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In order to really zero in on Crystal Wash’s capabilities, we decided to test it in our state-of-the-art labs. The controlled environment accounted for humidity, air temperature, and water temperature. With the extraneous factors out of the way, we decided to pit the Crystal Wash against the most popular brand of store-bought detergent, as well as plain old hot water.
As with anything relating to health and wellness, there is a huge “alternative health” industry that is just as avaricious as the large pharmaceutical companies in its eagerness to separate consumers from their money. Among these are the magnet merchants who promote an amazing variety of devices that are purported to offer near-miraculous relief from pain (for which there is a very limited amount of credible evidence— see below) and cures of everything from cancer to baldness. Many of these products are listed by the FDA as “Fraudulent and Deceptive Medical Devices” subject to automatic detention on import, but this has done little to reduce the availability of these items to the credulous multitudes.
As I pen off, I have to appreciate the fact that the magnetic laundry system magnetic laundry system works with water at all temperatures and still gives best results. The choice of water thus remains in your hands.
Magnetic water softeners claim that their magnetic fields can help remove scale from the washing machine and pipes, and prevent new limescale from adhering.[11] Some companies claim to remove hardness ions from hard water, or to precipitate the molecules in the water so they won’t “stick” to the pipes, or to reduce the surface tension of water.[11] The claims are dubious, the scientific basis is unclear, the working mechanism is vaguely defined and understudied, and high-quality studies report negative results.[11] The reputation of these products is further damaged by the pseudoscientific explanations that promoters keep putting forward.[11]
One health-quackery newsletter site attributes these claims to one Michael Pedersen, the president of Aquaspace Water Systems, laughably identified as “one of the world’s foremost authorities on water” and a company called AquaSpace. To add to the hype, they have former astronaut Jim Lovell cheapening himself by endorsing their products.
Bottom line: We’re all for the idea of a detergent-less laundry system, which would save money and time for consumers and have less impact on the environment. Unfortunately, neither of these systems lives up to the potential.
Is there sufficient evidence of a beneficial effect to warrant spending hundreds of dollars on a residential magnetic water treatment unit? Unlikely. The understanding of magnetic water treatment must first be developed to the point where the effects of magnetic treatment can be reliably predicted and shown to be economically attractive.
Chlorine In Shower Water Can Trigger Negative Reactions In Those Who Are Chlorine Sensitive. Small Children And The Elderly Are Often The Most Susceptible. Asthma And Emphysema Sufferers Should Be Cautious Of The Chlorine Vapors Trapped In A Shower Recess. Magnesoft Shower Head Removes +90% Of Free Chlorine And Effective Life Of 15,000 Gallons. Now You Can Have Softer, Silkier Hair, A More Complete Shampoo Rinse And Squeaky Clean Skin. Your Water Will Taste And Smell Better, Especially On Rural Well Systems Or City Water.” [a similar link]
Our Nano products allow you to clean virtually any surface using just water! So not only is it an eco friendly replacement to paper towels, but you won’t have to use all those harsh chemicals when wiping down surfaces. Laundry System – a laundry washing detergent substitute which is patented and scientifically validated to work! Who else wants to clean their clothes by natural means, without needing harsh cleaning agents and save hard earned cash too?
^ Jump up to: a b c d Michael Shermer (January 2004), “Bunkum! Broad-mindedness is a virtue when investigating extraordinary claims, but often they turn out to be pure bunk (Skeptic column)”, Scientific American, p. 36
Though our home washing machine has a metal tub, I did take these on the road with us and ended up trying this out at one of the AirBnB’s we stayed in on a trip.  The washing machine had a plastic tub.
You guys need to do something about your communications process. Very poor. If I have to wait six weeks like one post said, let me know. I’ve only waited 10 days with no word-inexcuseable. I really want to try the magnets, but you are not making it easy. Not really a way to run a business.
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The basic idea behind how laundry detergent and the magnet laundry system works is the same.  They both reduce the surface tension of the water in the washing machine allowing it to more effectively agitate against the fibers of the clothes.  This agitation breaks up the dirt, grime, or whatever and leaves your clothes cleaner.
So anyway.  Here again we have a good case for why we should put more emphasis on teaching science.  Anyone who has taken an introductory high-school-level physics course would be able to explain why the only way magnets would clean your clothes is if they were covered with iron filings.  For getting anything else washed clean — especially anything oily — you need a surfactant.
Martynova, O. I., E. F. Tebenekhin, and B. T. Gusev. 1967. Conditions and mechanism of deposition of the solid calcium carbonate phase from aqeuous [sic] solutions under the influence of a magnetic field. Colloid J. USSR 29: 512-514.
The lab results show only the results of washing in hot water, and the literature that comes with the magnets also says that they work best in hot water.  Of course, some clothing is too delicate to be washed in hot water, and therefore it is important to know how well any laundry product will work in warm or cold water, but we are told nothing about that. (A worthwhile aside: This product claims to be good for the environment because it reduces the need for detergents containing toxic chemicals, but washing all of your laundry in hot water is hardly good for the environment.)
Laundry Magnets can be found in a variety of dimensions. Compare many items made in the United States and China. Laundry Magnets come multi-colored as well as in other colors. Laundry supplies are available in new or previously owned condition on eBay, so you can enjoy finding a bargain. Furthermore, Laundry Magnets are great for tidying your home environment.
Although magnetic water treatment (MWT) products have been promoted since the 1930’s, they have not received very wide acceptance within the engineering community, and the question of whether or not they are effective is still very much open. The widespread marketing of MWT products to consumers via the Internet has done little to settle the issue.
The product works by affecting the water in the same way laundry detergent does. Clothes come out clean and without the smell many detergents leave on them. The sent laundry detergent leaves on clothes comes from chemical additives in the laundry soap.
Water Liberty and its cutting-edge research has produced a water technologies that features to totally clean your clothing equally as nicely as traditional detergent. Water Liberty’s prime product is its magnetic laundry system. Using this product, you will by no means require to utilize laundry detergent ever once again. Greatest of all, the advantages of this solution are plentiful and it works excellent too.
I bought some for myself & some as a Christmas present. At first I was happy. Now after 5-6 uses I can see my whites are grubby & the stains are not removed. I agree it’s a scam. How do I return them?
† For a request for a refund to be valid, and for us to honor the refund, the product must be returned to us within 30 days of confirmed delivery to you along with your written request for refund. The return address will be on your shipping label. Order details must be included with return. The refund will be minus shipping charges.
Magnets attract ferrous materials (iron-based). So, unless all the dirt in your clothes is particules of iron, I can’t imagine how introducing magnets to your wash water would help get your clothes clean, much less replace the detergent.
Does magnetic water treatment perform as well as ion-exchange treatment? Definitely not. At present, the conventional water softening technologies are clearly much more reliable and effective. Further, the initial cost of an ion-exchange water softener (around $500) is comparable to that of many magnetic treatment systems.
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