“Best The Magnets In The Laundry Room Pennsylvania laundry magnets how they work”

The Australian consumer advocacy group (Choice Australia) gave a ‘Shonky Award’ to Nanosmart Laundry Balls in October 2015, stating that they “don’t work” and that they should be renamed “Nano-not-so-smart” after testing the balls against plain water and finding they had no effect and that their scientific claims were simply untrue. Choice Australia states that they will refer the product to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission for investigation over Nanosmart’s misleading claims.[24]
Can you use the magnet ball in the dryer to dry clothes etc quicker/more effectively as times larger items such as linen can turn into a ‘ball’ and not dry as effectively. Can it assist? Is it safe?
In 2009 the Spanish consumer organization OCU made a study of “ecobolas” (a type of laundry ball marketed in Spain). It compared the efficacy of the laundry ball, normal detergent, and no detergent at all. It concluded that laundry balls were no better than using just water, and it recommended that consumers simply use a minimum amount of detergent.[6]
A lot of articles appearing in the technical (as opposed to peer-reviewed scientific) literature are written by people whose apparent ignorance of physics and chemistry leads them to concoct unrealistic theories of how MWT might work.
I like to think I am pretty thorough when it comes to my research (I don’t like wasting money, or getting scammed), yet every post about this product has a positive spin, even though you outed them 8 years ago!
In order to really zero in on Crystal Wash’s capabilities, we decided to test it in our state-of-the-art labs. The controlled environment accounted for humidity, air temperature, and water temperature. With the extraneous factors out of the way, we decided to pit the Crystal Wash against the most popular brand of store-bought detergent, as well as plain old hot water.
The Perfect Sommelier “improves virtually any wine in less than 30 minutes.  It will bring out the maturity and subtlety that the vineyard intended.  Replace the cork with the Sommeliers’ top and place the bottle of wine on the stand.  In 30 minutes a remarkable change occurs due to the strong magnetic field created by The Perfect Sommelier.” I have corresponded with the proprietor who seems quite sincere, but I can’t help but be quite skeptical!
Instead of simply admitting that “we don’t really understand how MWT works”, most promoters of MWT devices feel compelled to peddle scientifically untenable “explanations”. But some vendors do far worse by propagating absurd nonsense about MWT and its supposed benefits. One wonders if any of clowns who write this garbage have ever actually passed a course in physics or chemistry. Some evidence that they have not can be found in the following statements taken from various manufacturers’ sites.
If adding magnets to your wash was REALLY going to somehow make water dissolve dirt better … the magnetic field form the motors that ALREADY power your machine (by magnet fields!) would already be doing that.   Don’t fall for another scam (even if some of the sellers really do believe in their product).  Save your money.
Claims that commercial devices bring about significant reductions in water surface tension or lead to the various benefits that might accrue from this effect should not be taken seriously in the absence of credible performance data.
As mentioned earlier, the Water Liberty Magnetic System lasts for years – a lifetime actually. This patented technology comes with a limited lifetime warranty and if you are dissatisfied with the product for any reason, then you can tap into the unconditional money back guarantee for a full refund.
This product is a Clickbank product, so if you have purchased Laundry Magnets and decided that you are unhappy with what you receive (if you think it is scam or fake), you can request a no-questions asked refund from Clickbank for the first 60 days.
Consumers buy over $3 billion worth of laundry-detergent products per year. The Magnetic Laundry System has been on the market for eight years, and the manufacturer claims that it makes most of those billions of dollars worth of detergent obsolete. Nevertheless, its sales even today are miniscule. Is that plausible if it really works?

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