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One purveyor of MFT poppycock makes the absurd claim that their magnetic device “puts a strong, positive charge into the fuel”, and they even offer a set of three magnets for the fuel system, radiator water (!) and air intake (!!) The site makes numerous claims about fuel savings and emissions reduction, quotes many “testimonials” and even some performance data which I consider inadequately documented and find very difficult to take seriously. They claim that their magnets employ “mono-pole technology”, which to me implies the use of monopolar magnets, although no such magnet is known to science; another page on the same vendor’s site describes their fudging on this matter but offers no supporting evidence or references to what they refer to as “magnetic single focus”.

Magnetic Laundry System is highly preferable and easily available online. It isn’t available offline at any store or shop. It is easily available at a pocket-friendly price and lasts a lifetime. Yes, it does last a lifetime, as it comes with the manufacturer’s warranty of 50 years.

NESI (Natural Environmental Solutions Inc. of Las Vegas, Nev, whose Web site, thankfully, recently disappeared) offered to “Magnetically enhance your body’s natural energy” — In addition to the usual water and fuel conditioners (including a magnetic showerhead that “Has Been Proven To Consistently Remove Over 90% Of Free Chlorine”, (starting every word with a capital letter presumably makes this more authoritative!) they offered a variety of Bio-Magnets that “magnetically enhance your body’s natural energy”, such as “Plaque fighting magnetic toothbrushes” (“Get teeth whiter and eliminate unslightly build up”), magnetic coffee cups, magnetic insoles (your choice of all-north or bipolar) and a Quartz Crystal Simulator (“High voltage stimulation ideal for on the spot use” ?!) .. or, for your dog, magnetic pet collars and a magnetic pet bed.

In fact, the massive rocks encircling Stonehenge are not “paramagnetic”.  Those who composed this bumpf are probably referring to the [fictional] ley lines (another bit of pseudoscience) that are alleged to pass through this ancient site.

Those are precious. My 8-year-old son is BEGGING to help with the laundry (seriously!) but I am struggling with finding a good system. I want him to be able to help, but I don’t want to babysit him to tell him exactly what kind of treatment each load needs. Maybe I need to start putting laundry symbols on the hampers. (And maybe I need to search your archives too!)

There is some evidence that externally-applied magnetic fields can provide relief of certain types of chronic pain. A major difficulty in any such study is in eliminating the placebo effect which generally requires a double-blind protocol. Here are a few recent references to the scientific literature:

Everything you need to do is stick to a couple of the magnets in your washer….and you don’t have to worry about whatever your detergent is doing to the drain field, or also adding one more big jug to the recycling bin each week. It is the safe and all the natural cleaner, also replaces the chemical liquid and the powder HE detergent and the soap. This product will help with the allergies and also chemical sensitivities to the detergents. It will work under the unique means of the water maintenance through the direct application of the magnetic force. This product is the chemical free and clear. This product will work in all the kinds of the washing machines. This unit might end up in sticking together in the washing process. This product is absolutely normal and does not eradicate the effectiveness because it will emit the equal level of the magnetic force whether you are attracted to together or not. In this product, the laundry units only require being submerged or in the close proximity to the water for highly-effective.

If you really wanted to “confirm the information posted above,” you could have asked me, and I could have provided you with copies of the on-line receipt for my order from Powerful Life, my credit-card statements showing when they charged me for shipping the product and for the product itself, the shipping label showing when they actually shipped it, and the USPS delivery confirmation record showing when it arrived at my house.

Through a chemical process, detergents make surfaces more susceptible to water and increase the pH levels, making it easier for water to detach the dirt from the fabrics. The downside is that most of the chemical ingredients used to achieve this are toxic to your health and the environment.*

Alternatively, Water Liberty Magnetic System is a safer, better, and more effective option for getting your clothes clean without any issues. With this magnet based product, you can experience the quality results that you are looking for to finally free yourself from regular detergent.

Dear Gloria, I’ve been trying to learn about using vinegar & 2 tsp of salt as a laundry detergent replacement, and haven’t found any studies. Your comment gives me hope – do you have any references, or information/websites I can show my family? Thanks heaps!

The company selling these magnets is counting on the fact that by the time the detergents are completely washed out (it takes several wash cycles) and it becomes obvious that the magnets are useless, the 90-day money-back guarantee will have expired, and most people will be too lazy to fight with the company to get their money back.

Finally, teens (& others) avoiding the chore of putting away clean dishes will not have the excuse of not knowing whether the dishes are clean or dirty! Contemporary Moroccan Trellis / Quatrefoil Desi…

Contact topclassactions.com and others with the suggestion that it might be profitable for an attorney somewhere to pursue a class-action lawsuit against the companies manufacturing and selling this fraudulent product. [done]

I am also taking steps to communicate to this distributor so it never happens to another customer. If it does, their ability to sell our product will be jeopardized. Period. Our customers deserve our complete honor and respect.

Jump up ^ “Cleaning Power of Washing Balls No Better Than Plain Water – Choice # 421 (November 15, 2011)”. Hong Kong Consumer Council. 2011-11-15. Archived from the original on 2011-11-28. Retrieved 2016-08-23.

I have found that the skin irritation from laundry detergent is from the fragrance. I cannot be in the same room as a box of Gain detergent. I use the kind without perfume. I remember when most homes had a bar of Naptha soap for laundry, it worked great.

Influence of altering magnetic field on chemical properties of water, scale formation and morphology was studied using polyethylene and copper pipes located both in a laboratory pilot-system and in an apartment complex formed by five different buildings each having four or five different homes. In the pilot network, magnetic field decreased calcium scaling by 15% in the both studied piping materials. Also, surface film on the copper pipe appeared to be less compact by the magnetic exposure. In the studies conducted in the apartment complex, magnetic field effectively mobilized earlier accumulated iron and copper from the copper pipe surfaces especially dealing with a hot water circuit.

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Many homeowners and businesses use water softeners to avoid the problems that result from hard water. Most water softeners remove problematic dissolved magnesium and calcium by passing water through a bed of “ion-exchange” beads. The beads are initially contacted with a concentrated salt (sodium chloride) solution to saturate the bead exchange sites with sodium ions. These ion-exchange sites have a greater affinity for calcium and magnesium, so when hard water is passed through the beads the calcium and magnesium ions are captured and sodium is released. The end result is that the calcium and magnesium ions in the hard water are replaced by sodium ions. Sodium salts do not readily form scale or soap scum, so the problems associated with hard water are avoided.
I am trying to return the laundry magnets now. I, too, have had no return calls to the two I left and am now communicating by email. If any of you know the address of DetergentTruth.com, I can send them back without an RA# and use the proof of postage sent to let me credit card deal with it.
Although MWT appears to be effective in some cases, the parameters of water composition, magnetic field strength, treatment geometry and flow rate that lead to satisfactory performance have never been clearly defined. Closer study often reveals that other factors (such as pH change) could account for the improvements that might otherwise be attributed to MWT.
The key to the product is that you need to use no laundry soap or other toxic detergents to clean your clothes. Most people have no idea about the chemicals in their laundry soap. It is not only those with sensitive skin that should worry about the toxins in their laundry soap.
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You will never need to buy another set of Laundry System units because they operate from a renewable, permanent magnetic source. Laundry detergents work to clean your clothes, but are non-renewable petrochemicals and may create health and environmental risks by potentially poisonous chemical by-products. The Laundry System is not only renewable for your laundry, but for your pocketbook as well. No more wasting money on detergents month after month, year after year. The laundry balls are also extremely convenient and easy to transport to the laundromat. The Life Miracle® Laundry System is not an “ordinary” magnetic system. It is made of special materials adopted specifically for use in a washing machine. We are able to offer a lifetime warranty only because our unique production methods and patented processes have been proven to work time and time again.
This promoters of this crackpot scheme appear to be somewhat confused about the meaning of “dissociation” in this context. Independent test results by U. Minnesota Water Resources Center and Consumer Reports (Feb 1995) do not support the performance claims of he manufacturer.
The Perfect Sommelier “improves virtually any wine in less than 30 minutes.  It will bring out the maturity and subtlety that the vineyard intended.  Replace the cork with the Sommeliers’ top and place the bottle of wine on the stand.  In 30 minutes a remarkable change occurs due to the strong magnetic field created by The Perfect Sommelier.” I have corresponded with the proprietor who seems quite sincere, but I can’t help but be quite skeptical!
Magnetic fuel treatment devices installed in automobiles are similar in design to magnetic water treatment devices. Hydrocarbon fuel is pumped through a canister containing one or more magnets or a magnetic device is clamped to the external surface of the fuel line. Magnetic treatment of fuel, it is claimed, results in increased horsepower, increased mileage, reduced hazardous gas emissions, and longer engine life.
As I pen off, I have to appreciate the fact that the magnetic laundry system magnetic laundry system works with water at all temperatures and still gives best results. The choice of water thus remains in your hands.
After 5 emails and phone calls I was told I would get the full refund, but not the s & h! So you pay for a product that does not work, pay for the s & h to receive it and pay for the s & h to send it back to the merchant, looks like the post office is the only entity benefiting from this classic scam!
If you are sensitive to chemicals on your clothes, I would be cautious about the dryer balls. They are definitely releasing chemicals in the high heat of a dryer. I use to be an analytical chemist so I know.
It doesn’t say that it reduces hardness at all. It says “In conclusion, we have established that a magnetic field effect exists. Passing water through a magnetic field subsequently favours formation of aragonite rather then calcite in our experiments” where aragonite is a different crystalline structure of calcite. In particular, Table 1 specifically says that there is no effect on Na, Mg, K and Ca, which are the dominant cations that make water “hard” – msw Jun 14 ’12 at 0:04
Many products also claim that the pearls contain “anti-chlorine” agents which are supposed to neutralize chlorine which has been added to the tap water — again, what these “agents” are is never really revealed, and you can’t just magically remove chlorine from water, the ions would have to react and go somewhere.[4] Chloride and bleach related substances are actually common in washing powders and chlorine is used in the disinfection of tap water. The claims state that by removing chlorine from the washing water the surface tension is (again) reduced and harmful chlorine can’t interact with the clothes, even though the amounts in tap water are very small both in Europe (0.3-1.0 mg/L) and North America (4 mg/L)[5].
One thing I will add, Jonathan, is that the power of the petrochem manufacturer’s and their ownership of the appliance manufacturing companies could, in fact, keep a working technology such as this out of the marketplace. The allure of the millions they make selling us petroleum-derived detergents is too much.
Voberry Hot Sale Eco-Friendly Laundry Ball Magnetic Washing Ball Dryer Ball Laundry Detergent Housewife Helper Tool. Voberry is a protected Trademark. Voberry is a protected Trademark. Up to 1,000 loa…
Amounts shown in italicized text are for items listed in currency other than U.S. dollars and are approximate conversions to U.S. dollars based upon Bloomberg’s conversion rates. For more recent exchange rates, please use the Universal Currency Converter
It has been firmly established in the world scientific theatre that the Positive, expanding, field influence of the South Pole makes liquids more soluble (lowering surface tension); thereby hydrating, dissolving, and removing calcite and other mineral/various water by-product build-up in pipes and equipment. The Positive field hydrates all mineral build-up by de-clustering the liquid and solid pre- and post nucleated crystalline scale material. … The random configuration of a water molecules is changed to a charged and organized form with their shape & size also modified. In the process, the associations clustering around the suspended particles are broken up as the molecules line up in polarization. The fluid’s paramagnetic properties allow for more dissolved material to be contained in it due to increased efficiency of the fluid’s available space. It appears that the magnetic treatment allows the carbon dioxide (CO2) to stay dissolved in water of a higher temperature. Calcium carbonate is converted back to calcium bicarbonate. [link]
I made a bogus-bingo a few years back. Added words like “atomic level”, “Universal cure”, “basic nature of” and several other dreadful attempts at mimicking a scientific jargon. I’m fairly sure I’d be shouting “BINGO” after about half a page of this. I’m almost surprised they didn’t add “quantum level” anywhere in the text 😉
Sometimes it’s a matter of personal preference: I like Hunt’s ketchup and my partner likes Heinz. But valid testing of getting dirty clothes clean leaves no doubt on which method or detergent is mor effective.
The power of multilevel marketing has led to an amazing proliferation of “structured water” products whose profit margins must be absolutely breathtaking. Onesource Worldwide Network, for instance, puts forth the bold claim (and probably a different claim than it makes to the IRS), that in “nine short months” it has “paid out an unprecedented $6.7 million in commissions” on “more than $84 million in product.” The sidebar to the right lists only a select sample of cyberhucksters; hit the search engines for more.
PATENTED AND INDEPENDENTLY PROVEN!…There Is No Other Non-Detergent Laundry Technology In Existence That Has Two United States Patents (and Additional Patents Pending) and Is Proven In Independent Laboratory Testing. You Have Never Seen, Heard About Or Tried Anything Like It Before!
When the perfume is absorbed by the body it can spell trouble in the form of environmental sensitivities. Some of those red eyes and runny noses are not because of allergies, but due to the perfume and detergents left behind in our clothes.
The Magnetic Laundry System works under a unique means of water maintenance through direct application of magnetic force. Water has long been known as the “universal solvent”. The Laundry System incorporates powerful, specially calibrated magnetism to help alter the basic nature of water and increase its natural solvency.
The only thing missing is the one thing which Life Miracle could publish only if the product actually works: the results of rigorous laboratory tests showing that clothes washed with the magnets end up cleaner than clothes washed in nothing but water.
One of the claims that is commonly made by makers of laundry balls is that they emit infrared waves which supposedly affect the washing by cutting off the hydrogen and binding factors of water molecules. The claim of emitting infrared is not false, as such, since all materials emit “far infrared waves” — in other words, blackbody radiation. It is also true that heating reduces the surface tension of water. Importantly, however, the effect of the radiation emitted by the pearls is negligible compared to the radiation emitted by the water which is being heated. There are no independent tests showing that the pearls could generate stronger infrared waves by interacting with water than what they otherwise should. This is basically a case of very “scientific” sounding words that confuse the audience — the same trick is done with foot pads that contain “hydrolyzed cellulose” as an ingredient, rather than “sugar”.
Is there any rationale that the magnets can actually do something? Water is diamagnetic, which means that it will be repelled by a magnet. But the effect is very, very, small. If a vial of water is placed on a piece of floating Styrofoam and a strong magnet is brought close, it will slowly move away from the magnet. An interesting phenomenon, but nothing to do with cleaning ability. But there is something about the advertising for the laundry disks that is not contestable. They are guaranteed to last for fifty years, a guarantee that is indeed safe since magnets do not rot. That is more than what can be said about the claims of their miraculous cleaning properties.
Magnetic Laundry System is an incredible product that helps you get your clothes cleaned without even a single drop of toxic laundry detergent. It contains an independent lab testing report from one of the huge testing companies of the world. This product verifies unequivocally that this Magnetic Laundry System cleans all the garments, and does not damage the colours or the tensile strength of your fabrics. It is protected and tested by two patents. This product works as good as the environmentally friendly versions of pure detergent. It works on the front as well as on the top loading washers. You can bid farewell to all your worries about the toxic detergents for the rest of your life.
The premise of the device is that because soft water requires less detergent, you will save money on detergent in your dishwasher and washing machine if you just stick the Magnet Ball in at the start of a wash cycle. In fact, Norwex says, “When using the ball, you use 50%-70% less soap.”
Others have mentioned that these magnets do nothing to neutralize bacteria or germs.  Again, this is not something that detergents do either.  Hot water, or bleach when necessary will take care of most of the germs.  You can also use a more natural solution that I cover below in the FAQ.​
This is really a separate subject, but the purveyors of at least one magnetic device appear not to understand that there is a distinct difference between “magnetized” water (impossible) and electrically “charged” water (also impossible!), or more likely they hope that the suckers who come to their Web site will be sufficiently ignorant to miss this point. The left column contains some paragraphs we found a few years ago on their Web site; the parts that are incorrect, untrue, misleading or scientifically absurd are highlighted. Wholly-Water is not the only outfit that has hawked such schlock to the general public.
Young I. Cho, a mechanical engineer at Drexel University, reported[⇒] a reduction in surface tension of up to 8% in hard water that had been treated by a 0.16 T permanent magnetic field; use of a 600-hz alternating field gave similar reductions. Unfortunately, this article does not provide enough information to assess the statistical validity of the results, which, it should be emphasized, do not apply to pure water. Also, this work depended on capillary rise observations, which although theoretically proportional to surface tension, do not actually measure it.
Here’s the fascinating thing: Life Miracle had an outside laboratory do such tests over ten years ago. The laboratory washed identically stained clothes without detergent, both with and without the Magnetic Laundry System, and then measured how much cleaner they were. On Life Miracle’s Web site, it has published the results of the laundry run with the magnets, but the results of the laundry run in which only water was used are omitted. The only conceivable explanation for why Life Miracle would fail to publish these results is because they show that water alone gets clothes just as clean as water plus magnets.

“Buy Laundry Magnets Arizona laundry magnets work”

I got news for you guys…the magnets DO WORK. Yes, customer service is a bit iffy, and it took almost six weeks for me to receive my shipment, with zero response from Water Liberty. But by golly, th…ese magnets clean even better than conventional detergents, without the harsh chemicals. I am a fan.
Magnetic Laundry System functions truly with any type of washing. Several of the equipment are produced with the plastic drum, however this magnetic system could suit plastic likewise. This magnetic laundry system operates in all the kind of devices. That’s the elegance of this system. Magnetic Laundry System is utilized in a water drum, as well as this suffices to have an absolutely no result on digital controls when utilized appropriately. Simply do not leave them on the digital control board. Additionally, both magnetic systems of the washing incorporated are the weight of simply a set of classy pants. So you do not should bother with a noteworthy included weight. There is no fragrance contributed to this Magnetic Laundry System, yet the scent after the cleaning utilizing this magnet resembles mountain rainfall as well as springtime bloom scent.
Our magnets are wonderful for use on refrigerators, tool boxes, magnet boards, etc. The result is a high quality reproduction, duplicating the same sharp details and true vibrant colors as the origina…
I think you are making more a difference to the environment than the magnets ever will. I actually think I will use less laundry detergent next time I do my laundry. I appreciate that advice a lot. I also enjoy your blog. It was good reading.
The Life Miracle Laundry System® is a laundry detergent alternative only. Just like when using laundry detergent, separate products used for other functions must be used separately, like spot stain treatments, and whitening bleach products.  These are separate from the Laundry System just as they are separate from detergent… [and] nothing whitens like chlorine bleach, but there are few chemicals that are more toxic for the environment and health.  Bleach is very harsh and damaging to you clothes as well.  That said, if you don’t mind the tradeoffs, you can still use diluted bleach with Life Miracle Laundry System® if you choose.
“How does the laundry solution [U.S. $75] work? It is structured water that emits far-infrared electro magnetic waves through the walls of the container into your laundry water. This causes the water molecule cluster to disassociate….”
Clever chemical companies have been telling us for years that the only way to get anything clean is with their toxic cleaner but the truth is that water is a universal solvent it’s the one doing all the cleaning, all detergent does is enhance waters already existing power.
Some balls are refillable with small pellets of detergent which are sold only by the manufacturer of the ball. Critics question whether the amount and type of detergent released by these balls is sufficient to generate significant cleaning effects.[9][10]
A more recent product is the Bev Wizard Wine Enhancer whose promoters claim (with no supporting evidence) that the magnetic field causes negatively-charged tannins to coagulate. See this Decanter article on this dubious device.
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I would never make it in the advertising business because I’m unable to show or explain how great a product is. I also don’t force my opinions of something I like on someone else. Just because I like …it doesn’t mean you will. I AM SOLD ON NANO TOWELS! One wipe over a ceramic top stove and it’s clean and dry. I have stainless steel appliances and hate the up keep of them because it’s like having to polish your silver everyday. Used Nano and cleaned every appliance in lickety split time and they look better than having to “polish” them. I am sold and that’s no lie. See More
It is true that if you want your laundry smelling like something then you might not like these, but I don’t need that. Also, I want to try using essential oils on my dryer balls to impart a scent. That might be a good way to go if you do want your laundry having a scent.
We’ve discovered that you can achieve the same results with magnetic technology using no chemicals whatsoever! The Magnetic Laundry System changes the molecular structure of water by breaking the surface tension without the use of harsh chemicals. The magnets make the “water wetter” and then the water absorbs the dirt and soil from your clothes keeping it suspended until removed.
I don’t want to attack the magnetic laundry system, I just want to return the product. I have been trying to find out how to properly do that. I called 2 times 3 weeks ago and just recently left 4 telephone messages and no one has returned my calls in 2 days.
Grate bar soap with a hand grater, then mix in washing soda and borax. Thoroughly stir, or for best results, blend together in a food processor. (Some use a dedicated processor for mixing detergents.) Use 2 tablespoons per load (some use more for larger or heavily soiled loads – find the right amounts for you).
These South African authors have produced what strikes me as a very well-done study, one of the few that reports scientifically credible evidence for the effectiveness of MWT. Their series of experiments in which one of two parallel heaters was fitted with a permanent magnet device showed scale formation reductions varying over a rather wide range (17-70%), with an average of 34%.
Hi Kris, you can use any dishwasher detergent with your Norwex Magnet Ball. Keep in mind, however, that bleach degrades anything you use it on, so although Norwex doesn’t specify that you can’t use a detergent with bleach in it with your Magnet Ball, my advice would be to try to avoid it, and use as healthy a detergent as possible.
Turn your fridge into a signpost for your interests with Laundry Room magnets. We offer magnets in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes to suit your desired location perfectly. Whether you want to stick a Laundry Room magnet on the back of your car, a school locker or other metal accessory, you’ll find a great match in our collection of thousands of designs. Need something super specific? Create your own custom Laundry Room magnet, so you can be sure you’re saying exactly what you want.
But the demand for alternative/DIY detergent hacks is very much real, and we’re always on the lookout for innovative laundry products. With that in mind, we procured a couple Crystal Wash laundry balls to see if they actually work as advertised.
I highly recommend this Magnetic Laundry System. This is the Eco friendly system so you could utilize this magnet with water. When you are utilizing this Magnetic Laundry System, you are safeguarded by the itchiness, allergic reactions, and also breakouts. Simply position the magnetic laundry system as well as garments in the maker. If you have a front loader device, mount this magnetic laundry system in the pockets of your pants. Likewise, it’s a magnet so no should stick the drum to function. Bear in mind that the Magnetic Laundry System changes just the cleaning agent for cleaning. The terrific part of this item is it’s half a century guarantee. Likewise, the Magnetic Laundry System features a 100% cash back warranty. If you’re not pleased with this magnets, you could obtain your cash money back within 30 days of getting them.
I purchased the magnets and man was I ever taken for a ride. Yes the 21 day send back runs out fast and lucky if you get to use them 2 times. Do they work? Not in my eyes. The stains were still in the shirt the dirt in the sole of the socks was still there. The collar ring was still there so think I got took on this and can’t believe I fell for that. Well I got to say the magnets did do one good thing. There was some screws in one of the pants pockets and the magnets caught them and no damage to the machine’s motor. I might still use them to catch any kind of screwes or nails in pockets that I miss.
The electrons spend more time around the oxygen and less time around the hydrogen, making it positive. The permanent magnets create a powerful magnetic field that aligns the water molecules (hydrogen in one direction, oxygen in the other). This alignment drastically reduced the “surface tension” of the water. This results in the “drops” becoming much smaller so that they can easily penetrate the fabric.
When we first heard about Crystal Wash, we immediately thought of all those “laundry balls” that appeared on home shopping channels in the 1990s. The majority of these were determined not to work, and given their affiliation with a lot of multilevel marketing schemes it’s not surprising.
Consumer Reports magazine (Denver 1996) tested a $535 magnetic water treatment device from Descal-A-Matic Corporation. Two electric water heaters were installed in the home of one of the Consumer Reports staffers. The hard water (200 ppm) entering one of the heaters was first passed through the magnetic treatment device. The second water heater received untreated water. The water heaters were cut open after more than two years and after more than 10,000 gallons of water were heated by each heater. The tanks were found to contain the same quantity and texture of scale. Consumer Reports concluded that the Descal-A-Matic unit was ineffective.
Now how do you use them….  You put them into your washer and they are supposed to pull in the elements that are in the water thus making the water softer which in turn helps the water do its job of cleaning. 
As water passes through the treatment chamber, it is subjected to a series of reversing-polarity, permanent magnetic fields, which interrupts the natural scale forming characteristics of CaCO3 and MgCO3 by temporarily altering their ionic charge identity. Instead of being attracted to one another, the molecules are caused to act like ions of similar charges and repel one another as they precipitate out of solution. [link]

“Best Mls Laundry Magnet Reviews Reviews laundry magnets scam”

The magnetic laundry system totally trashed my front loading washing machine. The electrics went nuts after only three washes, stuck on 1 minute spin cycle, when stopped by main switch I opened the door to find smoke coming from the machine. It was a 30 degree wash by the way.
While they won’t improve the agitation in the wash, what the magnets could do is actually damage your washer, especially if you’re using a front-loader. Since they are dense and heavy, they make it harder for the washer to balance itself properly during the spin cycles. This adds increased wear to the washer’s moving parts and will cause the washer to need repairs more often.
Got some interesting mail about laundry balls. First, reader David Harris reported his satisfaction with the Laundry Solution, a laundry ball sold by TradeNet. “It has performed well even on the smelly dog blankets we keep on the furniture to ward of hair and dirt from a greasy Airedale,” he wrote. “Without the detergent residue, cottons are noticeably fluffier without using softener or drier sheets (great for towels).” He went on to tout the company that developed the Laundry Solution for TradeNet, American Technologies Group, which “created a coolant that is both safe and 20 percent more efficient than freon, and is working on a particle beam device to neutralize nuclear waste.” Laundry balls and particle beams! Are these guys brilliant or what?
 However I have been able to lessen the amount of main stream detergent I use on all loads including the diapers (which use a full scoop regularly) I can actually notice the difference in the water…hard water causes the detergent to not bubble up as much and not work as well.  Well with the magnetic balls I imeadatly noticed that my detergent bubbled more and thus I can use way less.  And by way I mean less then half of what used to use per load.  That equals huge savings in a household of seven.  
3. When water contacts the activated ceramics, an abundance of OH ions is produced, reducing the surface tension of the water and greatly increasing its penetrating power. Ordinary detergents make use of this same principle, but do so by using harsh chemicals.
I doubt in today’s advanced chemical world that one could entirely replace chemical detergents with magnets, but one could certainly greatly reduce the need and probably use none on most loads of laundry unless they are in the habit of using other chemicals in their house that do not come out with low surface tension water.
The MLS laundry system kit comes with an UNCONDITIONAL 30-DAY RISK FREE TRIAL and a LIFETIME WARRANTY which makes them totally risk-free for you to try! You have nothing to lose. Order your laundry system package right now! You’ll LOVE it!!
Dress up your washer or dryer with this colorful magnet that features vintage laundry imagery and the saying “Laundry…Loads of fun.” Adheres firmly to metal surfaces to add instant character while concealing dings and damage. Wipe clean. Not for use on stainless steel. 23″W x 17″H.
Jump up ^ See for example: “Dallas Marketers of Laundry Detergent Substitute Charged with Making False and Unsubstantiated Claims Agree to Settlement with FTC and Six States”. Federal Trade Commission. July 1, 1999.
Most of the accounts of magnetic pain relief are not supported by credible scientific evidence, despite the extravagant claims of popular books such as “The Pain Relief Breakthrough: The Power of Magnets to relieve backaches, arthritis, menstrual cramps, carpal tunnel syndrome, sports injuries, and more.”  The author, Julian Whitaker, MD, is a well-known quackery advocate who publishes a variety of health tabloids, magazines and newsletters in which he modestly bills himself as “America’s #1 health advocate,” “America’s #1 health champion,” and “the physician America trusts”– which should be enough to raise the suspicions of any intelligent person capable of critical thought! A {bibliography on magnetic therapy} lists about a dozen similar books, many by M.D.’s having questionable motives and dubious scientific credentials. The only title by a recognized, published scientist is Henry Bauer’s Science or Pseudoscience: Magnetic healing, psychic phenomena and other heterodoxies. See also the following:

“Best Clothes Rack Magnetic Clothesline Near By críticas de imanes de lavandería”

Soy asmático desde hace años y le puedo asegurar que me he metido en el cuerpo todos lo inhaladores que se pueda imaginar, y además una pastillita muy de moda llamada singulair, que a nivel respiratorio funciona muy bien pero te destroza el coco; yo concretamente me volví bastante violento, irritable e incluso tuve algún punto de paranoia.
El suelo, entre otras funciones, tiene la capacidad de retener diferentes componentes que viajan en el agua que se infiltra por él. Este fenómeno va a variar dependiendo del tipo de suelos, y al efluente que se obtiene se le denomina lixiviado.
Luego nuestro cerebro, por asociación de ideas, interpreta que si se puede adelgazar ¿comiendo gran cantidad de carnes y grasas? y se puede circular con el coche con aceite de girasol, ¿por que unos imanes no iban a curar el sida?
Ponte en la piel de un enfermo. Yo le digo al enfermo que le voy a hacer levitar con mi pensamiento y que gracias a la antigravedad generada se curará. Cuando sabemos que con el pensamiento es “complicado” luchar contra la gravedad, ¿quién crees que tiene que demostrar la terapia?
No agobies a los clientes, y no mandes publicidad engañoza o que no sirve para nada. Es mejor enviar una info entretenida y útil, que no venda un producto directamente. Y luego tu visitas y cierras una venta.
Entenderás que no podemos basar nuestra práctica médica en el resultado de una terapia fundamentada en apreciaciones personales. El efecto placebo, el azar, la sanación espontánea y otros factores no pueden ignorarse cuando tratamos de evaluar un proceso terapéutico. Por eso se hacen ensayos clínicos con numerosos pacientes, para descartar todos esos efectos.
Claro que se hace evidente para muchos. De hecho, hace algunas semanas propuse el premio “Ojos Sangrantes” para otorgarlo a quienes más que escribir perpetran sus comentarios, defecando directamente en la gramática. (ortografía, fonética, sintaxis, semántica) ensañándose especialmente en la semántica, por su obvio analfabetismo funcional; además haciendo gala de una prepotencia estólida. <

“Obtenga la revisión del sistema de lavado magnético de Arizona imanes de lavandería”

En Lavandería Autoservicio Rapiddo lavarás con agua descalcificada y una combinación de detergentes alcalino (que disuelve mejor la grasa y funciona también como bactericida) y tensoactivo (rompe la tensión superficial del agua y permite que el alcalino disuelva mejor la suciedad), además añadimos oxígeno activo (revitalizante del color y desinfectante) y por supuesto suavizante (que previene las arrugas y facilita el planchado).
Anna Fitzgerald no está enferma, aunque pudiera parecerlo. Con apenas trece años de edad ha soportado innumerables operaciones, inyecciones y transfusiones para que su hermana mayor Kate pueda de alguna manera sobrevivir a la leucemia que la aqueja desde su niñez.
(i) ¿Me puedes mostrar una publicación científica que enseñe que el magnetismo cure la diabetes? Y pido publicación científica de esas de revisión por pares: Te dejo un artículo para que sepas que eso; https://cnho.wordpress.com/2010/02/02/por-que-insistimos-en-la-revision-por-pares/
(ii) Sobre lo de la vacuna antitetánica no acabo de entender tu razonamiento. ¿Te opones a la vacunación, sólo a algunas vacunas? Para hablar de vacuna ve aquí por favor: https://cnho.wordpress.com/2009/07/22/%c2%bfpara-cuando-la-vacuna-contra-la-gripe-a/
Y ya que andas metiéndo la física para justificar esta basura del biomagnetismo: ¿Qué dice la Ley de Faraday? Por favor, explicala a todos para que nos enteremos. Por que eso de invocar frases pastosas que se te pegan a los dientes sin entenderlas, es típico de magufo alucinado y mamerto que se quiere pasar de listo.
Se me ocurre recomendaros que estudiéis un buen manual y os fijéis en las secciones que traten las cualidades que ha de tener una muestra; así os daréis cuenta del alcance de la validez del _estudio_ al que hizo referencia Cnidus.
Lo cierto es que ésta no es la primera empresa que vende dispositivos magnéticos que dicen ahorrar combustible, mejorar el rendimiento del coche, reducir el desgaste del motor y emitir menos gases contaminantes y la mar en coche. Basta googlear ahorrador de combustible y ver la cantidad de resultados.
Es decir, se presenta como argumento que si no te has tirado desde un quinto piso no puedes afirmar que es peligroso hacerlo, que más mata todo un colectivo de profesionales médicos y que debemos dejar que la gente crea que puede volar y se tire libremente de las azoteas.
Lo he encontrado!!! En pristigiosa revista seria, seria seria, pata negra.Ya se que parezco el comentarista chistoso. Pero os juro que el título es el original. No lo he retocado para nada. Super verídicos los resultados con sus escaneados y todo.
Sr. Minotj, le emplazo a que señale las publicaciones (en revistas revisadas por pares) en las que se estudia clínicamente la efectividad de la terapia del par biomagnético. P-u-b-l-i-c-a-c-i-o-n-e-s, no testimonios de consulta de vidente. Hasta entonces, será solo charlatanería, amigo.
Vaya, parece que se han acabado los argumento. OK, ahora vuelves cuando traigas el enlace a la publicación que tú mismo has afirmado que existe. Estaré encantado de leerla y comentarla. Si traes más charla sin ese enlace no te molestes en volver.
Referente a lo de Doctor, en cuanto reuna la pasta aplicando mi nueva terapia de “estampidos en los ñoños” para aliviar todo tipo de dolores de cabeza, llamare a la universidad internacional de oxford (ahora bircham university) para que me expidan un titulo en Ph. D. en “estampidos en los ñoños” que tendrá igual validez en todo el mundo que el título de Ph.D. en “Biomagnetimos” del sr Goiz…
El Kenmore Elite viene con una variedad de opciones, como una bañera supletoria, ciclo de tratamiento de manchas, acción de volteo variables, pantalla LED, calentador de agua interno y un lavado de vapor. La lavadora Elite está disponible en varios t
¿Cómo?  ¿ Que los imanes no curan? Entonces, ¿para qué usarlos? Así que, después de haberte gastado el dinero en uno o varios productos magnéticos, y tras haber descubierto por ti mismo que no sirven para nada… ¿ van, y te recuerdan “que ya te lo advirtieron”… que “los imanes no curan” ?
En algo le doy a usted la razón, y es que si hubiera ido a tratarse con el par biomagnetico, es verdad que no tendria que estar tomando medicamentos de por vida, simplemente porque ahora, lo más probable, es que estuviera muerta.
Ahí está el problema. No importa lo que pueda creer alguien, lo que importa es si la terapia realmente funciona, y para saberlo hay que hacer los correspondientes estudios utilizando los protocolos adecuados. El biomagnetismo no ha pasado esos estudios, ni tiene chance de pasarlos.
El asunto de mi IP, no se, debe ser pq estaba conectada desde un iphone,.. te envio mis datos a tu correo q me imagino q lo puedo ver, para decirte el hospital de mi ciudad y todo eso. Ahora, no se contra que me demandarian pq nadie se muere por los imanes, sí mucha gente se muere por negligencias de los doctores por malos diagnosticos o que se yo.. yo no pido suspender tratamientos ni medicamentos qe esten tomando obviamente. Y si hablas con el hospital y te dejan hacer este asunto yo feliz. Podria comprobar que no es ni una charlataneria ni nada.
La clave en esta vida no es ganar todas las batallas, sino no darse nunca por vencido. Por ello hoy queremos mandar toda nuestra fuerza a esos pequeños superhéroes, ¡para que no se rindan nunca! #DíaInternacionaldelCáncerInfantilpic.twitter.com/wpfHqEBNjh
Al pulsar Confirmar, te comprometes a comprar este artículo al vendedor si eres el pujador ganador y reconoces que has leído y aceptas los Términos y condiciones – se abre en una nueva ventana o pestañadel Programa de envíos globales. Las tarifas de importación previamente indicadas están sujetas a posibles si incrementas el importe de la puja máxima.
Así es, Manuel y Cnidus, alucinados como esto los he llegado a ver en el campus de la UNAM y de la UAM. Había uno, hace varios años, que le apodábamos el Mutante y que decía cosas piradas como las de este mamarracho. solo que es la primera vez que las veo escritas 😯
Minotj, es curioso, pero ese mismo argumento le expliqué yo, ya hace bastante, a un religioso personalista. Supongo que los argumentos tienen eso, que son relativos (me refiero a lo de desnortados y gran inseguridad).
Mientras que un sótano con un suelo de hormigón es fácilmente adaptable, la instalación de un sub-suelo crea un espacio de aire y eleva el piso para evitar daños por humedad a tu material del piso deseado. Un marco de vigas de 2 por 6 pulgadas funcio

“Buy Water Liberty Laundry Magnets US laundry magnets how they work”

Do not be misguided that the magnetic laundry system can remove all types of stains. For instance, stains that are permanent or are already set on garments prior to the use of the system are extremely difficult to get rid of.  The primary function of the laundry system is to remove normal dirt from fabrics and also the removal of residual detergents, chemical and soaps. It leaves fabrics softer, cleaner and less prone to static effect that are characteristic of conventional detergents and bleaches.
As water passes through the treatment chamber, it is subjected to a series of reversing-polarity, permanent magnetic fields, which interrupts the natural scale forming characteristics of CaCO3 and MgCO3 by temporarily altering their ionic charge identity. Instead of being attracted to one another, the molecules are caused to act like ions of similar charges and repel one another as they precipitate out of solution. [link]
Tagged with: does Laundry Magnets work? • is Laundry Magnets fake • is Laundry Magnets legit • is Laundry Magnets scam • Laundry Magnets • Laundry Magnets download • Laundry Magnets review • reviews of Laundry Magnets
Smart Laundry’s product (U.S. $50) “works on principle of Magnetichydrodynamics and No Allergic for human skin during washes (even by hands of fine washables in the sink without soap suds) or sleeping on the bed linens.” Note that “for our live drinking water, we MUST USE — even by law — Euro-Wash Laundry Balls instead harmfull any detergents.”
[It] causes the naturally formed chemical associations (hydrocarbon clusters) to break apart into a single, potentiated molecular state. This single charged molecular state burns more uniformly and completely (efficiently) because the fuel has become fully atomized and ionized with oxygen.
it verifies unequivocally that the magnetic laundry system does indeed clean garments and do not damage colors or the tensile strength of your fabrics. Our clothes have never been cleaner than the last few years when I figured out how to do laundry without detergent and softener
Magnets only attract Iron; Iron alloys– or other magnets. Magnets can be quite heavy and I doubt washing machine manufacturers envisioned consumers placing rubber coated magnets into their washing machines.
Yep. I bought the products. Washed a few loads with them. All the stains remain, of course, because the “enzymatic cleaner” is the real hook and, with it, I’m guessing most who report being “satisfied” with their results also purchased the cleaner. What disappoints me most is the smell of my clothing; hard water, antique pipes, and I get clothes that smell like iron and whatever else is lurking in the pipes. But, in addition, dirt remains – the kind under the cuffs of sleeves and on the edges of garments that have brushed up against the car covered with sooty snow….
I haven’t tried these but I am extremely chemically sensitive. I cannot be around anyone who uses laundry detergent or dryer sheets. They make me very sick. People are killing themselves with all these toxic products. I use vinegar to clean and organic detergent.
I just got an email about using magnets instead of detergents and bleach to clean your clothes in the washing machine. Has anyone actually tried this? We have kids and dogs, so our stuff gets really dirty. I bleach everything I can. Would using magnets destroy all the bacteria? Does it work well in all… show more
I just want to comment here, as I represent manufacturer of this product. I COMPLETELY disagree with Jonathan’s assessment of the product itself, and believe he has gone way overboard of his criticism of our product. I can’t spend hours on end debating point-by-point all he has posted, but I believe all of his critiques are without merit, and the vast majority of our customers would disagree with him as well. This is the first time in eight years a customer has so virulently attacked this amazing product.
The claimed benefits of magnetic water treatment vary depending on the manufacturer. Some claim only that magnetic treatment will prevent and eliminate lime scale in pipe and heating elements; others make additional, more extravagant claims. Some of the additional claims include water softening, improved plant growth, and the prevention of some diseases in people who consume magnetically treated water. Magnetic water treatment devices consist of one or more magnets, which are clamped onto or installed inside the incoming residential water supply line. Typical costs for a residential installation range from about $100 to $600 or more.
I read about magnets for laundry a few days ago. I was intrigued. My daughter has a medical device.. she no longer need.. that has very powerful magnets. I used 2 of these. My washing water was filthy! These were “clean” dirty clothes. Also, there is less lint in the dryer. I’m hoping after a few washes, the water isn’t that dirty. I believe that is detergent residue from the clothes. Not sure how these with, but they do. Hth
This Japanese/California company which boasts “a 100-year plan to become the largest wellness company in world history.” offers a remarkably wide range of products to the alternative-health market through thousands of independent dealers. Their line of devices relating to magnetic quackery is probably second to none. Here you can get everything from magnetic bracelets to mattresses and shower heads. Few companies do a better job of integrating multiple junk sciences for multiple species, as evidenced, for example, by their magnetic dog-bed that employs “far-infrared technology”.
There are so many program like Laundry Magnets in today’s market. Most of them promise the best performance. When you want to buy them, you are not sure which one to buy because most of the reviews you go through are scam. But when it comes to Laundry Magnets , it is different from others. After using Laundry Magnets, We are so impressed that we did not hesitate to give our reviews on it.

“Best Magnetic Laundry Arizona laundry magnets”

Most descriptions of MWT don’t claim to remove the hardness ions from the water (as conventional ion-exchange softeners do). Most commonly the lime scale solids are said to either deposit in a loosely adherent flake-like form, or to precipitate as small particles within the water itself instead of on metal surfaces. In either case, the precipitated material is carried along with the water.
 The “torque” a magnet could apply to a water molecule would be far too minute to compete with ordinary thermal motions, which would in any case disrupt any temporary orientation even if it were to occur. There is no known way of utilizing electric potentials to cause the carbonate to precipitate as aragonite.
“I’ve been using Adya Clarity for about 9 months now and I love it! I live in NYC and have been trying to find a way to get the fluoride, and everything else, out of my water and now I’ve found a way!“
Every cell in the human body can be viewed as a small magnetic unit. This property is present in all organs. Each cell produce its own magnetic field. Any disturbance in this magnetic field indicates a disorder. This equilibrium can be restored-with the help of magnets according to many researchers.
Many homeowners and businesses use water softeners to avoid the problems that result from hard water. Most water softeners remove problematic dissolved magnesium and calcium by passing water through a bed of “ion-exchange” beads. The beads are initially contacted with a concentrated salt (sodium chloride) solution to saturate the bead exchange sites with sodium ions. These ion-exchange sites have a greater affinity for calcium and magnesium, so when hard water is passed through the beads the calcium and magnesium ions are captured and sodium is released. The end result is that the calcium and magnesium ions in the hard water are replaced by sodium ions. Sodium salts do not readily form scale or soap scum, so the problems associated with hard water are avoided.
When gasoline remains in your tank for a while, the fuel molecules start to cluster. The molecules on the inside of these clusters can’t be exposed to the oxygen necessary for combustion. The result: Incomplete fuel burn with the unburned molecules emitted as pollution or remaining inside your engine as damaging carbon/varnish deposits.
Physics shows that chemicals change weight under the influence of magnetic fields. So does water. More hydroxyl (OH-) ions are created to form calcium bicarbonate and other alkaline molecules. It is these molecules that help to reduce acidity.
Water Structure and Science is probably the most comprehensive and best-organized Web site devoted to water. It is maintained by Prof. Martin Chaplin of London South Bank University. On his page Descaling of Water he summarizes the present literature of MWT and provides the actual references for those who wish to persue them. See also his Magnetic and electric effects on water page.
In November 2011, the Hong Kong Consumer Council published a report on the effect of using washing liquid, washing powder and washing balls. The former two were shown to be effective in removing stains, while the washing balls were not more effective than plain water.[22]
There’s not really much to the “system”.  It basically boils down to two powerful magnets that are wrapped in protective plastic. They look like a couple of blue hockey pucks.  The instructions couldn’t be any simpler.
Magnetic force is one of the most powerful forces on earth. In fact, the earth itself is like a giant magnet with a north and south pole. It is an amazing source of natural energy. Even the weak magnets on your refrigerator defy the force of gravity without batteries or being plugged into any power source. They will stay on your refrigerator, doing work and holding up papers for decades with no external power source. Where does all this natural power come from? From the environment around us. It is completely renewable and totally free.
Another option is to pre-soak your clothes or to use a stain removal pre-treatment.  I’ve tried all three.  For really tough stains I typically fall back to a spot treatment before washing.  But I’ve gotten butter, oil, grease, and dirt out using just the magnets.  Pretty impressive.
Welcome to Amazon.com. If you prefer a simplified shopping experience, try the mobile web version of Amazon at www.amazon.com/access. The mobile web version is similar to the mobile app. Stay on Amazon.com for access to all the features of the main Amazon website.
In 2009 the Spanish consumer organization OCU made a study of “ecobolas” (a type of laundry ball marketed in Spain). It compared the efficacy of the laundry ball, normal detergent, and no detergent at all. It concluded that laundry balls were no better than using just water, and it recommended that consumers simply use a minimum amount of detergent.[6]
We’re extremely pleased with the Magnetic system. We gave an extra system to my #container2 { } #rightbox { float: right; width: 150px; padding-top: 10px; padding-right: 10px; padding-bottom: 10px; padding-left: 25px; margin-left: 15px; border-color: #06F; border-style: dashed; border-width: 1; } #leftbox { float: left; width: auto; } #right-box { float: right; width: inherit; } .thrColFixHdr #container2 table tr td #rightbox2 { padding-left: 20px; padding-right: 20px; } .thrColFixHdr #container2 table tr td ul div { vertical-align: top; } .thrColFixHdr #container2 table tr { vertical-align: top; } .thrColFixHdr #container2 table { } astonished that she told my uncles, grandmother, aunts….. etc etc. she is now passing them around to the various families, so there will be quite a few more purchases from us in the near future.
Stain removal depends on three things: Agitation, water, and chemistry. Anyone whose ever blotted out a food stain from a shirt in a restaurant bathroom knows that different stains require different methods of removal. That’s why we used stain strips to quantify how each cleaning agent performed.
The Life Miracle® Magnetic Laundry System works under a unique means of water maintenance through direct application of magnetic force. Water has long been known as the “universal solvent”. The Laundry System incorporates powerful, specially calibrated magnetism to help alter the basic nature of water and increase its natural solvency.
You guys need to do something about your communications process. Very poor. If I have to wait six weeks like one post said, let me know. I’ve only waited 10 days with no word-inexcuseable. I really want to try the but you are not making it easy. Not really a way to run a business.
Water does have a high surface tension, but this is not what causes water to “stick together”; both effects have their origin in the intermolecular hydrogen bonding (described above.) Surface tension is the work required to expand the area of the surface. The lower the surface tension, the more readily will a liquid penetrate narrow spaces as in a fabric.
Household Essentials Collapsible Laundry Sorter with Lid is a hard-sided 2-compartment sorter that folds down nearly flat. The attractive sorter, with brown and Chevron print, is spacious, easily hold…
I’m really pretty stunned that they seem to work. I have dogs, so I put sheets over the beds. These sheets get pretty grimy,so they were my test…yes, they came out fine, no trace of dog on them and smelling good. I’m going to be using them and not detergent from now on and would recommend them. The down side is they are not available in Canada, only through US Amazon. I am close to the border so had the shipped to an address there and avoid the extra shipping fee. Not sure why they are no longer available in Canada, apparently they used to be . In summation worth the investment.
There is a long history of the promotion of magnets to alleviate the “hardness” of mineral-containing waters, and particularly to control the deposition of scale in teapots, plumbing systems, evaporators, and boilers. There are now a large variety of devices on the market that claim to reduce scale deposition, and some claim to “soften” the water as well. The earlier devices mostly employed permanent magnets, but many now use alternating magnetic or electrostatic fields. The magnetic field surrounds the pipe at some point and penetrates it from all sides. This obviously limits its use to non-ferrous pipes such as copper or plastic.
When the perfume is absorbed by the body it can spell trouble in the form of environmental sensitivities. Some of those red eyes and runny noses are not because of allergies, but due to the perfume and detergents left behind in our clothes.
“Experiments were conducted in a test heat exchanger system to evaluate 10 non-chemical scale and corrosion control devices. These devices may perform either by electrostatic, magnetic, electronic, or catalytic mechanisms. Chemical tests also compared results with non-chemical systems to insure the test conditions were not so severe that scale prevention was impossible. Water from a single deep well known to cause calcium carbonate scale when heated was used in all tests. The test heat exchanger was a two-tube shell and tube with steam applied to the shell side. Water flow was either in series or parallel through the two tubes,depending on the desired test conditions. No device tested significantly reduced the amount of scale formed, compared to the controls. Proprietary chemicals containing phosphorous reduced scale formation almost completely.”
These items in the box were brand new, and the urine had been on them since appx December (so 4-5 months back). I thought, this will be the acid test for these magnets. Well, there was one sock on top which got the brunt of the stain and the smell. That stain was a dark orange color it had been dried on there so long. The stain came out. All the socks had no stains now… (they were all packaged together, stacked)…. however the top one still had a faint odor. I re-washed it and it came out odor-free. Now THAT is a test to pass for sure….(note to everyone: anything I can clean and get back to the lady, I am doing it – so these socks are going back to her house after the major cleanup is done).
Manufacturers of MWT devices commonly offer simplistic or scientifically untenable explanations of how these devices work, giving the consumer who knows some chemistry little confidence in those who promote the product.
The Magnetic Laundry System is the new and revolutionary way to get your clothes clean. Essentially, the product is a pair of two blue laundry magnets that wash your clothes and remove stains, all without the use of detergent. By placing the magnets on the walls of your washing machine through every cycle, you’ll be able to get completely clean clothes.
Having said that, my motivation is that I believe you are ripping people off, and I don’t believe in standing by idly and watching people get ripped off. And it is more than my own personal belief — it is in fact a religious obligation handed down by the Jewish Sages, based on Leviticus 19:16, “You shall not stand idly by the blood of your brother.”

“Buy Magnets Vs Laundry Detergent Review laundry magnet reviews”

So anyway.  Here again we have a good case for why we should put more emphasis on teaching science.  Anyone who has taken an introductory high-school-level physics course would be able to explain why the only way magnets would clean your clothes is if they were covered with iron filings.  For getting anything else washed clean — especially anything oily — you need a surfactant.
Permanent magnets do not use an applied electrical current. Instead, the magnetic field of a permanent magnet results from the mutual alignment of the very small magnetic fields produced by each of the atoms in the magnet. These atomic-level magnetic fields result mostly from the spin and orbital movements of electrons. While many substances undergo alignment of the atomic-level fields in response to an applied magnetic field, only ferromagnetic materials retain the atomic-level alignment when the applied field is removed. Thus, all permanent magnets are composed of ferromagnetic materials. The most commonly used ferromagnetic elements are iron, cobalt, and nickel.
I am also taking steps to communicate to this distributor so it never happens to another customer. If it does, their ability to sell our product will be jeopardized. Period. Our customers deserve our complete honor and respect.
If you’re interested in saving money, you may have looked into buying a reusable washing ball for your laundry, rather than paying out for regular detergent. After all, these magic devices ‘restructure water clusters’, create an ‘increased pH level’, last for ‘365 washes’, and ‘extend wardrobe life’, right? Actually, no. Not one of these claims is true.
Yes, it is a good idea to periodically clean the inside of your Magnet Ball. This is especially important if any member of your family works in an industrial  setting, where they may get metal filings in or on their clothes (eg. welders).  The Magnet Ball will draw these out of the water and into it’s center, and unless the ball is cleaned out, these metal filings will rust.  To clean your Magnet Ball, simply run a microfiber cloth through the center hole of the ball a number of times, until you notice it is coming out clean.
I got the magnets – they are fantastic – many clothes & towels come out cleaner & cleaner each wash – getting rid of soap & fat build-up there as well as dirt – & no chemical perfumes – only $70 to never walk down that detergent aisle again !  occasionally I need some prewash stain remover eco friendly spray – highly recommended !!!
Hey, I love this article thanks, I was thinking of buying the magnetic laundry system, but after reading your article I just don’t know anymore. I keep reading reviews all over the place that say way different things than what you are saying. For example this site says that they work great and are not a scam https://operationreviews.com/magnetic-laundry-system-review/ . I would love your opinion on why you think some sites like this are saying they work, but you are not saying they don’t. Thanks
Then I added a stainless soap bar (can purchase on amazon) and put it in a sock. Between the both my laundry has never been cleaner. I dont kniw what alk the fuss is. Don’t buy the product and expairment. There is nothing like DIY.
A common laundry problem is grease stains. The best way to pretreat these is to rub them with white chalk. You can also rub some corn starch or talcum powder into the grease. Let it sit for just a few minutes, so that the powder absorbs the grease, then wash. Works like a charm.
As seen on TV, AsiaNation Direct Laundry Balls also can be used to wash cars, dishes, floors & work surfaces, vegetables and flowers, people and food. Things wash with Laundry Balls stay cleaner longer, because they don’t attract dust; vegetables washed with Laundry Balls stay fresh longer; and pre-treating your water with Laundry Balls improves the growth of your houseplants. Bathing with Laundry Balls relieves “tension, stress, rheumatic pain, stiffness and poor circulation” and “can lead to the remission of athlete’s foot, fungal infections and split skin.” Put one in the back of the fridge to absorb odors and help preserve the food.
During the 1970’s the observation of effects of magnetic fields on water began in the U.S.  In 1984 , the institute of Electronic Engineers(IEE) recognized the new developments.  Early in 1984, Dr. Klaus J Kronenberg spoke at a conference on magnetism in St. Paul, Minnesota.
FYI… I havent tried these magnetic balls yet, but, it’s extremely difficult for me to accept “naysayer” credibility when the naysayers website is sponsored by traditional laundry detergent companies. NEXT.
Magnets are fascinating. Imagine the amazement of the ancient Greeks who discovered that some naturally occurring stones, later named magnetite because they were found in a region of Greece called Magnesia, attracted iron.
It is true that if you want your laundry smelling like something then you might not like these, but I don’t need that. Also, I want to try using essential oils on my dryer balls to impart a scent. That might be a good way to go if you do want your laundry having a scent.
Dear Gloria, I’ve been trying to learn about using vinegar & 2 tsp of salt as a laundry detergent replacement, and haven’t found any studies. Your comment gives me hope – do you have any references, or information/websites I can show my family? Thanks heaps!
To get the best results, ensure you put two magnet balls into the washer before switching on the washer.  After turning on the machine, you need to add one ounce of the soil eradicator. This is a natural citrus enzyme that helps break soil particles that form stains on the fabric.  However, the soil eradicator is only applicable if the fabrics or clothes you are washing are heavily soiled. For fabrics that do not have much soil loads, the soil eradicator may be overlooked. Never forget that magnetic laundry system is not intended to be a stain remover but rather a wholesome washing facility thus the need for the eradicator in case of tough stains. After adding the soil eradicator it is advisable to soak fully before washing can begin.
Chlorine is by far the most widely-employed agent for disinfecting municipal water supplies, and there is no question about its effectiveness in reducing water-borne disease. Unfortunately, this active element also reacts with some of the organic components present in certain water to generate small amounts of chlorinated products such as chloroform and chloramines which have been shown to be mutagens and may be carcinogens. Although there are no epidemiological studies that demonstrate an adverse effect of chlorinated water on human health, it is understandable that many people would prefer their drinking water to be chlorine-free, if only to reduce the unpleasant taste in localities where the chlorine content is especially high. This can usually be accomplished by activated charcoal filters, and in extreme cases, by boiling. Numerous vendors sell magnetic devices, often in the form of shower heads, that purport to remove the chlorine from the water. Their Web sites paint frightening pictures of the dire consequences of showering in water containing this poisonous element. Consider, for example, this breathless paragraph from one sales site, obviously intended for people the vendor considers so dumb that they will be impressed by all of the words being capitalized:

“Find Water Freedom Magnetic Laundry Reviews laundry magnets how they work”

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D.L. Watt et al, Journal of Clinical Periodontology 20(5) 314-317 May 1993. This double-blind study showed a significant reduction in calculus volume when irrigator devices had magnets installed. The authors suggest some possible mechanisms relating to reduced calcium and phosphate ion activity, but these don’t seem very convincing. A summary of this article can be seen at this commercial site. Needless to say, many enterprises see no need to wait for verification of these results, and are breathlessly marketing magnetic oral irrigators to the public.
Also, using the value of oil continuing to boost dramatically, it in turn leads to the cost of petro based items like laundry detergents, to improve, as well. As opposed to investing funds foolishly over a myth-based solution like laundry detergents, produce a wiser choice to your wallet and your loved ones and purchase a magnetic laundry product. Not only will your garments be as thoroughly clean as ever, you are able to decide to use the cash you save on some thing more worth it.
You completely wrecked these scammers and I, for one, completely enjoyed it! I’ve bookmarked this page for future reference the next time I see someone post about these wonderful [insert eye roll here] laundry magnets.
We are so used to using laundry soaps for all our washing and the magnetic laundry system seems to be the ideal solution to all our problems where we will be saved for a lot of soap related diseases!! I am sure this magnet laundry system is going to be a big hit if it has all the features that it boasts of and has all the advantages it promises to its customers!! It is worth a try and hope people using it will say about what they think about it!!
It is difficult not to make “terrible assumptions about [your] intentions” after examining the scientifically absurd claims you make about your product; noting your failure to provide any objective scientific evidence that it works; noting your hiding of objective scientific evidence in your possession related to the question of whether it works; and noting that when asked for objective evidence that it works, you start talking about the toxic chemicals in laundry detergents, which, true or not, is completely irrelevant to the question of whether your product actually cleans clothes.
Works in any sort of washing equipment! Just spot the Water Liberty MLS units as well as your clothing inside your washing equipment and switch it on. For front loaders, put the MLS models in pants pockets. Although they may be magnetic, they do not have to stick towards the drum to work, and can work in entrance and top loading machines. Keep in mind, the MLS replaces laundry detergent only. Using pre wash spot-remover sprays, bleaches or additives such as fabric softeners can be used with the MLS Water Liberty.
Yeah, the friction wouldn’t be a factor since the magnets would stick to the metal sides of the washer. And if the stains came out, wouldn’t that mean this system worked better than just water alone (since it sounds like they were stains, which means they’ve already been washed in water or in water and detergent)? It sounds like the enzymes must be a part of the system, too, so that’s why I want to know more about how long/how many loads they are good for. Interesting, anyway.
LASTS FOR YEARS. COMES WITH A LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY AND AN UNCONDITIONAL 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE… One package of two Laundry System units can be used over and over again for many years. No need to keep buying expensive $20 bottles of detergent every few weeks. Great for saving money and in drought areas because you can bypass the rinse cycle since there are no chemicals, saving 20-40 gallons of water per wash and the energy to run it!
I’m very pleased with the Magnetic Laundry System; thanks for offering it. I could see how dirty the water was in the washer, so it’s obviously doing a terrific job of cleaning.  Also the clothes have no smell when removed, compared to before. thanks again!
Yes, it is a good idea to periodically clean the inside of your Magnet Ball. This is especially important if any member of your family works in an industrial  setting, where they may get metal filings in or on their clothes (eg. welders).  The Magnet Ball will draw these out of the water and into it’s center, and unless the ball is cleaned out, these metal filings will rust.  To clean your Magnet Ball, simply run a microfiber cloth through the center hole of the ball a number of times, until you notice it is coming out clean.
These devices, such as this one are promoted by hucksters such as “Dr.” Robert Beck and sold by the same outfits that flog food-energizers, chackra-checkers and other new-age paraphernalia. They generate short but highly intense magnetic fields that are supposed to cure everything from cancer to baldness. See here for one of Beck’s typical bloviations. Needless to say, there is no credible scientific evidence to support these outlandish claims. But if you have a sick horse, give this one a try. And here’s a super-powerful ring-shaped one that delivers 50,000 gauss, presumably to get that waistline down!
Laundry detergent is not used to kill microorganisms, and neither is the Laundry System, but the cleaning process itself washes away most bacteria.  However, hot water will kill most microorganisms in the water, and a little bleach will do the same (although bleach works best at high temperatures).  An extremely effective natural alternative: Numerous studies show that a straight 5 percent solution of vinegar—such as you can buy in the supermarket—kills 99% of bacteria, 82% of mold, and 80% of germs (viruses).
One purveyor of MFT poppycock makes the absurd claim that their magnetic device “puts a strong, positive charge into the fuel”, and they even offer a set of three magnets for the fuel system, radiator water (!) and air intake (!!) The site makes numerous claims about fuel savings and emissions reduction, quotes many “testimonials” and even some performance data which I consider inadequately documented and find very difficult to take seriously. They claim that their magnets employ “mono-pole technology”, which to me implies the use of monopolar magnets, although no such magnet is known to science; another page on the same vendor’s site describes their fudging on this matter but offers no supporting evidence or references to what refer to as “magnetic single focus”.
I struggled a bit with this one.  My husband’s gym clothes stink.  The magnet system works great for getting out all the dirt, and MOST of the time it gets the smells out too.  I found a nifty little trick though…
This device employs a pair of rotating magnets that subject the water to “a field of high energy”. What this has to do with rain, streams, or nature is not explained. As if this were not enough pseudoscience, they claim that their “Pi technology uses far-infrared energy. Oxygenation technology that works like a mountain stream … in the same way that water is oxygenated when flowing over the rocks in a natural environment.”
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After complaints, Trade-Net’s claims were investigated by consumer protection departments in Utah, Oregon and Florida, amongst others, and the company was prohibited from making certain claims, including that “such product cleans as well as conventional laundry detergent”. Trade-Net offered a ‘new’ laundry ball product after this, but were forced to pay fines,[15] including $190,000 to Oregon’s Department of Justice, $10,000 to Utah and then in April 1999, $155,000 to the states of New York, Arizona, Arkansas, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, Oklahoma and the FTC. The company disappeared shortly thereafter.[16] The Federal Trade Commission has levied fines against other companies for similar fraudulent claims.[17] However, other companies kept selling similar products over the Internet.[18]
For blood stains, especially ones that are set in, soaking overnight in peroxide can work wonders. Test for color fastness, as peroxide can fade or even bleach some fabrics. Follow with a stain pre-treatment (I like Shout).
I bought these magnets 2 years ago, along with wool balls for the dryer. I was so excited and eager for great results. The first 2 months were great! My sheets felt so clean and smelled wonderful from the essential oils I used on the wool balls. My clothes felt so clean! But in the 4th month, I would enter my home and smell a “dirty” smell, which is unusual because I am a clean freak! Little by little, my son’s athletic clothes especially, were not coming out clean, but seemed to have a build up of dirt that wasn’t being removed from the washing. Now, I was looking into odor control products, then stain removing products, etc. I felt like I was reinventing the wheel. Then a friend of mine, very into natural products, sent me an article on how detergents are crucial for clean laundry, and the article explained the chemistry behind it. Not to say you can’t us a natural detergent, but all in all, I stopped using the magnets. Then, if you think about it, how do the clothes truly get rinsed clean if the magnets are still in the water during the rinse cycle?
Does it occur to you to wonder why there is no research supporting the claim that these magnets do anything to clean clothing? Do you wonder why the manufacturer of the magnets asked an independent laboratory to compare washing clothes with the magnets with washing clothes in plain water, and then didn’t publish the results of the latter half of the experiment?
In 1997 Trade-Net, sold a laundry ball product (the Blue Laundry Ball) in various US states. Trade-Net claimed that the blue liquid inside their balls was structured water “that emits a negative charge through the walls of the container into your laundry water.” “This causes the water molecule cluster to disassociate, allowing much smaller individual water molecules to penetrate into the innermost part of the fabric.” Dennis Barnum, a professor of inorganic chemistry at Portland State University, said that the liquid was just water with a blue dye and couldn’t possibly have the effect claimed by the manufacturer. Barnum also said that the claims were “gibberish” and used scientific terms in ways that sounded educated to the layman but didn’t make any real sense. The Oregonian tested the balls, and found they washed marginally better than hot water with no detergent, and worse than using detergent.[12]
I have just used two magnets that I found lying around my house.one large, messaures 2 1/2 inches,just over 6 cos and weighs 340 grams ,then two smaller ones  to try and match the bigger one in strength. The washing appears clean and fresh.however the large magnet fell off the side wall of the machine,I stopped my machine and put it into a buttoned up pocket of a shirt. This had a bad effect as it has pitted the pocket.  I also had to separate the magnets at some stage as one of the smaller magnets had stuck to the big one,before I put it into the pocket! Does that happen with the commercial magnets you buy and is it OK to leave them stuck together? I did try to buy the magnets on line, but like so many things ,products, no one ships to Namibia!!