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In this paper which is often cited as the classical original investigation of MWT, the author describes the changes in the morphology of calcium carbonate crystals formed by evaporation of water that has been passed through a sequence of several magnetic fields. The effect of the treatment is to change the crystals from a dendritic form to smaller disk-shaped forms (that presumably are less likely to form a scale– but this is not tested.) The curious thing is that the water seems to “remember” the treatment– evaporation and crystallization were carried out in a field-free environment. The need for the water to flow past a succession of magnets (up to 16) at a specific velocity prompts Kronenberg to suggest that “the interaction between the magnetic fields and the hydrogen bonds is amplified to the breaking point by resonance.” The idea is that the breaking up of the (H2O)n complexes somehow releases dissolved ions that promote nucleation of the smaller crystals. The observed effect lasts for up to two days.

I sent an email to Kacper Postawski Companies about it and was advised to use White vinegar in the rinse cycle. I did this for several weeks, as I only do my laundry on Saturday. I have found no difference since using White vinegar in the rinse cycle.

Rest assured, the packaging that comes with The Laundry Solution (U.S. $85) is made of recyclable plastic. “The product works by properties of physics. Hence there are no residues left on your clothing.”

“The technology exploits quantum electrodynamic processes to transfer energy into the water passing through the unit. As a result, potential energy stored within the water is significantly enhanced. When that water hits the soil, the stored potential energy is released, opening up soils and improving infiltration and percolation of water.” [link]

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Lastly, something i have noticed whilst researching “too good to be true” products (just a little tip for not getting scammed) – if you read “review” blogs/pages, and the English is a little…”off” there’s a good chance it’s fake. Go back and read some of the review pages about these magnets, and you may notice it too!

Although MWT appears to be effective in some cases, the parameters of water composition, magnetic field strength, treatment geometry and flow rate that lead to satisfactory performance have never been clearly defined. Closer study often reveals that other factors (such as pH change) could account for the improvements that might otherwise be attributed to MWT.

This outfit offers science-naive consumers a “technology” that “treats fluids to enhance their performance.” And not just water! By “re-structuring” liquid and gaseous hydrocarbon fuels, they claim to improve energy efficiency. It even increases the efficiency of refrigerant liquids such as Freon! How does this work? This technology

 The “softness” of water refers to the absence of dissolved salts, not to low surface tension. I am unaware of any evidence that the surface tension of water is affected by a magnetic field. Anyone with access to a capillary tube and a magnet can test this for themselves, since capillary rise is proportional to surface tension.

Household Essentials Double Laundry Sorter ensures your laundry chaos is attractively tamed. A removable lid with magnetic closure on the front side and hook & loop on the back keeps everything under …

“I have been using Adya Clarity for 3 months now. I add the drops to a jug of tap water at night and in the morning I can see tiny particles of all the yucky stuff that is in the tap water floating around the bottom of the jug. I love the taste of the water, I also clean my fruits and veggies with it. I give it to my plants and my pet. Here is a picture I took of the contaminants at the bottom of my glass after adding Adya Clarity.“

An extensive compilation that summarizes over 300 literature references to medical applications of magnetic fields, both permanent and alternating, can be found at the Gary Null site. The range of ailments covered seems too great to be entirely believable, but some of the articles appear to be in reputable journals.

Water can be “magnetized” In order to become “magnetized”, a molecule must not only be paramagnetic (contain an unpaired electron), but groups of molecules must be able to align themselves into local regions (“domains”) that amplify the effect and retain their orientation for a long time. The effect is known as “ferromagnetism” and as far as I know has only been observed in solids, the most well known, of course, being metallic iron.

I got news for you guys…the magnets DO WORK. Yes, customer service is a bit iffy, and it took almost six weeks for me to receive my shipment, with zero response from Water Liberty. But by golly, th…ese magnets clean even better than conventional detergents, without the harsh chemicals. I am a fan.

Magnetic Laundry System is an innovative product to support each and everyone in the world because it is eco-friendly to save water and trees for having the healthy life as well as an environment to lead the life cycle of human beings. This magnet will help you to remove the strain from the clothes with newly launched patented technology without using the single drop of harmful chemical detergents. Because generally ingredients added in detergents are used to kill the insects, if you use that clothes washed with harmful detergent, our skin may absorb the chemicals and it may create health issues like cancer or skin irritation or heart disease or whatever it may be. But when you start using this product you can get the chance to extend the life of your clothes as well as yourself to enjoy all day long without worries.

Magnetic forces never have direct contact with electronic devices and this magnetic cleaning system should be used on water drums to have the effect on cleaning clothes as well as keep the quality of the cloth at all the time.

When fuel burns, carbons are combined with oxygen and converted into their components, releasing energy. Passing fuel through a magnetic energy field which is both properly configured and focused causes the fuel to accept an induced charge. Furthermore, this application of highly focused physics will attract more oxygen molecules to the fuel resulting in more of the available fuel being completely utilized.

The lab report claims, “As is standard for this type of testing, a water control was also run to provide baseline/control data.”  However, the published results include only before/after data for the load run with the magnets, i.e., they do not show how washing laundry with the magnets compares to washing with just water.

No one denies that magnetism can affect water. On the other hand, as the many pages which debunk this scam explain, the power of the magnetic field required to affect water in any meaningful way is orders of magnitude more than what you get when you throw a couple magnets into your washing machine.

It can be used in any machine and at any temperature, but it is preferable to use hot water for absolutely clean clothes. However, the temperature of the water depends on the types of clothes that you want to be washed.

“Water is Paramagnetic …meaning that it holds a magnetic charge” is just one of many lies and misrepresentations to be found on sites that flog an elastic band containing several magnets that you are supposed to slip over a container of water, wine, or juice in order to increase the “bioavailability” of the water– very similar to the equally nonsensical claims by the clusterquackpot merchants. To support these claims, they mis-cite a number of Nobel Prize winners and offer various references to the scientific literature which are incomplete or, in one case, do not appear to exist. To add to the hype, one can see pictures that purport to show how the “magnetized filtered water” increases the growth rate of plant, especially if the south magnetic poles face the water(!).

You can’t do a thing about out of control fuel prices, but the Laundry System can keep you from “fueling” your washing machine with petrochemicals every day, and can keep those petrochemicals off your skin and from being flushed into our water supply!

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The magnetic laundry system totally trashed my front loading washing machine. The electrics went nuts after only three washes, stuck on 1 minute spin cycle, when stopped by main switch I opened the door to find smoke coming from the machine. It was a 30 degree wash by the way.

I would never make it in the advertising business because I’m unable to show or explain how great a product is. I also don’t force my opinions of something I like on someone else. Just because I like …it doesn’t mean you will. I AM SOLD ON NANO TOWELS! One wipe over a ceramic top stove and it’s clean and dry. I have stainless steel appliances and hate the up keep of them because it’s like having to polish your silver everyday. Used Nano and cleaned every appliance in lickety split time and they look better than having to “polish” them. I am sold and that’s no lie. See More

Hi everyone! I’ve recently read that magnets can be used instead of detergent for washing clothes. Has anyone ever tried it? I would be wonderful not having to continue dumping cleaning substances into wash water.

Wow! My sister’s been using the magnets for a week now and she’s really impressed. They even got rid of stubborn stains that wouldn’t wash out before. Ok so each order comes with 2 magnets + enzymes for stain removal. I don’t know anything about the enzymes. The magnets “stick” to the washer walls during the cycle and they basically change the charge of the water, making the clothing “lose” the dirty molecules. Apart from the obvious bonus of no longer polluting water with detergents and filling landfills with containers you also no longer need the rinse cycle, so you also save time, water, electricity and money. Another plus is no more chemical residues in our clothing against our skin! I also seem to remember they last a lifetime. They cost about $50, which seems expensive, but I think if you did the math you’d see it would pay off within about a year depending on how often you wash. It’s also compatible with bleaching, if you want to bleach. I’ve ordered some more for me and my Mom.

This product has me purely amazed! As someone who has mcs, and finds it frustrating to have to wash new clothes numerous times to get the chemicals out, or used ones even MORE because of the highly scented detergents in them, this product is truly a MIRACLE product! I thought the green wash ball was good, but this blows that, and anything else I’ve ever tried out of the water! If you don’t have mcs, you might not understand the lengths we go to, to try to get our clothes rid of these toxins.

Nowadays most people were wasting their money on purchasing flavored and dirt removing detergents to wash their clothes but it damages the real quality of your dresses and it becomes useless in few hours? If you use the toxic detergents or chemical to remove the hard strain from the clothes will spoil your dresses as well as creates some type of skin infection, irritation, and other problems. For that reason, Water Liberty.com has launched an innovative product to support all the users to avoid the problems when you are washing your clothes. Of course, anybody can use this Magnetic Laundry System to avoid the health issues by stop using chemical detergents to get back cleaned clothes without wasting your money and time.

Water is a uniquely polar molecule, like a little magnet.  Its polar nature allows it to dissolve almost anything. In fact, water is so good at “solving” other materials that it is often called the universal solvent, and being such a good solvent you would expect that water alone would be a good cleaning agent – and you would be right.

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  1. Too much of a bother sending them back. They are, after all, magnets, and who knows? Maybe I’ll learn a couple magic tricks to redeem my public idiocy. They should be right handy if that day ever comes.
    “Experiments were conducted in a test heat exchanger system to evaluate 10 non-chemical scale and corrosion control devices. These devices may perform either by electrostatic, magnetic, electronic, or catalytic mechanisms. Chemical tests also compared results with non-chemical systems to insure the test conditions were not so severe that scale prevention was impossible. Water from a single deep well known to cause calcium carbonate scale when heated was used in all tests. The test heat exchanger was a two-tube shell and tube with steam applied to the shell side. Water flow was either in series or parallel through the two tubes,depending on the desired test conditions. No device tested significantly reduced the amount of scale formed, compared to the controls. Proprietary chemicals containing phosphorous reduced scale formation almost completely.”
    The 1902 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded jointly to Lorentz (who was Dutch) and Zeeman for the discovery of the effects of magnetic fields on atomic emission spectra. (If Lorentz studied water, it was probably its magnetic susceptibility, which has nothing to do with magnetic water treatment.)
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