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add more positive ions and vitality to minerals in the juice. … the magnets are creating positive ions… Bioceramic particles, produced by far-infrared technology, also emit positive ions. The magnets recharge the bioceramic material and the bioceramic material recharges the magnets. …many of these positive ions go into the juice. These additional positive ions add more vitality and longevity to the life of the minerals, reducing oxidation and keeping the juice fresher longer. [link]
Manufacturers of MWT devices commonly offer simplistic or scientifically untenable explanations of how these devices work, giving the consumer who knows some chemistry little confidence in those who promote the product.
Much of the report is spent describing how blood is drawn from study subjects, complete with bizarre, rudimentary explanations like “Apply a gauze pad or cotton ball over the needle site as the needle is removed.” Seriously? A clinical trial doesn’t present ICP-MS data on blood samples, but does spend time describing the use of cotton balls?
Everything written on Life Miracle’s Web site, and everything Judy has written on behalf of Life Miracle in email to me and in the comment above, would be the same regardless of which of these scenarios is true.
I’m not one for separating items when I wash (shameful, I know).  I’ve noticed no difference in the wear of delicate items.  Same goes for wool.  I even use them with my more delicate homemade items.
It was really easy to use the magnetic system, and the box has a brochure inside with directions and information. The company recommends you use hot water and run a normal-sized load of laundry. I usually wash my clothes in cold water, so I was a little nervous about this step. I decided to go warm, and luckily, no colors bled!
If the Magnetic Laundry System ever fails to perform, simply send them back to us and we will repair or replace them. Warranty is voided if balls are used for any application other than laundry usage or used contrary to label recommendations and cautions..
Let me be the first to denounce this “clinical trial” as scientific fraud and publicly accuse Fenestra Research and Water Liberty of faking the data. What we are witnessing here is pure scientific fraud and marketing fraud in all its glory.
While they won’t improve the agitation in the wash, what the magnets could do is actually damage your washer, especially if you’re using a front-loader. Since they are dense and heavy, they make it harder for the washer to balance itself properly during the spin cycles. This adds increased wear to the washer’s moving parts and will cause the washer to need repairs more often.
You basically place the two magnets on the side walls of your washing machine.  They’ll hold themselves in place all while doing what they’re supposed to do.  If you’re machine has a plastic tub you can place them either into the pockets of some pants, or in a couple socks (one magnet per pocket or sock please).
How does it work? “Makers of the Eurowash Laundry Ball mount 4 powerful, permanent magnets in a durable plastic bracket which is then covered with a tough, vulcanized blue rubber. Two tunnels through the middle of the ball allow water to flow directly through the focused magnetic fields. The result is a virtually indestructable water restructuring device.”
The premise of the device is that because soft water requires less detergent, you will save money on detergent in your dishwasher and washing machine if you just stick the Magnet Ball in at the start of a wash cycle. In fact, Norwex says, “When using the ball, you use 50%-70% less soap.”
The company states that its bioceramics increase the pH of water by 0.6 after only 15 minutes of exposure. This is important because it has been well documented that most bacteria thrive between a pH of 6.5 and 7. So by increasing the pH, Crystal Wash hopes soils will more easily wash away and that your laundry will be disinfected.
For blood stains, especially ones that are set in, soaking overnight in peroxide can work wonders. Test for color fastness, as peroxide can fade or even bleach some fabrics. Follow with a stain pre-treatment (I like Shout).
“In my experience, my clients who are using the Vitalizer Plus are able to move through their health problems more quickly – sometimes reducing other supplements – simply because the water supports greater metabolic efficiency. The addition of this water has resulted in improvements in all types of health conditions. It is a very very powerful tool to advance better health. I heartily recommend it!“
I just got an email about using magnets instead of detergents and bleach to clean your clothes in the washing machine. Has anyone actually tried this? We have kids and dogs, so our stuff gets really dirty. I bleach everything I can. Would using magnets destroy all the bacteria? Does it work well in all… show more
This product removes any noise which may be created by the force of the horizontal axis. You don’t have to stick to the machine to supervise if it works properly. It works well with all the variety of washing machines. The laundry units may end up sticking together in the washing process, hence the units should be submerged or put in the water for maximum effectiveness.
Further, once the scale-forming particles are removed, the water should still contain at least saturation levels of the hardness ions, so the water would by no means be considered “soft”; one would expect the metal ions would still form scums with soap, and they could still form scale when the water evaporates or is boiled in teakettles, etc.
A little digging on the Web reveals that the company which manufactures this product did publish an “independent lab test result,” which you can view here.  You can also view an “As Seen On TV” video evaluation of the product here.  [UPDATE 2010-06-22: The “As Seen on TV” video is no longer available. Perhaps Life Miracle stopped paying the advertising fee for it so they took it off the site?] Here are some problems I found with these:
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Interestingly, an article describing a 2004 stock promotion claims that a 2003 report from the Rand Corporation concluded that that “a sufficient theoretical basis [for magnetic fuel treatment] exists to warrant entry into a comprehensive product testing program.” It would be most interesting to see this report which is at odds with all known science.
With a background in science and software technology, Adams is the original founder of the email newsletter technology company known as Arial Software. Using his technical experience combined with his love for natural health, Adams developed and deployed the content management system currently driving NaturalNews.com. He also engineered the high-level statistical algorithms that power SCIENCE.naturalnews.com, a massive research resource featuring over 10 million scientific studies.
What the Magnetic Laundry System does is the exact same thing, except by using magnetism. The water molecule is already a highly magnetic molecule with a positive and negative charge. When the water rotates with the specially designed magnets, the surface tension of the water tension changes, and the water starts cleaning more effectively, just like with detergent.
I got the magnets – they are fantastic – many clothes & towels come out cleaner & cleaner each wash – getting rid of soap & fat build-up there as well as dirt – & no chemical perfumes – only $70 to never walk down that detergent aisle again !  occasionally I need some prewash stain remover eco friendly spray – highly recommended !!!
Magnetic forces never have direct contact with electronic devices and this magnetic cleaning system should be used on water drums to have the effect on cleaning clothes as well as keep the quality of the cloth at all the time.
Instead of simply admitting that “we don’t really understand how MWT works”, most promoters of MWT devices feel compelled to peddle scientifically untenable “explanations”. But some vendors do far worse by propagating absurd nonsense about MWT and its supposed benefits. One wonders if any of clowns who write this garbage have ever actually passed a course in physics or chemistry. Some evidence that they have not can be found in the following statements taken from various manufacturers’ sites.
So what instrumentation does Fenestra Research actually use in its research? The clinical trial report doesn’t say. It does, however, draw utterly unwarranted conclusions backed up by no legitimate laboratory data, saying:
Magnetic laundry system scam reviews coupon code video consumer reports amazon uk does it work buy ebay how does the work how to use what is life miracle water liberty life miracle review water liberty.
Another extremely effective natural alternative is a 5 percent solution of vinegar—which you can often find in the supermarket. Reports have shown that it kills 99% of bacteria, 82% of mold, and 80% of germs.  Not bad.
Magnetic Laundry Washing Ball For Machine Wash And Dry Fabric Random Colour. 1 x Laundry Dryer Ball. Float Size: 6.5 cm 4.5cm. Colour:Random Colour. Polyester mesh 14 cm 9.9cm. Material: Polyest…
Adams has also helped defend the rights of home gardeners and protect the medical freedom rights of parents. Adams is widely recognized to have made a remarkable global impact on issues like GMOs, vaccines, nutrition therapies, human consciousness.
“the principle of magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) lowers surface tension of water, creating greater solubility and penetration, which stimulates root systems. Over time, soil compacts, which restricts the root growth. Crop Booster-treated water de-clods and breaks up the compressed soil, giving the roots freedom to grow and absorb nutrients more quickly..
Norwex Dishwasher Detergent Review Norwex Laundry Detergent – Review Gradual Green: Creating a Healthy, Green Bathroom Hard Water: Where Does It Come From and How Do I Clean Up After It? Norwex Cleaning Paste – Review

“Purchase Clothes Rack Magnetic Clothesline New York laundry magnets work”

I actually applaud them for their marketing farsightedness. They don’t claim it’s the complete solution for laundry, only a replacement for detergent. So now they can peddle other nonsense for stain removal, fabric softener, etc. Most of these scams I see claim their magic rock does everything in one package.
I just got a full refund on these crap magnets. I’m not getting a refund on the clothes that have baked in stains in them, now. Second, my Samsung steam washing machine now errors out during the wash cycle and have to restart the cycle. Did the magnets ruin the programming on my washing machine? Those fuckers. Where’s the class action law suit? I want to sign up.
LASTS FOR YEARS. COMES WITH A LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY AND AN UNCONDITIONAL 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE… One package of two Laundry System units can be used over and over again for many years. No need to keep buying expensive $20 bottles of detergent every few weeks. Great for saving money and in drought areas because you can bypass the rinse cycle since there are no chemicals, saving 20-40 gallons of water per wash and the energy to run it!
One of the most pressing considerations that you may be thinking about is how this system works. After all, just the idea of a magnet cleaning your clothes seems ridiculous. However, there is a science behind it that has not only been tested, but proven to work as well.
Many of the reports supporting MWT seem to be in rather obscure journals and conference proceedings. This may in part reflect the fact that water treatment is far from being a “leading edge” science— despite its importance and the fact that much remains unknown about the mechanisms of precipitation and scale formation.
Wow! This was quite informative. I am sorry you all went through this “crap”. I am so trusting and have gone through this kind of thing with other products and learned too late of the scam and usually lost money and time and my temper and to no avail (nothing done about it). You all saved me from this mistake on these magnets. While I am sorry you are going through this and trying to get your money back or some solution — I thank you very much for being a pioneer to the truth. Jan
To many people, magnets are a complete mystery. Vendors of magnet-based scams often use this ignorance to their own advantage, so a familiarity with the basics of magnetism can aid in the detection of dubious claims.
The premise of the device is that because soft water requires less detergent, you will save money on detergent in your dishwasher and washing machine if you just stick the Magnet Ball in at the start of a wash cycle. In fact, Norwex says, “When using the ball, you use 50%-70% less soap.”
Still waiting for my nano towels to arrive…very disappointed with customer service…excuses have ranged from out of have got lost in the mail…now they have been shipped but can’t giv…e me a tracking number!!! Really…some honesty would be appreciated!!!!! See More
“I have purchased the laundry magnets. I did my first wash load this past weekend and was very pleased with the outcome. The clothes smelled clean…no chemically-induced “scent”, no chemical residues and no negative environmental impact…just clean and healthy clothes…and a clear conscience !! In a nut shell, I wish to thank you so much and wish you and your family health and happiness. Keep up your outstanding work and contributions.“
The phrase hard water originated when it was observed that water from some sources requires more laundry soap to produce suds than water from other sources. Waters that required more soap were considered “harder” to use for laundering.
“Thank you for your efforts and materials which I had begun to put a bit of faith in. I do not want to impose on you but I do have 2 small suggestions in hopes that your popularity will grow even higher.
The size and quality of this hamper is great. But beware: The color is a much darker brown in person. I tried to like it, but it was just so hard on my eyes. To be frank, it’s an ugly poop brown. 🙁 Further disappointment when I paid over $15 to ship it back on my own. Not happy and will not be purchasing from this seller again!

“Purchase Magnetic Laundry Review Arizona laundry magnets”

So I am not one to brag about products… BUT I bought The Magnetic Laundry System thru Water Liberty. I decided to “test it” using one of our nastiest mop heads out of a manufacturing plant RR. It wa…s pretty black from the metal dust and reeked of urine. (Men’s RR LOL) WITHOUT ANY DETERGENT… Here are my results. I can’t get over the difference in how CLEAN it is and smells CLEAN. (FYI: Clean has no smell.) See More
But all of this is really beside the point. The point is this: as I said in my blog postings about the Magnetic Laundry System, all its manufacturers need to do to prove that it works it to publish test results from an independent testing laboratory showing that laundry washed with the Magnetic Laundry System gets cleaner than laundry watched with water alone. They had an independent laboratory perform exactly that test, but then they declined to publish the full test results.
“I have purchased the laundry magnets. I did my first wash load this past weekend and was very pleased with the outcome. The clothes smelled clean…no chemically-induced “scent”, no chemical residues and no negative environmental impact…just clean and healthy clothes…and a clear conscience !! In a nut shell, I wish to thank you so much and wish you and your family health and happiness. Keep up your outstanding work and contributions.“
“Magnetic water and fuel treatment: myth, magic, or mainstream science?” This article, by Mike Powell, a chemical engineer, appeared in the Skeptical Enquirer 22(1) 27-31 1998. The author provides a few references, practically all to non-refereed journals and conference proceedings of dubious quality. Powell observes that “the utter lack of published data is revealing. According to the vendors, magnetic fuel treatment has been around for fifty years. If it actually worked as claimed, it seems likely that it would by now be commonplace. It is not.”
I have no control over the ads on my blog. They’re selected automatically by Google AdSense based on the content of each page. And since I’ve made a total of something like $200 in the years or so since I put ads on the blog, believe me, nobody’s paying me to run ads in support of the laundry detergent industry.
These items in the box were brand new, and the urine had been on them since appx December (so 4-5 months back). I thought, this will be the acid test for these magnets. Well, there was one sock on top which got the brunt of the stain and the smell. That stain was a dark orange color it had been dried on there so long. The stain came out. All the socks had no stains now… (they were all packaged together, stacked)…. however the top one still had a faint odor. I re-washed it and it came out odor-free. Now THAT is a test to pass for sure….(note to everyone: anything I can clean and get back to the lady, I am doing it – so these socks are going back to her house after the major cleanup is done).
Although MWT appears to be effective in some cases, the parameters of water composition, magnetic field strength, treatment geometry and flow rate that lead to satisfactory performance have never been clearly defined. Closer study often reveals that other factors (such as pH change) could account for the improvements that might otherwise be attributed to MWT.
You can visit this Web site for info on how to construct your own “liquid magnetizers”, where you learn that “This device can be used for the magnetization of any liquid that you can put in bottles, one bottle can be charged positively at the same time that the other bottle is charged negatively.
But now to the practical test, which was conducted by my assistant Jane. (You may think it sexist that she got stuck doing the laundry, but she volunteered.) She stained various items of clothing with ketchup, chocolate, ink, grass, and “some of the purple dye I use for my hair.” That Jane! She washed three batches, one with three laundry disks from Real Goods, one with Tide, one in plain water. As advised, she used a pre-wash stain treatment on all the batches. Result: little difference among the three except that the disks did better getting rid of the grass stain. “Hm,” said Jane.
Wow! This was quite informative. I am sorry you all went through this “crap”. I am so trusting and have gone through this kind of thing with other products and learned too late of the scam and usually lost money and time and my temper and to no avail (nothing done about it). You all saved me from this mistake on these magnets. While I am sorry you are going through this and trying to get your money back or some solution — I thank you very much for being a pioneer to the truth. Jan
1 x Washing ball. Cleaner and brighter fabric/clothes. Net Weight:164g. Cleaning, bleaching, and sterilizing. The images are for reference only. Weight: 184g. Softener effect and static electricity pr…
I just heard of these “laundry magnets” last week, when I visited my ex’s house after her brother-in-law’s memorial service (and, of course, brought a bag of laundry to do since it’s expensive/difficult to do laundry where I live). Her sister had just got those magnets, and the two of them swore by their efficacy. I was intrigued, but sadly knew that any questions I might have about just HOW a pair of magnets are supposed to remove non-ferrous matter would go unanswered. Neither my ex nor her sister did well in any Science class (well, my ex passed Intro to Biology in college…), and her sister has a reputation for being what I call an “all-day sucker” – she has clutter from at least 5 different pyramid schemes filling up their house, and hasn’t made a penny from any of them.
Another red flag that we encountered during our research is that WaterLiberty appears to have been marketed under numerous brand names over the past couple years alone, including Adya Clarity, black mica extract, and mica water (among others), including different methods of using the product, as well as a variety of claimed benefits.
The front fabric is wrinkled/loose, not sleek like in the photo. Color is disappointingly a very dark brown, like dark chocolate or coffee grounds, not as pictured, see photo. Two stars for it’s nice size and sturdiness.
Water can be “magnetized” In order to become “magnetized”, a molecule must not only be paramagnetic (contain an unpaired electron), but groups of molecules must be able to align themselves into local regions (“domains”) that amplify the effect and retain their orientation for a long time. The effect is known as “ferromagnetism” and as far as I know has only been observed in solids, the most well known, of course, being metallic iron.
The brand is called Water Liberty and its cutting-edge research has developed a water technology that functions to completely clean your clothes just as well as traditional detergent. Water Liberty’s prime product is its magnetic laundry system. With this product, you’ll never need to use laundry detergent ever again. Best of all, the benefits of this product are abundant and it works great too.
I just read your site and feel equally duped…I ordered the magnets but have not received anything yet, nor have I been able to find any response from the company for about 10 days. This failure to respond got me concerned and I began to look into the company. I only found your site so far. Wow, fooled again hoping to reach beyond the norm.
Finally, the product is very easy to use. All you need to do is to stick it to the mental surroundings of your washing machine bin. In doing so, the product will clear out the stains, grime, dirt, and more as you put the machine into cycle.
PATENTED AND INDEPENDENTLY PROVEN…There is no other non-detergent laundry technology in existence that has two United States Patents and has been proven in Independent Laboratory Testing to clean as well as chemical laundry detergent. This is truly different from the common laundry ball or washer ball products may have heard of. You have never seen, heard about or tried anything like it before!
Your laundry room can be a cleaner, safer place and fight bacteria, without exposing yourself and your family to toxic chemicals that also damage the environment. You can make a very inexpensive, simple and totally safe disinfecting spray that is more effective than any name brand disinfecting cleaners, and even bleach, in killing bacteria and microorganisms.

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Normalmente se obtienen de 1, 2 o hasta 8 o mas pares, de acuerdo a las necesidades del consultante.La forma de obtenerlos es a través de la “respuesta corporal inteligente”, es decir preguntarle a la inteligencia del cuerpo lo que necesita la persona a través de un dialogo binario. A esta forma de obtener las respuestas se le denomina comúnmente “Kinesiología”
Para que el método científico sea eficaz, y no se esgrima falsamente para justiciar una caza de brujas, debe conocer su ámbito de aplicación y, por tanto, sus limitaciones. Cualquier curso de filosofía de la ciencia resultaría provechoso en este sentido.
pues ahora sí que estamos buenos, yo pensaba que para realizar estos cursos de 5 días para el nivel 1, necesitabas tener una base previa en alguna formación para la salud, no se, fisioterapia, medicina, enfermería, etc, pero esto que nos muestras, Manuel, significa que cualquier persona con un poco de pasta (dinero, plata) puede hacerse con un diploma de biomagnetismo, y luego curar el sida o un cancer.
yo quiero que me asesoren con una lavanderia no tengo experiencia pero ahora tengo una lavanderia a mi cargo y quiero captar clientes esta lavanderia ya esta abierta hace meses pero no tiene ingresos pero ahora la lavanderia ya es mia asesoremen por favor quiero sacarle a flote que tengo que hacer como tengo que hacer que servicios ofrecer escribanme a este correo por favor cualquier sugerencia es valida gracias
Luego, hay que saber que hay modificaciones muy simples que permiten ahorrar combustible. Por ejemplo, manteniendo la presión correcta, e incluso sobreinflando un poco los neumáticos, se puede lograr una mejora en la eficiencia del combustible cercana al 10%. También se mejora el rendimiento cambiando periódicamente el filtro de aire y manteniendo a punto el motor. Cualquiera de esas pequeñas modificaciones –que son casi de rutina– puede ser la responsable del ahorro de combustible que creen haber observado estas personas.
Los campos magnéticos, aunque no se pueden notar con nuestros sentidos, se pueden visualizar a través de instrumentos que transforman la interacción con un campo magnético en algo perceptible por nosotros.
No queda más remedio que leer con atención, y verificar cada cosa por separado. Es como si yo dijera que los conejos son herbívoros, tienen las orejas grandes y vuelan. Y al que me diga que miento, le contesto: Qué me dices, no tienen las orejas grandes? Pues hay muchos estudios que lo comprueban. Y desde luego son herbívoros, se ha estudiado científicamente su alimentación, está avalado por muchos científicos, puedes verificar su estómago, … vaya, si dudas de lo que yo digo, es que no te enteras. Evidentemente que tienen orejas grandes, son herbívoros y vuelan, está avalado por toda la comunidad científica.
Ruego disculpes el nivel de agresividad, no está nunca justificaso. Sin embargo, entiende que a veces se cargen las tintas porque es cierto que estamos reaccionando ante una peligrosa amenaza. Una peligrosa amenaza contra la salud, la vida, el conocimiento y el progreso humano.
Eso será porque nunca has tomado un libro de medicina en tus manos. Hay dos tipos de diabetes la I (insulina dependiente) y la II. La I se puede curar, en ocasiones, mediante dieta y ejercicio (más barato que vuestros imanes). Fijate, curados sin pasar por tu consulta. ¡Milagro!. Los efectos de la diabetes II sólo se puede paliar mediante inyecciones de insulina. La causa de la II es la destrucción de las células de los islotes de Langerhans del páncreas, encargados de producir insulina. Es incurable porque se han perdido esas células. Ahora se estudia si implantes de esas células pueden curar la enfermedad, pero ningún imán te va a devolver esas células. Que le corten a alguien una pierna a ver si los imanes la hacen crecer de nuevo.
¿Bardasano no es profesor de odontología? Lo pregunto porque se dedica a organizar cursillos de bioelectromagnetismo, que él sabrá lo que es, y ozonoterapia, una disciplina que ninguna asociación seria admite como válida. Este último sale por dos mil euros.
En el sitio de la Agencia de Protección Ambiental de los Estados Unidos (EPA)  se pueden leer los informes de los diferentes dispositivos “ahorradores de combustible” (magnéticos y de otro tipo) y las conclusiones a las que han llegado los técnicos. Por ejemplo, en la evaluación del “ahorrador” magnético Super-Mag Fuel Extender (de características muy similares al dispositivo mostrado en el artículo de marras) no encontraron efecto significativo en las emisiones contaminantes ni en el consumo de combustible en las distintas pruebas que llevaron a cabo. 
Stella, aunque el Dr. Goiz no aconseje que se dejen de tomar medicamentos, sigue vendiendo una fantasía. Sigue diciendo que puede curar el Alzheimer y el SIDA. No solo juega con la salud de la gente, sino con sus esperanzas. Y eso es muy grave.
Cuando no se cuenta con se ponen en la entrada de la lencería las jaulas que van a parar a la lavandería externa, son las mismas camareras de piso quienes meten en cada jaula la ropa correspondiente, si teneis valet y es el que baja la ropa es él quien tiene que separarla. La persona encargada del recibo de la ropa es la lencera . Un saludo
Yosimar -“¿Cómo ha podido sobrevivir tanto tiempo sin medicamentos modernos? Muy sencillo: estando en armonía con los elementos de la naturaleza (agua, tierra, aire, sol, etc), comiendo frutas y verduras en mayores cantidadades…”-
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