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I geared it toward people who have made few, if any, preparations for a disaster, but are interested in the possibility. I also made it pretty generic – no specific type of disaster in mind. Ramping up from a three day supply to several weeks or even months is pretty much a matter of just adding more of the same stuff, so anyone can can customise it easily for whatever situation they envision.
Wow! What a great site! Lots of great info for a newbie and none of the snarky comments I’ve seen at other sites! Everyone please keep contributing – it so helps a lot and keeps me from feeling overwhelmed!
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We have learned that governments from the local and state level all the way up to the federal government had multiple chances to stop the shooting but instead choose to do nothing. Now they want to take away your right to legally defend yourself in the face of this type of attack. […]
Stasi (2016).  “This definitive documentary reveals the calculated cruelty and brutal repression by the notorious East German secret police, the Stasi. Headed by the sinister Erich Mielke, the Stasi kept the population under constant surveillance. Tapping phones, reading mail, and installing informers, they created a culture of fear and suspicion.”   This documentary is available for free download to Amazon Prime members. Also available on DVD.
In recent months I’ve had several SurvivalBlog readers contact me to mention “investing” in Iraqi Dinars (IQD).  Spurred on by the Internet rumor mill, they are hoping for a huge return on investment, in the event of a revaluation. But I must warn you, folks: Don’t fall for the “insider knowledge” scams that are out there, with scammers selling paper Dinars at inflated rates.  And most of all, don’t confuse revaluation with redenomination. A formal revaluation is highly unlikely. Although a redenomination is indeed likely, it won’t mean that you’ll get any overnight windfall. Quite the contrary! If they drop one, two, or three zeros from the currency, you could lose everything if you miss the recall window to exchange your old bills for the new bills. That window of opportunity could be as short as 30 days. And that exchange will mostly take place inside Iraq. If you miss the window, then all you’ll have is pretty wallpaper. And even if you do successfully trade your old IQD bills for new IQD bills, it will be at best little more than a break-even proposition.
While an inordinate amount of commentary and focus is put on so-called “Doomsday” or Apocalyptic preparedness, in reality this is, or should be, a very minor to non-existent concern for Preppers.  Truly, Preppers focus much more on being prepared for things that will more likely be an issue – such as the family bread-winner losing their job, passing away or being incapacitated.  Other primary concerns for Preppers are: death or serious illness/injury to a family member, all-consuming house fire, flooding or other natural and man-made disasters.  Our current economic environment makes the potential impact of some of these things even more likely.  Indeed, the economic stability of their country is of a huge concern to Preppers because of what it would mean for, not just themselves, but the rest of the country if a severe economic crisis were to occur.
There are a lot of different things you can put on your bug out bag list and there’s not really one list of contents that you should follow. Each item in your kit will depend on your skill set and what you’re trying to prepare for. It’ll also change depending on your region, the season […]
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It’s become clear that there are 3 camps for doomsday prepping: Just Enough, Ready For Almost Anything and See You When the Dust Settles.  We’ll cover each of these doomsday prepping scenarios here and try to think which one most applies to your prepping plan.
Doomsday prepping to this group is about making themselves comfortable for a day or two when a big storm knocks down a few power lines.  This is less about surviving disaster and more about being sure you have your favorite snack when the lights go out.
Our award winning DVD series have been utilized as a source of outdoor instruction by thousands of people around the world and have been recognized as one of the most complete sources of survival training in the industry.
The power to the keycard reader is off, so you’ll need to turn it back on. Go through the door and follow the hall that leads off to the left, then take a quick right. Head to the end of the room and use the yellow switch in the closet on your left to power on the generator.
Massive disasters can contaminate the water supply, making your tap water immediately dangerous. Emergency water distillation can treat contaminated water, making it safe to drink — and also desalinates ocean salt water for coastal or maritime survival.
There is A LOT more!  But this will get you off the ground on your adventure in getting prepared!  We suggest you read about The Path of the Prepper and follow it.  Join the APN and become an active member of the community. You can safely ask questions there and very quickly get 30 different opinions on what you’re trying to figure out!  You’ll be able to make new friends who are just as interested in your new lifestyle.  Find out about your state networks and get active in them.  If you’re so inclined, start making a bit of money by writing about your experience!  Everyone loves to read articles written by people who are just getting started.
Tanner, got orders from Jacob to remove Elliot and his family from their house. They’ve been a thorn in our ass for far too long. Make sure you check their bunker, they could be hiding in there. Use whatever means necessary. – Billy You can also hear chatter over the radio letting you know that reinforcements will be arriving soon.
We have seen regional disasters strike repeatedly in recent years and the near future looks like more are heading are way and may get worse. Don’t make this common mistake with your insurance policy and lose everything when catastrophic disaster strikes!
How much do you know about the relationship between government actions and disasters? There are processes in place at the highest level of government for handling disasters. The more you know about the things that they do and when they do them the better you can gauge the severity of a disaster. This article does …
Sheepdog man is a place for those who love the outdoors, firearms, hunting, fishing, camping, prepping and protecting and providing for those they love. It is a resource. A treasure trove of information. A guide. A way of life.
The APN exists to help people learn about Prepping and to facilitate them becoming Self Reliant through increased personal responsibility.  If you have, or are gaining, a personal belief that it is up to you to provide for you and your family in difficult times – then you are on the path to becoming a Prepper!  If you want to quickly read more about why you should be a Prepper, check this out.
We all know our basic cost of living is increasing. Despite the increase and the knowledge that at some point, we are going to be stuck at home with no way to get to the grocery store, we keep spending. We just assume tomorrow will take care of itself, right?
Be careful fleeing. If martial law is in place it maybe enforced. The defence force having heat sensors and a heap of preppers fleeing can quickly turn into a video game. Trust instinct is what im getting at
Preppers typically plan to “Shelter in Place” or “Bug-In” which indicates they expect to ride out any bad situation while living in their home.  Other Preppers find themselves in situations where they recognize that they may need to “Bug-Out” or leave their home for another location, commonly referred to as their “Bug Out Location” or BOL.  A BOL may be a mountain retreat, a home in the country or simply a good place in the woods where they feel they can be safe if things collapse or get really bad.
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During Hurricane Katrina, the Federal Government finally got organized enough to set up a refugee camp at the Superdome.  It quickly became a dangerous, even deadly, place to be and the government insisted – and in some cases forced – that you be there.  There are people who literally “escaped from the Superdome”.
I can’t believe it! I heard it! A genuine sasquatch call! I’m sure it’s from a cave I’ve seen on the nearby cliffs. I’ve got a feeling that today is going to be the day that I come face to face with the squelch itself!
However, doomsday prepping can certainly mean different things to different people.  Some feel that anything less than an fully armed underground bunker filled with 3 years of food and water is a waste of time.  Others feel that having supplies for 3 or 4 days is sufficient enough doomsday prepping.
Jim is the originator of the American Redoubt movement and a frequent talk show guest on shows such as Alex Jones. He is also a retreat consultant specializing in off-grid living, rural relocation, and survival preparedness.
OPP is dedicated to any individual who wants to increase their knowledge of self-sufficiency, preparedness or survival tactics. Visit our website for articles/videos or join our Cincinnati Survival Community!
I’m not a prepper myself, I’m still living at home (soon to move out though), and rather afraid of the ridicule I’d get from my family and peers, since prepping, even in the not-over-the-top variety is generally regarded as ‘crazy’ by them.
Need a bag for a BoB on a budget or extra clothes? Shop Goodwill, Salvation Army, yard sales etc. for backpacks, flannel shirts, etc..on the cheap. They may not look pretty, but who cares as long as they function? Scratch and dent is good, except where food or other perishables are concerned.
This is actually true of many Preppers but is also a generalization – there are liberals and atheists among us and they are welcome.  The Prepper mindset is focused on Self-Reliance and Personal Responsibility, which also happens to lead right into a strong belief in the Constitution and that we need less, not more, government.  Christianity also promotes Self-Reliance and Personal Responsibility.  So, while the a majority of Preppers may be Christian and strong proponents of Constitutional Government – it is certainly not exclusive to that belief set.
Again, this move is just another incremental step for the gun grabbers. Even though bumpfire stocks are impractical for most self-defense shooting, they still deserve Second Amendment protection, on principle.  If we don’t loudly speak up in opposition, then the gun grabbers will smell blood in the water and they will quickly come after more!  (For example: binary triggers, 3-gun match triggers, magazines over 10 round capacity, and entire classes of firearms–perhaps even all semi-autos that can accept detachable magazines.)
Just to drop you a line and let you know how wonderful Backdoor Survival is. I log in ALL the time to read, learn and just feel like part of a growing community. It’s a comfort to know that there are other like minded individuals. Thanks again for this website/blog!!
Only you can decide what scenarios are likely for your area, and how many resources to devote to preparing for them. Living downwind of a 40 year old nuclear power plant might well be worth some effort to avoid, especially in an earthquake zone. However, if you are already there, you might decide it is appropriate to prepare for quick evacuation, and have a supply of iodine tablets, rather than endure the cost of relocating in anticipation of an event which might never occur.

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