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cause the water molecule to dissociate through an electrical phenomenon (destabilization). The thus “fractured” H2O molecule units are much smaller, enabling them to easier penetrate fabrics and dissolve dirt, resulting in the readily observable cleaning effect. When the ceramics are removed from the water, it returns to its normal electrically neutral state.
After 5 emails and phone calls I was told I would get the full refund, but not the s & h! So you pay for a product that does not work, pay for the s & h to receive it and pay for the s & h to send it back to the merchant, looks like the post office is the only entity benefiting from this classic scam!
If either of these people can produce legitimate laboratory data using ICP-MS analysis of all 50+ subjects, tested each week, with raw count data for the instrumentation detectors, I will retract this accusation and publicly apologize. But of course this isn’t going to happen because it’s readily apparent the whole thing is a fraud.
I’m very pleased with the Magnetic Laundry System; thanks for offering it. I could see how dirty the water was in the washer, so it’s obviously doing a terrific job of cleaning.  Also the clothes have no smell when removed, compared to before. thanks again!
What follows is a portion of the original article that previously appeared at this URL, although as far as I’m concerned, the parts involving Kacper have already been resolved and concluded as you’ll see in the “tell-all” video link shown above. You can also watch the video interview directly at this link.
Bruce Toback checked the claims for “The Laundry Solution” and found that “[t]he claims make perfect sense, and are in complete accord with the current state of scientific knowledge… There is not a single false claim in their marketing material. In fact, it’s a model of probity compared to the verbiage printed on a box of laundry detergent:
Remember that soap and detergents are not the same. Unless you are washing by hand, a washing machine can not thoroughly rinse soap like detergent. It gunks up your washer and your clothes. Do a strip on clothes washed with soap and you will be DISGUSTED! Find a good coconut based detergent.
“When we magnetize the water, all the electrons take on the same charge. Because like charges or poles repel each other, the molecules are pushed away from each other breaking up the associations into singular stasis known as molecularly mono-atomic.”
This is totally risk-free with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Begin saving money today. Protecting your health and help out the environment with every load of laundry you do, just place these Magnets for Washing Cloths in the washer and never think about it again it is that simple. Thanks for reading this article until next time 🙂
Herbert, I don’t think that there is one product that will work on everything. I’m not a chef, just a klutzy mom with two messy girls. Even with my suggestions below, a second, or even third washing may be required for particularly stubborn or set in (from previous washing and drying) stains. Check to see if the stain is out before drying. Putting stained items in the dryer can set the stain, making it harder to get out. If it needs rewashed to get a stain out, do not let it dry before washing again.
I purchased the magnets and man was I ever taken for a ride. Yes the 21 day send back runs out fast and lucky if you get to use them 2 times. Do they work? Not in my eyes. The stains were still in the shirt the dirt in the sole of the socks was still there. The collar ring was still there so I think I got took on this and can’t believe I fell for that. Well I got to say the magnets did do one good thing. There was some screws in one of the pants pockets and the magnets caught them and no damage to the machine’s motor. I might still use them to catch any kind of screwes or nails in pockets that I miss.
I can not handle the dyes and perfumes in detergents so, I use ECOS from Earth Friendly Products, Addison, IL 60101 1.630.595.1900; call from 9-3 CT/ M-F. efpclean.com and ecos.com sold at Walmart. The other one I buy is homesolv from citrasolv, Danbury, CT 06813-2597 1.800.343.6588; http://www.citrasolv.com. I also use vinegar, lemon juice, and baking soda detergents such as Arm and Hammer. I react terribly to chemicals; anytime I come in contact with them I can taste them for anywhere between 1/2 a day to 2 days and I don’t wash with them because I itch so much. I urge everyone not to buy the magnets until they have actual evidence confirming their results. In the mean time try searching for detergents derived from plants.
The negative field of a magnet is used most often to correctly stimulate (potentiate) and reorganize the electron (spin) charge which results in creating the healthy cellular charge state of a strong-negative potential.
There are going to be some substances that may not be removed by such water as those substances requires specific solvents or enzyme actions to break them down or dislodge them. This is hardly proof that these do not work. Those who use fabric softeners will certainly have inferior results because those products by nature bond to and affect the behavoir of the fibers of the clothing. Those people will also have those chemicals in their brains and the brains of their children and ought to reconsider using them.
In fact, the massive rocks encircling Stonehenge are not “paramagnetic”.  Those who composed this bumpf are probably referring to the [fictional] ley lines (another bit of pseudoscience) that are alleged to pass through this ancient site.
The premise of the device is that because soft water requires less detergent, you will save money on detergent in your dishwasher and washing machine if you just stick the Magnet Ball in at the start of a wash cycle. In fact, Norwex says, “When using the ball, you use 50%-70% less soap.”
Voberry Hot Sale Eco-Friendly Laundry Ball Magnetic Washing Ball Dryer Ball Laundry Detergent Housewife Helper Tool. Voberry is a protected Trademark. Up to 1,000 loads of laundry. Simply Toss the was…
You basically place the two magnets on the side walls of your washing machine.  They’ll hold themselves in place all while doing what they’re supposed to do.  If you’re machine has a plastic tub you can place them either into the pockets of some pants, or in a couple socks (one magnet per pocket or sock please).
Instead of simply admitting that “we don’t really understand how MWT works”, most promoters of MWT devices feel compelled to peddle scientifically untenable “explanations”. But some vendors do far worse by propagating absurd nonsense about MWT and its supposed benefits. One wonders if any of clowns who write this garbage have ever actually passed a course in physics or chemistry. Some evidence that they have not can be found in the following statements taken from various manufacturers’ sites.
Although magnetically influencing water is a concept somewhat “out of the mainstream” (our patents were some of the first in the field) there has been scientific precedence to support the theory. Although it is fair to challenge theories that are new, different and out of the mainstream, it is exceedingly unfair to call them a “scam”.
Back in 2011, I posted a video featuring the bizarre, deceptive and unethical claims and explanation of Matt Bakos as he pitched Adya Clarity to the public. This video is downright fascinating, especially if you watch the insane person at the end who appears to have gone completely bonkers after taking Adya Clarity every day for a sustained period of time.
Magnetic Laundry System is the perfect laundry detergent alternative that washes away the bacterias completely. This product is proven to eliminate 99% of bacteria, 80% of germs, and 82% of mould. Here, you can place the units in the pockets of pairs of pants or a single pair of thick socks before running the cycle.
Apparently, magnets also cure headaches, they improve gas mileage, I am trying to think of some others. They probably clean or water. I have heard stuff like you can get power from them (to charge stuff, maybe actually be true). Anyways… I love magnets… but without doing real tests that have real results… it is all a bunch of … as George Bush would say… fuzzy Math (I never voted for him, by the way).
There is some evidence that externally-applied magnetic fields can relief of certain types of chronic pain. A major difficulty in any such study is in eliminating the placebo effect which generally requires a double-blind protocol. Here are a few recent references to the scientific literature:
The mission of Water Liberty is to spread cutting edge research on water science and to bring life changing water technologies to everyone. Here at Water Liberty, a team of researchers are passionate about offering educational information through Ebooks, videos, blogs and social media. With an understanding of water’s healing properties, we believe this translates into actions to cleanse, purify and transform water to its pristine state.
 Water is indeed polar but this has nothing at all to do with magnetism. The polarity is due to the higher nuclear charge of oxygen, which displaces the shared bonding electrons towards the oxygen. This leaves the oxygen with a partial negative charge and the hydrogen with a partial positive charge. Water has no paramagnetic properties.
To remove stains, regular detergent enhances the water’s already present magnetic force. Now, you don’t need to use detergent to improve the force, especially when magnets are a better, more economical, and environmentally friendly solution. The magnets cause the water to pull out the dirt, grease, odors, and other compounds from your clothing, without harming the fibers. Moreover, you’ll notice that the results are just as effective or are even better than traditional detergents. As the brand explains, water is the universal solvent and now, you can tap into its power with this revolutionary and effective magnet system.
Magnetic Laundry System is the best laundry detergent alternative that washes away all of the bacteria totally. This product is the really effective with the natural alternative that straight away from the 5 percent solution of the vinegar. It is the highly-powerful, specially calibrated the magnetism to allow alter the basic nature of the water and improves the natural solvency. This product is the proven which will reduce the 99% of the bacteria, 80% of the germs, and 82% of the mold. Here you can easily place the units in your pockets of the pairs of the pants or the single pair of the thick socks before running into the cycle. This product will completely eliminate any noise the force of the horizontal axis that may create. You never need to stick to work it properly.
One more thing. Amway listed a ceramic washing disk in a 1997 catalog, but decided not to sell the thing after tests showed it had “no measurable impact on overall cleaning.” Figured you’d want to know.
Magnetic forces never have direct contact with electronic devices and this magnetic cleaning system should be used on water drums to have the effect on cleaning clothes as well as keep the quality of the cloth at all the time.

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  1. “Water is Paramagnetic …meaning that it holds a magnetic charge” is just one of many lies and misrepresentations to be found on sites that flog an elastic band containing several magnets that you are supposed to slip over a container of water, wine, milk, or juice in order to increase the “bioavailability” of the water– very similar to the equally nonsensical claims by the clusterquackpot merchants. To support these claims, they mis-cite a number of Nobel Prize winners and offer various references to the scientific literature which are incomplete or, in one case, do not appear to exist. To add to the hype, one can see pictures that purport to show how the “magnetized filtered water” increases the growth rate of plant, especially if the south magnetic poles face the water(!).
    Magnetic water softeners claim that their magnetic fields can help remove scale from the washing machine and pipes, and prevent new limescale from adhering.[11] Some companies claim to remove hardness ions from hard water, or to precipitate the molecules in the water so they won’t “stick” to the pipes, or to reduce the surface tension of water.[11] The claims are dubious, the scientific basis is unclear, the working mechanism is vaguely defined and understudied, and high-quality studies report negative results.[11] The reputation of these products is further damaged by the pseudoscientific explanations that promoters keep putting forward.[11]
    For anyone that is confused or angry because they use the magnets and they “work,” you’re probably just better off using them and ignoring these sort of pages. More power to you. There is much more factual evidence provided by this author than by the manufacturer of these magnets. By the way, if you have any physicist or engineering friends, just hand the box to them and watch their face. I’m sure you’ll see the B.S. meter light up instantly in their eyes. Trust the guys who do this for a living and actually understand physics, chemistry, scientific method, etc. This product stinks like a rat.
    Magnets: I love them. I’ve studied for 30 years. the late Jessie Partridge got me started. so many aholes are naysayers. If you want more ask.  I saw magnet laundry balls a long time ago. I’m searching for some. I’m a big guy. tree trimming, a big limb hit my shinbone there was a knot as big as a yam. I limped in the house put a xtra strond magnet on it nagitive  side down got a big cold pack put that under magnet. it took pain pills lay down with the TV. 3 hours later help arrived (wife) she took everything off no sign of a bruise a little scraped skin, still hurt!  I didn’t think it would work that good. Partridge started using them in the 30’s He knew so much. The naysayers had a lot of bad thing to say about him.

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