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Effects of magnetic fields on microbial metabolism. Some references to this topic can be found in U.S. patent 5318045 for the use of magnets in bioremediation processes.The applicants show some experimental data indicating that a N. pole can materially alter the efficacy of certain types of bacterially-mediated oxidation of pollutants. No references to published studies are given.
Most of the permanent magnet devices employ a sequence of magnets, arranged so that the water passes alternately through magnetized and non-magnetized regions. This is probably based on the experiments of Kronenberg (see below) who found that a sequence of magnets was more effective. The alternating-current devices can presumably duplicate this effect with a single coil as shown at the right. Most of these use a frequency in the 100-1000 hz region. Some excite the coil with square waves rather than with sine waves in the apparent hope that of the large number of frequency components so generated, some will be more effective than others.
Life miracle magnetic laundry system review.With our best natural laundry detergent make your garments healthy, simple and eco-friendly. Formulated for all your laundry needs we think it’s the best natural laundry detergent out there and our customers agree.
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Effect of magnetic water treatment on homogeneous and heterogeneous precipitation of calcium carbonate. One of the most thorough studies on this subject was published by a group in France in 2006 (Fathi et al, Water Research 40 (2006) 1941-1950). Using a system in which a supersaturated solution of CaCO3 was repeatedly circulated through a magnetic field, they found that the mass eventually precipitated was greater than in the absence of the field. The effect was greater at higher flow rates (with or without the field) and treatment durations of up to 15 minutes.  The effect is  more pronounced for homogeneous nucleation than for heterogeneous nucleation. Although the mechanism is not clear, the authors suggest that the magnetic field may affect hydration changes as ion pairs [Ca2+ CO32–]0 form.
and have offered him a full and complete refund (including shipping costs) from us if he does not receive satisfaction from the reseller. We will do this even though we did not sell it to him or collect the money for this order. According to his written account, Jonathan deserves, and will receive, a full refund. Though it represents a total loss to us, we believe it is absolutely the right thing to do, and the right thing for Jonathan.
With this product, you can finally get rid of those chemical detergents and seemingly “all-natural” formulas that are still laden with carcinogens. The Water Liberty Magnetic Laundry System is also meant to last – you won’t need to waste more money in purchasing more magnets because your original product is mean to last for 50 years.
For those of us who live in apartment buildings with community laundry or who trek to the laundromat each week, this process has very few perks. The one thing I count on is being able to do all the loads of laundry I need at one time. Because I only purchased one set of magnets, I was glad I still had regular detergent on hand for the two other loads of laundry I started at the same time. It would get very pricey to purchase multiple sets!
The first is the neutral smell.  Most of us are used to having everything we own smell April fresh.  Unfortunately that’s not how clothes smell on their own.  That is a chemical additive from your detergent at work.  And while it smells comfortable and familiar, once you remove it from your life for a while, it doesn’t actually smell that great. 
EASY TO USE. Works in any kind of washing machine! Simply place the MLS units and your clothes in your washing machine and turn it on. For front loaders, put the MLS units in pants pockets. Though they are magnetic, they do not have to stick to the drum to work, and will work in front and top loading machines. Remember, the MLS replaces laundry detergent only. The use of pre wash spot-remover sprays, bleaches or additives such as fabric softeners can be used with the MLS.
I ordered magnets, never saw them !!! as a bonus offer I directed delivery to my 75yr. Old mother. The second set at $10 cheaper. The package was supposed to contain 2 magnets for washing clothes. Instead it was something like tennis balls. For $50 plus to return was a nightmare with customer service. My origional order was out of stock they claimed , but charged me for it ahead of time. I waited over 2 months , when it finally arrived I had already demanded my refund / so I …returned it unopened ! Not wanting to waste time with customer service again. My mom shipped me the gift I sent her to send back at a cost of $15 , then I shipped it back at $15 so post office made $45 on this product offer of buy second set at a discount….they substituted another product to send my mom, causing total confusion & long distance to explain to her. My refund took another 30 days from my cancellation ! They use your money people !!!
Some researchers hypothesize that magnetic treatment affects the nature of hydrogen bonds between water molecules. They report changes in water properties such as light absorbance, surface tension, and pH (e.g., Joshi and Kamat 1966; Bruns et al. 1966; Klassen 1981). However, these effects have not always been found by later investigators (Mirumyants et al. 1972). Further, the characteristic relaxation time of hydrogen bonds between water molecules is estimated to be much too fast and the applied magnetic field strengths much too small for any such lasting effects, so it is unlikely that magnetic water treatment affects water molecules (Lipus et al. 1994).
Magnetic Laundry System is a highly-recommended product that helps you clean efficiently. This product is incredibly healthy and provides environmental benefits of preventing the environment and clothes from the petrochemical detergents. It will help you keep the laundry room cleaner and safer. It fights against the bacterias. It allows to eliminate the use of toxic laundry detergent at your home and make this world an environmentally friendly place to live. This product comes with an amazing policy:
Wow! This was quite informative. I am sorry you all went through this “crap”. I am so trusting and have gone through this kind of thing with other products and learned too late of the scam and usually lost money and time and my temper and to no avail (nothing done about it). You all saved me from this mistake on these magnets. While I am sorry you are going through this and trying to get your money back or some solution — I thank you very much for being a pioneer to the truth. Jan
3. When water contacts the activated ceramics, an abundance of OH ions is produced, reducing the surface tension of the water and greatly increasing its penetrating power. Ordinary detergents make use of this same principle, but do so by using harsh chemicals.
One of the main reasons why people use washing balls is because they think they’re safer to use than detergents. Many washing ball companies scare the public into using these devices, but while it’s true that not everyone gets on with every detergent, if laundry soaps really were toxic, wouldn’t we all be breaking out in red, itchy rashes? Laundry detergents like Surf excel Matic are perfectly safe to use, otherwise they wouldn’t be approved for sale, simple as that.
The clothes and sheets I tested all seemed to be clean after the wash cycle, including a white pillowcase that had some leftover mascara smudged on it (ladies, you know the struggle). It was a bummer that the laundry didn’t smell fresh, but then I reminded myself the fresh smell I’m used to isn’t exactly right out of nature. So unless I start seeing a problem, or my friends stage an intervention, I’m going to assume my clothes are clean enough. Especially since I already have $75 into this new laundry system.
1. Don’t discredit yourself by putting your good name behind products that have not undergone your absolute scrutiny and rigorous test of logic and integrity. Take great care in watching for tangential logic and logical fallacies that some unscrupulous marketers use to confuse the general public.
A 1960 survey of municipal water supplies in one hundred U.S. cities revealed that water hardness ranged from 0 to 738 ppm a median of 90 ppm (see Singley 1984). Ion-exchange water softeners are capable of reducing the hardness of the incoming water supply to between 0 and 2 ppm, which is well below the levels where scale and soap precipitation are significant.

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