“Buy Limited Magnetic Laundry Guarantee US laundry magnets how they work”

Best Answer:  I understand why you’d want to check this out, I have kids and a dog and a husband in construction, so I know about dirty laundry too. This so looks like one of those scams. Really, how could magnets take out all the soil and stains in your laundry. If that would work, you could do it yourself by hand with any magnet you had at home! It’s very easy to make up things on the internet and make up phony quotes that sound good. Here’s a link by a chemist who researches phony science and scientific claims:
The MLS Magnetic Laundry System saves you money, helps the environment, cuts down on the amount of water you use, and is great for your health. You typically don’t need to put your clothes through a rinse cycle with the Magnetic Laundry System because there are no extra chemicals you need to rinse out. Cutting out this rinse cycle can save up to 40 gallons of water, the electricity it would take to run the cycle, and the gas used to heat the water. You also save money on softeners and static cling removers given that it is the chemicals that make your clothes stiff in the first place. Magnetic laundry systems are good for the environment because they completely cut out petrochemicals and other chemicals that your clothes would otherwise release into the atmosphere.
In addition to his lab work, Adams is also the (non-paid) executive director of the non-profit Consumer Wellness Center (CWC), an organization that redirects 100% of its donations receipts to grant programs that teach children and women how to grow their own food or vastly improve their nutrition. Through the non-profit CWC, Adams also launched Nutrition Rescue, a program that donates essential to people in need. Click here to see some of the CWC success stories.
I dont know why I’m taking the time to respond, have you used the magnets? I have for a year now and they work great!! I work in a dirty sweaty enviroment and my close come out clean as a whistle.. You don’t know what your talking about….
Where did this number come from? We may never know, as there isn’t any real lab data offered in the so-called “clinical trial.” This 42%, I’m guessing, was entirely invented out of thin air. In fact, it would be almost impossible to accomplish a reduction in aluminum by drinking a liquid containing over 1000 ppm aluminum.
Though I was at first VERY skeptical about the magnet laundry system, I’d have to say I’m now a believer.  While I still have to use stain removers, and occasionally bleach, I never use laundry detergent anymore.  It has saved us money, and our clothes smell as good as ever.
As mentioned earlier, the Water Liberty Magnetic System lasts for years – a lifetime actually. This patented technology comes with a limited lifetime warranty and if you are dissatisfied with the product for any reason, then you can tap into the unconditional money back guarantee for a full refund.
I’ve had the magnets for about a month now.  I have done white sheets without the enzymes and the washing water got dirtier and dirtier as it washed, I was amazed.  They came out beautifully white, I was amazed.  I did my friends T shirts and underwear and same thing dirty water and they came out clean but I could smell some sweat, not much but it was there.  I have to point out that he wears his clothes until they’re really bad before washing, so this would explain the problem.  I think that by using the magnets full time the dirty water would be a lot less, I really think it’s soap/detergent that is remaining in the clothes. Someone related to me that his daughter and friends used his hot tub in their bathing suits, the boys suits are a lot of fabric.  The hot tub became a bubble bath from the detergent left in the bathing suits and he had to empty clean and refill the tub, not good.  It does say if you want a nice scent to add a couple of drops of essential oils to the dryer, I put it on a paper towel and that was nice.
Actually, Magnetic Laundry System will work perfectly to all the users and you can the easy way to wipe out the dirt without using a drop of toxic laundry detergent and simply use this amazing magnetic patented technology to experience the best result in short few days.
Magnetic Laundry System is an incredible product that helps you get your clothes cleaned without even a single drop of toxic laundry detergent. It contains an independent lab testing report from one of the huge testing companies of the world. This product verifies unequivocally that this Magnetic Laundry System cleans all the garments, and does not damage the colours or the tensile strength of your fabrics. It is protected and tested by two patents. This product works as good as the environmentally friendly versions of pure detergent. It works on the front as well as on the top loading washers. You can bid farewell to all your worries about the toxic detergents for the rest of your life.
“How does the laundry solution [U.S. $75] work? It is structured water that emits far-infrared electro magnetic waves through the walls of the container into your laundry water. This causes the water molecule cluster to disassociate….”
BUYER BEWARE. Do not buy from this company. I bought this product on 19 May & received notification from Water liberty it is out of stock & will be delivered in July. It did not arrive, I asked for a …refund 28 July & was told they will refund my money. It’s now 18 August, I still don’t have my money back and Water Liberty is not replying to my emails. See More
The front fabric is wrinkled/loose, not sleek like in the photo. Color is disappointingly a very dark brown, like dark chocolate or coffee grounds, not as pictured, see photo. Two stars for it’s nice size and sturdiness.
Contact whoever sold them to you and ask how to get a refund. Prepare to be stonewalled, but if you are persistent you will probably succeed. As a worst-case scenario you can dispute the credit-card charge.
The “invention” they sell is two magnets encased in rubbery plastic, which you’re supposed to put into your washing machine instead of detergent.  The Web site claims, “Research by Physicist Dr. Hendrick Lorentz shows that with the right magnetic fields, water molecules (H2O) [sic] are made to have similar effects that detergent chemicals do… in other words, they stick to other tiny particles like dirt, and carry them off!”
We came to a solid conclusion: When it comes to stain removal, Crystal Wash does not work any better than hot water. And, when it comes to some important stains, Crystal Wash often works far worse than laundry detergent.
cause the water molecule to dissociate through an electrical phenomenon (destabilization). The thus “fractured” H2O molecule units are much smaller, enabling them to easier penetrate fabrics and dissolve dirt, resulting in the readily observable cleaning effect. When the ceramics are removed from the water, it returns to its normal electrically neutral state.
But the demand for alternative/DIY detergent hacks is very much real, and we’re always on the lookout for innovative laundry products. With that in mind, we procured a couple Crystal Wash laundry balls to see if they actually work as advertised.

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