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A more recent product is the Bev Wizard Wine Enhancer whose promoters claim (with no supporting evidence) that the magnetic field causes negatively-charged tannins to coagulate. See this Decanter article on this dubious device.

Several manufacturers offer juice-producing machines that incorporate magnets, which they variously claim, without any supporting evidence, to mellow the taste [link], to enhance the stability of the juice [link], or generally to maintain the freshness of fruit and vega table juices. A typical false claim is that the magnets

Some organizations recommending against their use are Consumers Union,[8] International Fabricare Institute (now called Drycleaning and Laundry Institute),[8] Maytag,[8] Soap and Detergent Association[8] and Spanish OCU.[6]

We’d also question just how realistic it would be to use WaterLiberty on a regular basis, since it takes several hours to decontaminate a single glass of water. With this in mind, if you were to take a bath with it, it would likely take days or weeks to decontaminate all the water you’d need, and it would be cold when the time came.

The lab report claims, “As is standard for this type of testing, a water control was also run to provide baseline/control data.”  However, the published results include only before/after data for the load run with the magnets, i.e., they do not show how washing laundry with the magnets compares to washing with just water.

Magnetic water softeners claim that their magnetic fields can help remove scale from the washing machine and pipes, and prevent new limescale from adhering.[11] Some companies claim to remove hardness ions from hard water, or to precipitate the molecules in the water so they won’t “stick” to the pipes, or to reduce the surface tension of water.[11] The claims are dubious, the scientific basis is unclear, the working mechanism is vaguely defined and understudied, and high-quality studies report negative results.[11] The reputation of these products is further damaged by the pseudoscientific explanations that promoters keep putting forward.[11]

I ordered the Nanotowels and couldn’t be more impressed. With just water, they clean everything, greasy pans, stove tops etc. No toxic chemicals, just water. They are amazing. We also bought their …water filter for the office and the water now tastes great and we aren’t using as many plastic bottles. No chlorine taste at all. I haven’t had any trouble with the company and love their products that I’ve tried. See More

Effect of magnetic water treatment on homogeneous and heterogeneous precipitation of calcium carbonate. One of the most thorough studies on this subject was published by a group in France in 2006 (Fathi et al, Water Research 40 (2006) 1941-1950). Using a system in which a supersaturated solution of CaCO3 was repeatedly circulated through a magnetic field, they found that the mass eventually precipitated was greater than in the absence of the field. The effect was greater at higher flow rates (with or without the field) and treatment durations of up to 15 minutes.  The effect is  more pronounced for homogeneous nucleation than for heterogeneous nucleation. Although the mechanism is not clear, the authors suggest that the magnetic field may affect hydration changes as ion pairs [Ca2+ CO32–]0 form.

“I have purchased the laundry magnets. I did my first wash load this past weekend and was very pleased with the outcome. The clothes smelled clean…no chemically-induced “scent”, no chemical residues and no negative environmental impact…just clean and healthy clothes…and a clear conscience !! In a nut shell, I wish to thank you so much and wish you and your family health and happiness. Keep up your outstanding work and contributions.“

Except, of course, that everything you do to make money in your life is predicated on convincing people that “mainstream” is bad and “alternative” is good, so convincing people that the people debunking crackpot science are all part of the mainstream conspiracy helps you sell more of your own products.

Before you use your Magnetic Laundry System for the first time, I recommend you clean the residual scum from the washer. This is deposited in the outer tub (which you can not see) The best way to do this is to place the laundry system units into the washer drum, add 4 cups of white vinegar and run the wash cycle, either empty or with old rags/towels or clothes.

In addition to relief from chemical sensitivities, the company touts the convenience of using two small magnets compared to your typical huge, heavy jug of detergent, feeling good about reducing the chemicals you’re putting into the environment and keeping chemicals out of your home to keep your pets and kids safe.

EASY TO USE. Works in any kind of washing machine! Simply place the MLS units and your clothes in your washing machine and turn it on. For front loaders, put the MLS units in pants pockets. Though they are magnetic, they do not have to stick to the drum to work, and will work in front and top loading machines. Remember, the MLS replaces laundry detergent only. The use of pre wash spot-remover sprays, bleaches or additives as fabric softeners can be used with the MLS.

“Nature imparts on water a unique structure that closely interacts with the Earth’s natural paramagnetic force,” according to Nature’sAlternatives.com. “It is this force that gives rivers its oscillating snake-like appearance. It is this structure that gives water ‘life’. Living water is that which has been structured by nature and carries the life-giving force the body needs. It is this water that heals the body.” It is this water that’s gonna cost you $499.95 (U.S.)

One health-quackery newsletter site attributes these claims to one Michael Pedersen, the president of Aquaspace Water Systems, laughably identified as “one of the world’s foremost authorities on water” and a company called AquaSpace. To add to the hype, they have former astronaut Jim Lovell cheapening himself by endorsing their products.

I’d say that marginally intelligent people like myself who retain vestiges of total gullibility will have fallen for the “toxic detergent” bait. However, completely rinsing my clothing of that residue, to the tune of $69, is the real joke.

(2) Fifty bucks a set is more typical, but even that has to be an outrageous markup inasmuch as there’s an outfit in Hong Kong that will sell them to you for $3.60 a pair. (Minor drawback: you have to go to Hong Kong to pick them up.)

People are stupid, so they don’t realize that washing clothes in plain water is, by itself, pretty good at getting them clean. People are stupid, so they don’t realize that the “enzymatic stain removers” that the Magnetic Laundry System people tell you to use on stains are, actually, detergents, which means that when you spray those on stains in your laundry, you’re putting detergent in your laundry, not washing it with nothing but magnets. People are stupid, so they don’t understand that “enzymatic stain removers” plus water would clean their clothes just as well as “enzymatic stain removers” plus water plus magnets.

It is hence proved that Magnetic Laundry System has not only passed several tests at the laboratories but has also won the hearts of people. It has the monopoly in the market, as it is the only detergent that is safe to use, leaves no smell, and is absolutely toxic-chemicals free.

Overall this Magnetic Laundry System was strongly recommended and used by many people like you and me. They got the real benefit on washing clothes with this system and it never damages the quality of your cloth and also removes all the stains quickly. While using this system you can save water, money, trees, and life of nature. For that reason each and everyone recommending this eco-friendly system to save your money and time. It will support you to know the truth of harmful chemical used in detergents to save your life and also protects your family from health issues. So don’t miss this opportunity… Grab it before the offer ends.

WaterLiberty, also sold as Adya Clarity, black mica extract, and mica water, has received some fairly harsh criticism from NaturalNews.com, who claims that the product, “has been imported into the country as “batter acid,” that is mined near Fukushima, Japan, that it “consists of metals (iron, aluminum, etc.) dissolved with sulfuric acid into a liquid form,” and that “It has been heavily marketed as a dietary supplement for internal consumption, along with completely unsubstantiated health claims.” In fact, the article even goes on to claim that “People who drink the product report symptoms such as black stuff coming out of their ears, and fingernails turning black.” However, we didn’t locate any third-party website that corroborated this condition.

I’ve read the science that says it can’t work but this works for me it’s that simple. 9 months now I estimate over 200 washes and I won’t be buying any detergent again. Scientists have been wrong before …

I just got a full refund on these crap magnets. I’m not getting a refund on the clothes that have baked in stains in them, now. Second, my Samsung steam washing machine now errors out during the wash cycle and have to restart the cycle. Did the magnets ruin the programming on my washing machine? Those fuckers. Where’s the class action law suit? I want to sign up.

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  1. Also…what about the people who have magnetic allergic reactions? I myself had never heard of this but one time my mother used this magnetic “sheet” under the mattress pad that was advertised to help with body aches and my Nana woke the next morning covered in hives!
    A seller of various commercial items was touting the magnetic balls for washing clothes. Being skeptical I proceeded to research the internet for serious criticism and found your excellent article that dispelled the hype and left me grateful to you.
    Having said that, my motivation is that I believe you are ripping people off, and I don’t believe in standing by idly and watching people get ripped off. And it is more than my own personal belief — it is in fact a religious obligation handed down by the Jewish Sages, based on Leviticus 19:16, “You shall not stand idly by the blood of your brother.”

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