a hill.. that’s a waste of money.
All that said, Gaye, I was recently reading some emails written by someone who was experiencing Katrina and some from post Katrina. It got me to thinking. He had a mutual pact with some friends so whoever had a disaster situation could bug out to the other’s place and be welcome.
Morakniv Craftline Q Allround Fixed Blade Utility Knife: Also known as the Mora 511, this is now my favorite knife.  It is made of Swedish steel and is super sharp.  I paid $12 for this knife last week and today it is $8.95 so I ordered another one.  It was worth $12 and of course is a steal at $8.95!
From “Fear Factor” to the Frying Pan: Insect Harvesting and the Common House Fly. Is the developing world setting an example of what our diets could look like in future generations as more of the world turns to insect harvesting to combat food shortages?
It was a bit difficult to come up with this list due to the wide array of possible readers, possible SHTF scenarios and abundance of things preppers could be learning, stocking or doing but I think I narrowed it down pretty well. You can always use the comments below if you feel differently, or start your own blog.
Costco is a great place to start prepping from. as far as coupons, they have their own and I use them to buy just about all my paper goods and toiletries. We also buy dry beans and rice which we put in mylar sealed bags (add a 2000cc oxygen absorber) into a 5 or 6 gallon bucket,with gamma seal lid or regular lid which you can buy at home depot or lowes and are very cheap. I prefer gamma seal lids as you can reseal the mylar bags and the gamma seal also helps keep out oxygen and pests. quite often during the summer home depot has charcoal on sale. we buy several bags and store them in buckets .
In the late 1990’s there was a resurgence of interest in Preparedness stemming from fears that computer systems would fail and society would collapse due to the “Y2K Bug”.  The Y2K Bug concern revolved around the potential for computers to not be able to handle the year changing back to “00” which had not previously happened in the lifetime of computers.  While it turned out the the Y2K bug was successfully neutralized, the world stood on edge at the turn of the century, concerned that society would collapse from a catastrophic computer failure.
Use the grapple to swing and jump to the next grapple point, then leap to the platform on the far edge. Follow the ridge along the cliffside until you find the corpse of a deer and a rappelling point.
SurvivalBlog readers may not be aware that the same family that owns Naturally Cozy (one of our long time writing contest prize donors) also operates North Idaho Heat, in Bonners Ferry, Idaho. They are now the exclusive dealer for the 509 Optimum stove in north Idaho. This model looks a lot like a like a wood stove, but it has more in common with a pellet stove. What makes it truly different is that it only burns compressed logs – which are also made in northern Idaho.
Fishing has been a huge part of my life since as long as I can remember. I spent most of my life playing catch and release. That is just how it went. I learned a valuable skill that I enjoy till this day. This article offers some ways to catch fish without a rod and reel. …
I consider myself to be an ordinary citizen, who again like you, is just trying to get by in these uncertain and chaotic times.  And as trite as it sounds, I hope that what I learn, what I do and what I share will make the road to self-reliance just a bit easier for the next person.
A wound deep enough to pack is a terrifying thought. I don’t like the idea of that in today’s world. Now let’s think about dealing with this degree of bleeding in a SHTF scenario where people are dirty and wounds could mean much more than stitches. If you don’t have access to sanitation and medicine …
Again, this move is just another incremental step for the gun grabbers. Even though bumpfire stocks are impractical for most self-defense shooting, they still deserve Second Amendment protection, on principle.  If we don’t loudly speak up in opposition, then the gun grabbers will smell blood in the water and they will quickly come after more!  (For example: binary triggers, 3-gun match triggers, magazines over 10 round capacity, and entire classes of firearms–perhaps even all semi-autos that can accept detachable magazines.)
LetsTalkSurvival • A survival blog focussed on the discussion and demonstration of Emergency Preparedness, Self Reliance, Urban and Outdoor Survival skills, tips, techniques, and lots of gear reviews too…
@Tom – Thanks for sharing some detailed information about machetes. We still have not purchased one for our own use I but am leaning toward the shorter Ontario. They seem to be well priced and universally loved. I will look up the Ka Bar Cutlass too – but we may have to “grow” in to that one.
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Les, baby, I don’t know what those idiots from Hilgard Electric were so uptight about. you don’t need a “degree” in “electrical engineering” or anything else. You an’ me built this bunker with our bare hands. Safety hazard my entire ass. Didn’t I get a smoke detector and a sprinkler system from Red’s place last month? We’re gonna be fine down here.
Amazon carries the Ka-Bar Cutlass Machete as well as the Ontarios for around $50-$65. In my experience cheaper brands are cheaper because they use junky steel blades: they twist, they bend, they fold. I strongly recommend spending the money to get an Ontario or Ka-Bar.
Once you’ve considered what you’re at risk for, we’re going to shelve that information for a bit.  The federal government provides some good starting points for considering how to protect yourself (you’ll want to do a lot of research later about how to be safe and survive that scenario).  We’re going to move on to a personal assessment of what you currently have.
I have several machetes, including a couple hand made Philippine examples from the local swap meet, but far and away my favorite is a Ka-Bar Cutlass Machete. The Ka-Bar has an 11″ high carbon blade with a lot of weight out toward the tip so it has plenty of momentum even in tight quarters. I use it around the yard for pruning hedges where I can’t get a long swing. I also have used it on two or three camping trips to the North Shore of Oahu where I used it to split ironwood/Australian pine (casuarina) logs up to 5″ diameter for kindling. Last summer I used it while camping on the Salmon River in Idaho, mostly to fell dead Ponderosa pine up to 5″ diameter, trim the branches, and split the logs into kindling.
And we are back for the second half of our podcast on fighting the flu. If you haven’t listened to part 1 of fighting the flu and Staying Healthy, we talked about sanitation, hygiene, your diet, and a … [Read More…]
Massive disasters can contaminate the water supply, making your tap water immediately dangerous. Emergency water distillation can treat contaminated water, making it safe to drink — and also desalinates ocean salt water for coastal or maritime survival.
Waiting until the last minute, or waiting until a disaster strikes is probably the stupidest thing you can do. Depending on the severity of the disaster it could get you and the ones you love killed… […]
This is something we hear a lot. It is something that the media frequently attempts to portray us as. Preppers are no more crazy than those wacky people who have home owners insurance. Seriously, why do people have home owners insurance? It’s so that if something catastrophic happens to your house you can get money to buy a new one – and not be homeless. Prepping is basically the same thing – we educate ourselves and purchase items that will be essential to continue our way of life in a catastrophic event, creating a Standard of Living Insurance for ourselves.  Preppers are those who agree with the Federal Government and subscribe to what FEMA has indicated that every citizen should be doing to be prepared.  For the media to call us “nutjobs” or “fringe”is for them to ignore the position of the Federal Government towards citizen responsibility.
With so many threats facing the world, preppers are becoming more common place. So, who’s still not prepping? Steps to take today to be prepared for a national collapse resulting from a catastrophic disaster or mysterious, unexpected event.
I have seen, but not used the Ontario machetes which Joe Cullen mentioned, and Ontario Marine Raider Knives, which are very similar to short machetes but adapted for fighting purposes as well. (They have clipped points and guards ie are big Bowie knives for dual purpose.) Both look very good. Also the kukri style machetes by Ontario and Ka-Bar seem pretty popular, but I haven’t used them, so can’t give an opinion.

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