“Purchase Reviews Of The Magnetic Washing System Review laundry magnets scam”

Thanks for you article. You have indeed placed a huge importance on debunking the use of tangential logic and logical fallacies but perhaps not enough emphasis on the science. As well, you missed one or two other variables, such as the washing machine itself. There should have been samples from laundry detergent and magnets together with and without a washing machine as well as just magnets and water without a machine, rather a tub and hand washing. Anyway, please read the note I wrote to one promoter..
Free Yourself!…Laundry Detergents Are Petrochemicals Derived From Crude Oil–NOT Natural Soaps. Because Oil Has Hit Record Highs, So Has the Cost Of Detergent. You Can’t Stop the Financial Pain Of Fueling Your Car, But At Least You Can Stop “Fueling” Your Washing Machine!
Bruce Toback checked the claims for “The Laundry Solution” and found that “[t]he claims make perfect sense, and are in complete accord with the current state of scientific knowledge… There is not a single false claim in their marketing material. In fact, it’s a model of probity compared to the verbiage printed on a box of laundry detergent:
Smart Laundry’s product (U.S. $50) “works on principle of Magnetichydrodynamics and No Allergic for human skin during washes (even by hands of fine washables in the sink without soap suds) or sleeping on the bed linens.” Note that “for our live drinking water, we MUST USE — even by law — Euro-Wash Laundry Balls instead harmfull any detergents.”
Right, because no one could possibly be motivated to spend the time debunking crackpot science out of a desire to elevate the general level of scientific education in the world and help prevent people from wasting their money on products that don’t work.
Finally, teens (& others) avoiding the chore of putting away clean dishes will not have the excuse of not knowing whether the dishes are clean or dirty! Contemporary Moroccan Trellis / Quatrefoil Desi…
The company does offer some performance data and a long list of “case studies”, but given the scientifically questionable “technology” they use, one would want to see some references to published articles in the reputable agricultural/soil science literature.
Laundry Magnets can be found in a variety of dimensions. Compare many items made in the United States and China. Laundry Magnets come multi-colored as well as in other colors. Laundry supplies are available in new previously owned condition on eBay, so you can enjoy finding a bargain. Furthermore, Laundry Magnets are great for tidying your home environment.
Buy only the cheapest malt vinegar – which is acetic acid – you don’t need to buy white wine vinegar, cheapest cooking salt and cheapest bicarbonate of soda. In UK the value range has much less packaging and is much cheaper than any other products. So a bottle of malt vinegar is about 14p, a kg bag of cooking salt is 63p and tub of bicarbonate of soda is 37p. I buy I of salt and about 5 of each of vinegar and bicarbonate of soda, each week but that is all my laundry stuff, all my cleaning stuff and most (I buy other items like essential oils and witch hazel too) of my toiletries.
What’s even worse, we are willingly to pay a small fortune to chemical companies who exposes us to these toxins. Let Laundry Magnets Reviews site introduce you to a revolutionary way to do laundry that allows you to completely eliminate your need for laundry detergent ever again.
The basic idea behind how laundry detergent and the magnet laundry system works is the same.  They both reduce the surface tension of the water in the washing machine allowing it to more effectively agitate against the fibers of the clothes.  This agitation breaks up the dirt, grime, or whatever and leaves your clothes cleaner.
I doubt in today’s advanced chemical world that one could entirely replace chemical detergents with magnets, but one could certainly greatly reduce the need and probably use none on most loads of laundry unless they are in the habit of using other chemicals in their house that do not come out with low surface tension water.
It’s a bit much to state that his work was “recognized”; IEEE simply published the conference proceedings. Kronenberg’s presentation can be found in IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, Vol MAG-21 (5) Sept 1985. The paper offers no evidence for magnetic water softening.
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An example of the errant nonsense that is sometimes employed to fool consumers into buying these worthless products is quoted in the left column below from a now-disappeared Web page. Similar claims can be found on many current sales sites. The parts I consider wrong, misleading, or meaningless are highlighted.
Norwex describes the Magnet Ball as a water softening device which magnetically attracts calcium  and magnesium molecules from water, and alters them in such a way so that they lose their ability to cause scale, AKA hard water build up.  It doesn’t actually soften your water, but it makes hard water act like it’s soft.

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