“Purchase Magnetic Laundry Symbols New York laundry magnets scam”

Over eleven years after the first patent behind this product was filed, there isn’t a single washing-machine manufacturer in the entire world selling a machine which uses this technology to clean clothes. Is that plausible if it really works?

The magnets will not significantly improve the agitation in the wash. The only way to do that is not to overload the washer, and also frankly to use a front-loading washer rather than a top-loading washer, since the front-loaders achieve far better agitation with less water and less detergent.

We had no trouble installing the pureWash and Wash It systems. But that’s where our positive experience ended. Following our usual laundry detergent test procedure, we loaded the two washers with test fabric swatches soiled with mud, blood, grass, chocolate, and the like. Instead of laundry detergent, pureWash and Wash It systems are supposed to get clothes clean by injecting ozone into the cold wash water. “Ozone is a powerful oxidant; it disinfects, deodorizes and sanitizes,” claims the Wash It web site. “Ozone kills micro-organisms found in soiled laundry (kills bacteria 3,000 times faster than bleach),” says pureWash.

Another common claim is that MWT causes calcium carbonate to precipitate as aragonite, a crystalline modification of CaCO3 that is slightly less stable (and more soluble) than the much more common calcite structure. Some evidence for this has been reported in the literature[⇒]. But it is not clear that the physical properties of aragonite differ all that much from those of calcite.

Hi Jonathan, thank you for this blog. I almost considered going for it after seeing a Facebook ad but had a bad feeling about it. My one point of confusion is how it got so many 4 and 5 star reviews from verified purchasers on Amazon. Any thoughts on the matter?

The basic idea behind how laundry detergent and the magnet laundry system works is the same.  They both reduce the surface tension of the water in the washing machine allowing it to more effectively agitate against the fibers of the clothes.  This agitation breaks up the dirt, grime, or whatever and leaves your clothes cleaner.

This is really a separate subject, but the purveyors of at least one magnetic device appear not to understand that there is a distinct difference between “magnetized” water (impossible) and electrically “charged” water (also impossible!), or more likely they hope that the suckers who come to their Web site will be sufficiently ignorant to miss this point. The left column contains some paragraphs we found a few years ago on their Web site; the parts that are incorrect, untrue, misleading or scientifically absurd are highlighted. Wholly-Water is not the only outfit that has hawked such schlock to the general public.

Have you know about that magnetic force? Here is the product that harnessing which incredible force and also focusing it in your home washing machine to affect the whole water. At an atomic level, all the thing is affected by magnetic. You will don’t have to buy any another set of the Laundry System units because it operates from the renewable and permanent magnetic source. It is the laundry detergents will work to clean all of your clothes, but are really non-renewable petrochemicals and create you the good health and eliminate the environmental risks and potentially avoids the poisonous chemical by-products.

We often keep experimenting in our lives. From cuisines to brands, we keep trying new things. But there is something with the detergents. No matter how many we try, we never seem to have the best results to be satisfied enough. And, we are so busy in our monotonous lives, that we forget about the chemicals that lurk on our clothes and are inhales by us. Now you may say that chemicals have become an inevitable part of our lives, but wait, let me tell you that Magnetic Laundry System is chemical free.

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You basically place the two magnets on the side walls of your washing machine.  They’ll hold themselves in place all while doing what they’re supposed to do.  If you’re machine has a plastic tub you can place them either into the pockets of some pants, or in a couple socks (one magnet per pocket or sock please).

In addition, by polarizing the water droplets we increase their “free-charge”, allowing dirt to be grabbed and easily removed from the garment. When this happens, the water is considered “activated”. Along with this process, the minerals and salts suspended in the water, become activated into an “ionic” form (charged particles), aiding in the cleaning process.

I just got a refund on these crap magnets. I’m not getting a refund on the clothes that have baked in stains in them, now. Second, my Samsung steam washing machine now errors out during the wash cycle and have to restart the cycle. Did the magnets ruin the programming on my washing machine? Those fuckers. Where’s the class action law suit? I want to sign up.

PATENTED AND INDEPENDENTLY PROVEN!…There Is No Other Non-Detergent Laundry Technology In Existence That Has Two United States Patents (and Additional Patents Pending) and Is Proven In Independent Laboratory Testing. You Have Never Seen, Heard About Or Tried Anything Like It Before!

At its most basic though, WaterLiberty is claimed to activate the oxygen in water, which removes the carbon suspended between water molecules and breaks down carbon waste. In other words, WaterLiberty is claimed to make the contaminants inert, while keeping all the essential nutrients it contains in tact. On top of this, WaterLiberty claims to not only remove toxins from water, but to also neutralize substances with your body and make them harmless within 72 hours.

People want to believe that the magnets they just spent money on are the real deal, because the alternative to that is admitting that they did something stupid and got ripped off. People don’t like doing that, so they unconsciously rationalize and filter to avoid having to do so. Scammers know this, and they are adept at using it to get people to buy their products.

The “invention” they sell is two magnets encased in rubbery plastic, which you’re supposed to put into your washing machine instead of detergent.  The Web site claims, “Research by Physicist Dr. Hendrick Lorentz shows that with the right magnetic fields, water molecules (H2O) [sic] are made to have similar effects that detergent chemicals do… in other words, they stick to other tiny particles like dirt, and carry them off!”

While they won’t improve the agitation in the wash, what the magnets could do is actually damage your washer, especially if you’re using a front-loader. Since they are dense and heavy, they make it harder for the washer to balance itself properly during the spin cycles. This adds increased wear to the washer’s moving parts and will cause the washer to need repairs more often.

Washing clothes with less detergent is a good idea. In some cases, even washing clothes with no detergent is a good idea. But people don’t need this product to use less or no detergent. All they need is the knowledge that they don’t need to use as much detergent to get their clothes clean.

I have a Meile washer and Dryer front loads and can only use Purcell boxed soap and have no problems coming clean and always wash with cold water,never hot and they come out clean!!So Iwill stick with my Purcell soap and only need a 1/2 oz of soap!!no magnets for me!!I do like the nana towels to clean glass computer and I pad screens and windows,fire place glass ,microwave glass door and my glasses I wear love those towels!!

After 5 emails and phone calls I was told I would get the full refund, but not the s & h! So you pay for a product that does not work, pay for the s & h to receive it and pay for the s & h to send it back to the merchant, looks like the post office is the only entity benefiting from this classic scam!

A Pennsylvania company claims that their magnetic Fuel Conditioner works with gasoline, diesel, bunker oil, and natural gas, and that it will “enable your company to meet EPA clean air regulations without the tremendous cost of scrubbers and other expensive emission-reducing equipment.” How are these results, unknown to science and technology, achieved?

An article Resist the pull of magnet medicine (incorrectly cited as appearing in the Winter 2003 issue of Health Quarterly but quoted here) discusses a variety of magnet-related medical scams; see this latter link for experiences of patients who have tried magnets for diabetic neuropathic pain.

Norwex describes the Magnet Ball as a water softening device which magnetically attracts calcium  and magnesium molecules from water, and alters them in such a way so that they lose their ability to cause scale, AKA hard water build up.  It doesn’t actually soften your water, but it makes hard water act like it’s soft.

“Compre Revisión de Garantía de Lavandería Magnética Limitada imanes de lavandería cómo funcionan”

Si realmente quieres saber mas sobre estos ahorradores, y como hacerle para que surtan los efectos que se anuncian, te invito a que te pongas en contacto a rocoflores1@yahoo.com.mx  y ahí te diré cual es el “chiste”, para que los dispositivos ahorradores funciones en toda su magnitud.
¿Y cual sería la diferencia entre el campo magnético y el eléctrico en el sentido de que el eléctrico nos dice como se movería una carga situada en algún punto de este? y por consiguiente ¿que hace que materiales que no generan un campo magnético sean atraídos o no por este?
Y dale con el rollo Teresa. ¿Esa carta acaso valida el par magnético? Si alguien decide no tomar quimioterapia (está en su derecho) encontrará la misma eficacia tomando agua del grifo que con el par magnético.
Demuestrenles que Uds son más inteligentes que ellos y presenten la denuncia en la policía. Ellos cuentan con que no lo van a hacer, y por eso cada vez son más fuertes. Por favor, sean solidarios, DENUNCIEN.
En conclusión, según este artículo el hecho de ir a una vidente a que te eche las cartas o te lea la bola de cristal y tú pagues por ese servicio no es delito, lo que es delito es que esa persona se aproveche de tu inferioridad intelectual y de tu situación de desesperación para sacarte dinero mediante “trabajos, magias, invocaciones a los ángeles, los espíritus, o los elementales” o técnicas pseudomédicas sin validez científica y siempre que el destino de estos trabajos sea curar supuestas enfermedades. Eso, insisto, es una estafa. En España también.
experiencia propia se me diagnostico cancer de mama y por miedo a todo el procedimiento que se tiene que hacer con las quimioterapias, decidi optar por tomar otra opinion por medio de este método del par biomagnetico, cual fue mi sorpresa que al principio los doctores eran muy atentos y ponian su vida al jurarme que con ellos me iba a curar, y al no ver resultados y optar por el metodo tradicional sin ver ningun resultado alguno, los doctores de esta disciplina solamente me dijieron que me deseaban suerte con las quimioterapias y sin as ni menos no volvieron a contestar ninguna llamada y en pocas palabras se lavaron las manos. Espero esto les sirva a gente que pueda que esten pasando por esta etapa tan horrible de tener esta enfermedad, no caigan con estos CHARLATANES ya que solo estan perdiendo tiempo valioso.
Atención en salud en la cual toda actividad, procedimiento e intervención, se realiza sin necesidad de internar u hospitalizar al paciente que permite la definición de un diagnóstico y conducta terapéutica para el mantenimiento o mejoramiento de la salud del paciente y en ocasiones se realizan tratamientos que son de tipo ambulatorio, realizada por un médico especialista.
Y sin embargo, de repente vemos que el número de lavanderías de autoservicio en Madrid se ha duplicado en el último año. Obviamente, partiendo de cifras muy bajas, pero al mismo tiempo con expectativas muy altas de crecimiento: de cinco locales se ha pasado a once, y hay previsiones de abrir otras catorce. La verdad es que la lavandería de autoservicio es un campo por el que siempre hemos apostado en Fagor Industrial, y contamos con modelos de lavadoras específicos para este sector. De hecho, acabamos de proporcionar el equipamiento para abrir una lavandería automática en Valencia, a la que seguirán otras de la misma cadena. Pero ¿cómo es que las lavadoras están saliendo poco a poco de los hogares?
¿Dónde están publicadas esas sanaciones, en qué revista médica revisada por expertos independientes, por qué no vais a la OMS. Y si desconfiáis de la OMS vais a organizaciones médicas independientes, pedís un comité que lo analice como el se montó aquí: https://cnho.wordpress.com/2010/02/11/1784-cuando-el-metodo-cientifico-derroto-a-la-pseudociencia/
Existe la creencia de que charlatanes, pseudocientíficos, magufos y teóricos de las conspiraciones no son peligrosos porque sus creencias no afectan directamente a nadie. A fin de cuentas si alguien intenta convencerte de que los extraterrestres se hacen pis en las hamburguesas de McDonalds te lo puedes creer o no, pero tu integridad física está asegurada.
mi marido y yo estamos pensando en abrir una empresa/franquicia de lavandería autoservicio en una zona concreta, donde nos consta que es necesaria. Necesitaríamos conocer los precios de la maquinaria y si ya traen instalados los “monederos”, bien de monedas o fichas.
Por último quiero resaltar que he notado en la mayoría de opiniones de esta entrada, poca o ninguna intención de comunicarse con el resto de comentaristas, escuchando únicamente las palabras que resuenan bien en sus oídos. También he detectado un gran afán por mantener estable el mundo que se han creado; Aceptar que el par biomagnético funciona equivaldría a reconocer que les han engañado durante toda su vida y eso es duro. Piensen por un momento, ¿Que pasaría si por una remota casualidad el tratamiento con imanes fuese efectivo? ¿Donde quedaría el sistema de salud actual con sus caros medicamentos? Pero sobretodo, ¿Qué pasaría con su realidad y su propia visión del mundo? Se vendría todo abajo y eso no es aceptable, ¿No? Ustedes se quedarían bastante desnortados y eso provocaría una gran inseguridad en sus vidas. Díganme que es mentira lo que digo.
El desconocimiento general en materias de ciencias básicas lleva a algunos a creer que nadie entiende cómo funciona el magnetismo. Así, los imanes pasan a ser una especie de fuente de algún tipo de fuerza mística desconocida que sirve para todo: curar problemas de salud, mejorar en el deporte, atraer al ser amado, crear un móvil perpetuo y, ¿por qué no?, ahorrar gasolina.
Creo que dentro de este apéndice entra todo aquello que se ha prohibido ahora en relación al prefijo “BIO” que tanto había proliferado ultimamente. Con la excusa de que los productos en sí, no son malos para la salud, algún fabricante sin escrúpulos atribuía propiedades “bio” a alimentos que no lo tienen, o que en todo caso no lo tienen acreditado. Obviamente, para poder hacer uso del prefijo “bio” es el fabricante y comercializador el responsable de respaldarlo con un estudio científico independiente. Hay algunos por aquí que no lo entienden. No es responsabilidad del estado, ni de nadie, demostrar que no funciona. Es responsabilidad del fabricante demostrar que sí. Cosa que los de PB no han hecho.
De hecho, el tal minotj se quejaba en su blog de que los no titulados en medicina “no tenían derecho a ejercer la homeopatía”. Una disciplina que, sea cierta o no, se considera “médica”, debería ser ejercida por médicos. Para él no. Como en el caso del par biomagnético, es suficiente con un cursillo.
¿a que tipo de “conocimiento” se refiere usted cunado nombra que no podemos aprender? porque si profundiza usted en varios apartados del blog, verá que aquí tenemos la mente abierta y procuramos debatir, pero eso sí las afirmaciones deben venir precedidas por hechos contrastados.
En cierto modo esto me recuerda al comentario del creacionista de antes, “tu me dices que no lo puedes curar, pero yo tengo la cura”. A diferencia del creacionista que no hace daño a nadie con sus creencias, éstos juegan con la esperanza maltrecha de la gente e intentan vaciarles la cartera tan rápido como pueden. ¡Gentuza!.
Efectivamente, lo que dice Manuel es esencial: no es lo mismo una pulsera que te puede dar un equilibrio (aunque sea una patochada no va a influir en tu salud), que un artículo que sobre el que se afirme que pueda curar el cáncer (ya que una decisión sobre eso si podría alterar la salud).
Ya que sabes tanto de esta técnica, ¿me podrías decir que variaciones de pH se producen en el organismo para eliminar las bacterias que provocan las infecciones?, ¿por qué mueren en esos cambios bacterias que pueden sobrevivir a rangos de pH entre 5 y 11, y no mueren nuestras células que no admiten variaciones de sólo unas décimas? Si alguien explicara detalles como este en vez del “pues a mí me funciona” quizás sería un buen comienzo para dejar de pensar que esto no es más que charlatanería pura y dura.
Dicho acido destruye la capa epitelial y posteriormente la capa endotelial tanto del diafragma con tal fuerza que inicia una reaccion en cadena de aminoacidos contaminados en el hiato que provocan lisis en la pared anterior del hiato causando como primera instancia una “agrura” que es lo que tu tienes y tanto estass gritando que te ayuden a curar.
Por cierto, he visto que mis compañero te han mandado a Spam. Eso es consecuencia de tu terquedad de hacer simple publicidad del método. Para eso ya tenéis vuestras páginas web. no intentes colapsar otras. Cuando tengas las pruebas que te hemos pedido vuelve, y las explicas CIENTIFICAMENTE. Cuando tengas un listado de pacientes curados con sus informes médicos (con el nombre del doctor para poder verificarlo) que certifiquen la dolencia previa y otro informe que certifique la sanación, vuelve. Y si son de SIDA o cáncer mucho mejor, porque una gonorrea te la curo yo por 4 euros.
“El par biomagnético está compuesto de dos cargas principales de polaridad opuesta que se forman a expensas de la alteración fundamental del pH de los órganos que las soportan”, explica el médico Isaac Goiz Durán, de la Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (México), quien a finales de los años ochenta desarrolló un método de tratamiento a partir de la terapéutica y natural conocida como biomagnetismo médico. En 2005 expuso los resultados de su trabajo, experiencias clínicas incluidas, en el libro Par biomagnético, biomagnetismo médico y bioenergética. Experiencias de curación.
Vaya, me encUentro con comentarios acerca del biomagnetismo médico, quienes están a favor y en contra. Lo cierto es qUe, las opiniones qUe hablan mal de esta terapia sólo se limitan a opinar cuestiones meramente superficiales y sin escrúpulos dando una visión mUy objetiva educados al sistema qUe nos han inculcado, empero, hay qUe ver a este sistema fabUloso con bases científicas y etiológicas qUé, ¡claro! Sí las tiene, pero qUe el sistema qUe maneja a la sociedad no desea debido a qUe, desde Un punto económico, las farmaceúticas qUebrarían y, por ende, todo el gran sistema llamado medicina qUe tiene una ideología eqUívoca en cuanto al trato de las enfermedades.
el Ph NEUTRAL del AGUA ES 7, al tu decirme que tu agua con la comenzaste es de 6.4, me estas diciendo que es ÁCIDA, esto va a depender de el lugar donde tomes tu agua, según TU al colocarle la bola de limpieza smartklen (algo que NO TENGO EVIDENCIA son solo tus palabras) este PH cambio de 6.8 a 7.2 ……….. tu agua SEGUIRÍA estando en estado NORMAL, no has realizado ningún cambio considerable al agua, aun con este PH NO quiere decir que puedas remover nada mugre de la ropa!!! te voy a poner un ejemplo, tu sabes cual es el PH del agua de MAR????? bueno para que sepas este es de 7.8 a 8.3, según lo que dice la bola entonces si lavamos con agua de mar la ropa quedaría limpia??? no crees que la gente que vive en la playa le saldría mas barato lavar su ropa en el mar y SIN detergente???
Pero me quedé con la duda y le prometí a Sergio que lo investigaría. Este que aparece en el vídeo es el famoso motor. Actualmente hay versiones más grandes, pero el fundamento es el mismo. Una cosa interesante: mirad lo que pasa en el minuto 3:20

“Compre Magnetic Laundry Cover New York imanes de lavandería”

yo tambien me pregunto , cuantos creyentes de la medicina tradional se han despachado al otro mundo por su grandes avismo y criterios cuadrados como el que acabas de leer , con ferrio esprestigio sin primero investigar , solo se ve el coraje y resentimiento de ser refutados y no seguir adelante , como van aceptar que el negocio se les caiga , porque yo tambien conozco muchisimos charlatanes , que ofrecen solo controlar y todabia no curar el catarro.gechu49
Esos son los problemas que nos hacen bajar la guardia, nos frustran. Algo tiene que estar pasando que no estamos hacienda bien. Lo importante es que por más que analizamos y estudiamos la situación, no encontramos el problema y mucho menos el como solicionarlo. Citar Comentario
El fósforo es un nutriente cuyo exceso en el agua puede provocar la consiguiente contaminación por eutrofización y la proliferación excesiva de algas, debido a una disminución en la cantidad de oxígeno presente en el agua.
Pues va a ser que no. Hablamos como hablamos y decimos lo que decimos porque esa supuesta terapia no tiene base empírica ninguna, os la habéis inventado por toda la cara. Y es más, quien afirma que con un par de imanes cura el SIDA, por mucho que diga la ley es un delincuente.
¿Qué tal si haces el curso a ver si te parece que este asunto se trata de una estafa o no?¿ por qué mejor no te averiguas el curriculum del doctor Gois para ver si se trata de alguien que se lo soñó y lo quiso hacer público?
hola soy maria gonzalez, tengo 6 años que mi negocio bajo hasta cerrarlo y hace un año lo volvi habrir ya estable antes habria y cerraba un lugar cada 6@ 8 meses pero ya estamos bien, ahora desde octobre 2015 hasta ahorita 12/26/2015 no he vendido ni para comer asi tuve que aprender hacer tamales para hacer dinero pero me siento muy triste que hago para seguir en mi boutique de xv, bodas y bautizos y atraer mas clientes buenos ayudame por favor Citar Comentario
Cada día tengo más claro que el día que desaparezcan las religiones, la mitad de las maguferías desaparecerán con ellas, sobre todo después de leer el “folleto-didáctico-créeme-o-arderás-en-el-infierno-por-sodomita-y-mal-cristiano-el-par-biomagnético-funciona-¡imbécil!-y-ahora-no-respiro” de mandor
Rialca todo un profesional en lavandería con una solución a sus problemas en todo tipo de establecimientos, hoteles, hospitales, restaurantes, industrias, residencias.Las excelencias de nuestro servicio nos han convertido en la lavandería más apreciada de Castilla y León. La continua actualización de nuestras modernas instalaciones nos permiten compararnos con cualquier otra empresa de nuestra categoria, tanto a nivel reginal como internacional:
Un dato más, este importante. En mayo de 2006 Mike Brady presentó una propuesta de patente ante Organización Mundial de la Propiedad Intelectual (WIPO). Un año después, en la página 4 de la respuesta escrita, la WIPO desechó el motor de Perendev por ser una simple máquina de móvil perpetuo alegando que:
David, lo que a mi me flipa es que de verdad opines que la medicina no ha dado ningún beneficio a la humanidad, que es lo que se desprende de tus palabras. Es más, dudo mucho de que tal afirmación se pueda realizar sin estar gozando de los desinhibidores efectos del etanol.
El hoax de la energía magnética suele materializarse a muchos niveles, incluidos estafas de gran envergadura, y suele ganarse al publico por la falta de conocimiento de este ultimo en física elemental y en el funcionamiento de los campos magnéticos.
En el stand recreamos los colores del Nilo. Para conseguir que el agua de este río cambiara de color, trituramos la lombarda y la mezclamos con otras sustancias que, al reaccionar químicamente, cambiaron su color morado original. Con esta receta, directamente importada del pasado, pudimos elaborar un tinte natural con el que teñir trozos de la momia de Tutankamon.

“la mejor libertad de agua de California imanes de lavandería”

En mi caso por medio del Biomagnetismo deje de padecer un fuerte Vertigo que aparecia en situaciones de stress y la ciencia Medica no habia podido identificar la causa, decenas de doctores y especialistas, el terapeuta en biomagnetismo identifico la causa y me dijo que era una bacteria de quirofano, porque ahora no son lavadas e higienizadas como deberian las instalaciones de los hospitales porque es un corredero de pacientes y el proximo y el proximo y ni sol con sus benditos rayos ultravioletas que matan bacterias les da a las sabanas, asi que doy mil gracias y deje para siempre de tener esos mareos que me tumbaban por dias.
Demuestrenles que Uds son más inteligentes que ellos y presenten la denuncia en la policía. Ellos cuentan con que no lo van a hacer, y por eso cada vez son más fuertes. Por favor, sean solidarios, DENUNCIEN.
“Joven señora, lo que usted padece no es un cáncer en el seno, sino un fibroma en el útero”. Acto seguido le explicó qué hacer para curarse: “Lo único que puede curarlo es la acción de unos espermatozoides magnetizados…. Ellos atacarán las células enfermas”. A falta de espermatozoides mágicos disponibles, el buen doctor se ofreció a sacrificar sus propias celulitas, ¡por la módica suma de 80 francos por una sesión a la semana!
Paquete de 7 imanes con sus respectivos colores para terapias de equilibro de chakras, iman ferrita forrados en vinipiel de 1.500 gauss . Envio incluido a todo el mundo + codigo de ingreso a las 4 hs de video online + link de descarga en manuales en pdf .
De momento solo me he leído lo que has destacado, esta noche me leeré el resto. Y estoy flipando 😀 Se acaba de ganar algo que solo consiguen los más extraordinarios profetas. Amos, en un solo párrafo se ha lucido
Es una afirmación tan ridícula que creo que no merece ni respuesta. La Medicina ha avanzado muchísimo en todos sus campos, no sólo en cirugía, y decir lo contrario es no tener ni idea de lo que se está hablando.
Lo siento Gregorovius, pero me dolieron los ojos al leerlo. Y encima no era suyo, era copiado de algún panfleto que usan en la deformación de esta gente. Mientras no resuman y, sobre todo, se expresen por ellos mismo ni agua.
Y termina diciendo que todos ellos dan lugar cobre. ¿Pero muchacho, acaso sabes lo que es el cobre? ¿Y sabes lo que es la nucleosíntesis? ¿No te has dado cuenta de que te has inventado una Fantasía de los pies a la cabeza que no se sostiene ni con 5 kilos de hierba?
Usted puede ajustar la temperatura de un refrigerador con un dispositivo llamado un termostato. La mayoría de los termostatos están situados en la parte trasera o la parte delantera del medio en la parte superior del interior de la nevera y se pueden
Para cualquier tipo de eventos, los imanes personalizados de souvenirs, son una opción idea y original, donde puede reflejar los datos más importantes que quiera destacar, teniendo también el modo práctico de darle un uso que le permitirá estar siempre en la mente de quienes ocupen un lugar privilegiado en la nevera u oficina.
No Gerardo V., los campos magneticos que se producen en los nervios, aparte de ser extremadamente debiles, se anulan entre si, ya que el tejido humano es diamagnetico. Aparte de eso el reiki no transmite nada, y una “radiacion magnetica de alta frecuencia” no es mas que rayos X, que ya se sabe que son perjudiciales.
(i) ¿Me puedes mostrar una publicación científica que enseñe que el magnetismo cure la diabetes? Y pido publicación científica de esas de revisión por pares: Te dejo un artículo para que sepas que eso; https://cnho.wordpress.com/2010/02/02/por-que-insistimos-en-la-revision-por-pares/
La Fiscalía del Colegio de Cirujanos y Médicos de Costa Rica advirtió sobre la falta de fundamentos científicos del biomagnetismo y sobre los títulos y prácticas fraudulentas de su creador, enviando una advertencia especial a Chile. Esta nota fue publicada a comienzos de 2007. Nos consta que Isaac Goiz visitó Chile en agosto del 2004 para exponer en un Congreso de Medicina Holística[8] organizado por el Colegio Médico de Chile. Quizás en 2004 aún no existía la advertencia emitida por vuestros pares costarricenses (aunque nos sorprende que no se investigara mejor el currículo de este señor), pero Goiz estuvo en Chile en octubre del 2007[9] y expuso en el Segundo Consejo Municipal de Atención Primaria de Concepción.
Los Prestadores Remisores adoptarán las medidas de seguridad necesarias durante la transferencia y el almacenamiento de datos, garantizando la privacidad del documento y teniendo en cuenta los lineamientos que para el efecto establezca el Ministerio de Salud y Protección Social.
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En el sitio de la Agencia de Protección Ambiental de los Estados Unidos (EPA)  se pueden leer los informes de los diferentes dispositivos “ahorradores de combustible” (magnéticos y de otro tipo) y las conclusiones a las que han llegado los técnicos. Por ejemplo, en la evaluación del “ahorrador” magnético Super-Mag Fuel Extender (de características muy similares al dispositivo mostrado en el artículo de marras) no encontraron efecto significativo en las emisiones contaminantes ni en el consumo de combustible en las distintas pruebas que llevaron a cabo. 
Los negocios por encargo requieren una inversión un tanto menor a la de los negocios de autoservicio. De todos modos ambos son muy accesibles y si disponemos de un local y de un mínimo capital podremos estar abriendo nuestro negocio mañana mismo a primera hora.
Por favor, no nos insulte con comentarios de este tipo que vienen de … ¿me puede decir a qué grado asciende su conocimiento de la ciencia (así en general) del que tanto pretende darnos clases? Y esto es fácil de responder (aunque no es al primero al que se lo pregunto; y generalmente esta pregunta causa una cascada de comentarios encadenados sin respuesta clara ninguna; espero que no sea su caso).
Por otra parte, no sé si el Sr. Goiz Durán tiene algún estudio que demuestre la eficacia de su terapia, pero sí he leído el testimonio de personas que afirman haberse curado o experimentado mejorías a causa del par biomagnético. ¿Efecto placebo? ¿Sugestión? Es probable, pero, una vez más, no tenemos pruebas para demostrarlo.
La web tiene un aspecto de lo más confiable. Aparecen las fotografías de las personas implicadas en el proyecto, direcciones, teléfonos y precios. Lo primero que me llama la atención es la cantidad de energía generada. 100 kW es mucho, y 300 kW ya ni digamos. Uno de los reactores nucleares de la central de Ascó generaría la misma cantidad de electricidad que 3300 de estos aparatos. Se me hace raro pensar que si la generación de electricidad por medio de dispositivos magnéticos fuese una realidad y que ofreciese semejante eficacia, las compañías eléctricas no estén investigando esta materia.
Alberto, perdona malinterpreté tu mensaje. Pensé que venías promocionando el producto, lo cual lo considero grave. En los foros de magnetismo usan ese compuesto para decir que las variaciones de pH curan. Pero es falso, porque (i) el compuesto es un veneno, (ii) los microorganismos no se ven afectados por variaciones de pH.
En definitiva, en el mejor mejorísimo de los casos de que no te confundas y tomes una “dosis” “perfecta”, no estarás haciendo absolutamente nada. Y siéntete afortunado por ello… No es sano jugar con compuestos que se utilizan para limpiar piscinas o fregar paredes y suelos, entre otras cosas.
Hace 30 años la gente que se moría de cáncer lo hacía pegando gritos de dolor. Hoy hay unidades de cuidados paliativos, de sedación, etc, que le dan a los pacientes una mínima calidad de vida hasta su muerte.
Pocos emplazamientos tan eficaces de Imanes Publicitarios para cualquier mensaje como la refrigeradora de casa. Además de transmitir tu mensaje a tu público objetivo apreciará la practicidad de tener siempre a la vista un calendario, un diseño llamativo en particular, en la puerta de la refrigeradora.
yo a nadie he engañado o timado, a mi familia obviamente no les cobro, que mejor que saber que estan bien despues del tratamiento, y creo que la razon por la que hice el curso es por ellos, por las personas que uno quiere, y si de paso ayudo a gente que no conozco, mejor aun,
Además lo de la mayoria de las personas enfermas de cáncer se mueren (supongo que quieres decir de cáncer) no vale. El cáncer NO es UNA enfermedad, es UN CONJUNTO de enfermedades. Por lo tanto debes especificar que tipo cáncer y en que órgano.
Una de las reglas de los imanes es que fuerzas iguales se repelen y los opuestos se atraen. Cuando se coloca un imán en la puerta de la nevera, que la sección del refrigerador cubierto por el imán en realidad reorganiza a nivel atómico para convertirse en otro imán, aunque sea temporal. El imán se pega a continuación, la puerta a causa de las fuerzas opuestas que actúan sobre los dominios de metal involucrados.
Detractores: Indican, con mucha objetividad, que un descenso de peso a largo plazo sólo puede llevarse a cabo con un poco de esfuerzo a través de una dieta sana y equilibrada además de una rutina de ejercicio físico. Además consideran que la terapia magnética no está aprobada y las afirmaciones de ayudar a adelgazar no están respaldadas por estudios clínicos. No hay un organismo de investigación o ensayo clínico sobre la pérdida de peso magnético.
Por otra parte EL BIOMAGNETISMO NO TIENE NADA QUE VER CON LO ESOTERICO, gente esto es metafísica, algo difícil de comprender para el común de la gente pero lo realmente importante es que sana y no es algo por dinero yo por lo menos llevo más de 50 pacientes tratados gratis y no por eso con menos resultados.

“la mejor patente de la revisión del sistema de lavandería magnética imanes de lavandería”

El Biomagnetismo es un sistema terapéutico desarrollado por el doctor Isaac Goiz Durán a partir de 1988. En el utiliza imanes con una potencia determinada, para combatir parásitos, bacterias, hongos, virus y otros gérmenes que son la causa de diversas enfermedades.El sistema consiste en el reconocimiento de puntos de energía alterados en el organismo humano que en conjunto provocan una enfermedad. Este reconocimiento se efectúa con imanes pasivos (no electrificados ni conectados a máquinas electrónicas), que se aplican en diversas zonas del cuerpo humano como si se tratara de un rastreo o escaneo Biomagnético. Una vez reconocidas y confirmadas dichas zonas en su potencial energético –que corresponden a órganos y tejidos que sufren la distorsión-, el terapeuta aplica un conjunto de imanes en esos puntos durante 10 – 25 minutos, generalmente de forma simultánea.
Pero bueno, vamos al reto. Dado que el IP que usas es más falsa que el tratamiento que prometes (a menos que vivas en la Isla de Santa Helena, donde murió Napoleón) dime tu ciudad para contacta con el mayor hospital de enfermos infecciosos. Veremos que tal va el tratamiento fuera de tu familia. Es tu turno.
Pues sí, les critico [a las farmacéuticas] siempre que puedo, ya que son unos estafadores que se aprovechan del miedo y la ignorancia de la gente. Respecto a los terapeutas que usan homeopatía o el par biomagnético, ¿Acaso a usted le parece mal que un fontanero le cobre por repararle un grifo? ¿O me dirá que también le parece mal que le cobren por reparar su coche?
   Estos pares tienen que ver con la unión de partes físicas y la relación que se ha encontrado con algunos estados emocionales, en las ruedas de kinesiología se encuentra la relación que existe entre los meridianos de acupuntura englobados en una especie de esferas, en dónde cada emoción se le ha signado un órgano correspondiente.
Los iones negativos neutralizan los niveles ácidos en el flujo sanguíneo, mientras que los rayos infrarrojos limpian las células del interior de su pene y aumentan su producción. Peloop se fabrica mezclando Silicona, Germanio y Turmalina, empleando una máquina de alta tecnología para refinar la mezcla. Después, mediante una máquina vulcanizadora se crea el molde, con un pequeño agujero para el imán. La mezcla de materiales re añaden al molde para crear peloop™ y el imán es insertado con posterioridad, completándose así el proceso.
Y la verdad, deseo que te vaya bien (entre otras cosas porque te vas a dejar una buena pasta), pero tanto si te va bien como si no sólo será sólo una anécdota que contar. La eficacia de una terapia se evalua de otra forma, no por testimonios en un blog.
De momento solo me he leído lo que has destacado, esta noche me leeré el resto. Y estoy flipando 😀 Se acaba de ganar algo que solo consiguen los más extraordinarios profetas. Amos, en un solo párrafo se ha lucido
Todo esto viene por la sensación que tienes de que la medicina científica no cura. Eso no es cierto. La medicina no cura todo, que es distinto. Hace años, la gente moría de tubercolosis, de apendicitis, de indigestión, de “fiebres”, de sobreparto, de una herida mal curada, de peste… hoy no. Y no ha sido por el biomagnetismo, por las flores de Bach ni por la homeopatía. Ha sido gracias a la medicina científica.
Usando sólo el agua caliente no es sólo un desperdicio, pero puede dañar o reducir la ropa. Si su lavadora Kenmore no se llenará de agua fría, investigar el problema de inmediato. Una manguera o válvula obstruida son los culpables más comunes y tanto
Gracias, Fran. Lo he editado más que nada porque tú no sueles hablar con ese tipo de lenguaje, y un caletón inoportuno a veces lo tenemos todos. Pero… en mi opinión la gente que juega alegremente con la salud (y la vida) de los demás no merece ningún tipo de respeto.
Dice que la “berulinia” es algo que no encontraremos, pero el elemento con el número atómico 110 es el Ununnilium, un elemento de vida media cortísima, sin aplicaciones y prácticamente tan desconocido como escaso (solo se fabrica en aceleradores de partículas) como INÚTIL en un sentido práctico.
7. Bioresonancia magnética. Virus, hongos, parásitos y bacterias. ((toma ya en cinco días)) recuerdo que en la EGB (hala que viejo soy) el profesor de ciencias se metió una evaluación entera hablando de estos fascinantes seres, pero claro como en este tipo de cursos hay que llevar una formación previa, pues nada ahí van esas disertaciones)
PARÁGRAFO 1o. El prestador podrá cerrar temporalmente un servicio por un periodo máximo de un año, contado a partir del reporte de la novedad. Si vencido dicho plazo no se ha reactivado el servicio, se desactivará del REPS y para su reactivación o apertura deberá realizar nuevamente la habilitación del servicio y requerirá visita de reactivación por parte de la Entidad Departamental o Distrital de Salud si se trata de servicios de alta complejidad, urgencias, hospitalización obstétrica, transporte asistencial u oncológicos.
A partir de ahora afirmo que curo el SIDA y la hepatitis por punciones en el talón de Aquiles, lugar que los griegos ya sabían que era sagrado. Reto a Ben a que me demuestre lo contrario o se calle. Sólo te pido que hagas lo mismo que pregonas.
 • Planear los viajes. Hacer todas las diligencias necesarias de una sola vez. El motor es más eficiente cuando se calienta, por lo cual, es mejor un solo viaje largo que muchos viajes cortos. Compartir el viaje cuando es posible.
(ii) Colchicina. Compuesto que inhibe la mitosis. Inhibe el crecimiento de células eucariotas (como las nuestras), por lo es tóxico. Sin embargo a baja concentración sólo mata a células que están creciendo muy deprisa. Así mata protozoos (se usa contra la malaria) y algunos tipos de tumores. Un efecto secundario es que no se puede utilizar por mujeres embarazadas.

“Get Magnets Vs Laundry Detergent Near By laundry magnets”

In tests run at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, pairing the two ingredients killed virtually all Salmonella, Shigella, or E. coli bacteria on heavily contaminated surfaces. This formulation is more effective at killing these potentially deadly bacteria than any name brand cleaner, or even chlorine bleach.
The belief that magnetic fields can reduce the surface tension of water has become almost an urban legend that is widely promoted by various magnet merchants, despite the very small amount of evidence that has been amassed during the 100 or so years that the effects of magnetic fields on matter have been studied. Owing to the intense scientific interest in the properties and structure of water, one would expect that any convincing evidence that the surface tension of water can be influenced by magnetic treatment would make its way to one of the mainline chemistry journals. So far, this has not happened; what few reports there are tend to be in rather obscure publications which deal mainly with other fields and are probably not subject to review by water chemistry experts. Two recent articles illustrate this problem:
^ Jump up to: a b c d e f “Ecobola: como lavar con agua”, Compra Maestra (in Spanish), OCU Organización de Consumidores y Usuarios (340), September 2009, [translation] In conclusion, the results of the Ecobola are far from those obtained with detergent. We can well attribute its “washing efficacy” to the mechanical action of the washing machine and to the temperature of the washing water… with which using this product is practically the same as washing only with water. (…) The advice of the OCU: if you want to spend less money and reduce residues, choose one of the detergents recommended in our last analysis and experiment until finding the minimal dosis that gives you good results.
There is some evidence that externally-applied magnetic fields can provide relief of certain types of chronic pain. A major difficulty in any such study is in eliminating the placebo effect which generally requires a double-blind protocol. Here are a few recent references to the scientific literature:
Rather, the questions at hand are (a) do wimpy magnets like the ones you sell “influence water” in any significant way, and (b) does whatever “influence” they have on the water actually have any impact on the water’s ability to clean clothes?
Water can be “magnetized” In order to become “magnetized”, a molecule must not only be paramagnetic (contain an unpaired electron), but groups of molecules must be able to align themselves into local regions (“domains”) that amplify the effect and retain their orientation for a long time. The effect is known as “ferromagnetism” and as far as I know has only been observed in solids, the most well known, of course, being metallic iron.
It is laughable that you accuse me of making personal attacks, when it was you who made this personal in your private emails to me. You appealed to things that you and I supposedly have in common, things which are completely irrelevant to the question of whether your product works, in an effort to garner sympathy. Then, when it became clear that it was not going to work, you got nasty and suggested that I must have been paid off by a laundry detergent company to post my blog entry about your product.
Household Essentials Collapsible Laundry Sorter with Lid is a hard-sided 2-compartment sorter that folds down nearly flat. The attractive sorter, with brown and Chevron print, is spacious, easily hold…
Our editors review and recommend products to help you buy the stuff you need. If you make a purchase by clicking one of our links, we may earn a small share of the revenue. Our picks and opinions are independent from any business incentives.
A more recent study by Amiri and Dadkhah offers a good bibliography of earlier work in this field. Their careful study, which involved direct surface tension measurements (using a tensiometer rather than capillary rise), led them to conclude that the changes they observed were likely due to the effects of impurities, and that no meaningful conclusions about the effects of magnetic fields on surface tension can be drawn from existing studies, including those of Cho mentioned above.
Because of the high level of aluminum it contains, despite the lab tests listed on the WaterLiberty website that show the product may help remove some contaminants from you water, we have a great deal of concern related to the health risks you’d be exposed to as a result.
Hey, I love this article thanks, I was thinking of buying the magnetic laundry system, but after reading your article I just don’t know anymore. I keep reading reviews all over the place that say way different things than what you are saying. For example this site says that they work great and are not a scam https://operationreviews.com/magnetic-laundry-system-review/ . I would love your opinion on why you think some sites like this are saying they work, but you are not saying they don’t. Thanks
The laundry ball is filled with four types of mineral-derived ceramic beads and two magnets, each performing different cleaning functions. When these components come in contact with water, they form ‘oxygenated’ water with an increased pH level and an ability to eliminate germs and bacteria. The result is fresh, safe and clean laundry! See Components to learn more about each function.
Now to me this seems like a delightful way to keep overconsumptive Americans from polluting the water supply while at the same time helping to ease the burden that excess cash has on the overly gullible.
The video about the magnetic laundry system popped on my computer, so I listened. Sounded interesting. I decided to do some additional internet research about this product to see what else is said about it out there. Happened across this website. Sounds like the magnetic laundry system is full of holes. Last summer I had already started making my own laundry soap. It cost me about $25-$30 to buy the ingredients. And the recipe I made last summer is still being used. And it works just as well (I think better) than store bought detergents. You can make it scent free or add a scent if you want that. This is the way to go. Waste of my time to listen to the video about the magnetic laundry system. But glad I am a savvy shopper.
A seller of various commercial items was touting the magnetic balls for washing clothes. Being skeptical I proceeded to research the internet for serious criticism and found your excellent article that dispelled the hype and left me grateful to you.
After each test cycle, we analyzed the stain strips with a photospectrometer to determine how much of the stain had been lifted. Since we know what the color of the cloth is underneath all the stains, we calculated how close the cleaning agents came in restoring the test strips to their native state.
So what instrumentation does Fenestra Research actually use in its research? The clinical trial report doesn’t say. It does, however, draw utterly unwarranted conclusions backed up by no legitimate laboratory data, saying:
Lasts Up To 100 Dryer Cycles – The #1 BEST Fabric Softener and Natural Fragrance Refill For Your Dryer. Natural and Earth Friendly Ingredients. Replaces Liquid Fabric Softener, Dryer Sheets, Wool Dryer Balls and Free Clear Packs. Soften and Add Fragrance to Clothes Naturally Without Allergy Causing Chemicals.
Water molecules actually repel magnetic fields, and certainly cannot be aligned by them. Even if water were paramagnetic, thermal motions in the liquid would disrupt any alignment once the magnet moves away.
THEN I thought, hmm, here’s the real test, I have recently been working on a cat hoarder house …. the lady would buy things and open the carton (case in point, from Animal Rescue Site, some footies with pawprints) and never use the item, so the cats would go in the box and pee on everything…. (note: cats did not have proper litterpans in this home).
I don’t know why I’m taking the time to respond, but have you actually read my blog postings? I ask this, because if you had you would have seen that I did, in fact, “use magnets,” and I did, in fact, prove through my experiments that clothes washed with the magnets come out no cleaner than clothes washed in plain water.

“Best Water Laundry Laundry Magnets Scam New York laundry magnets work”

 “The water has a better taste that occurs from an actual reduction in the size of the water molecules. Compare it to a bucket full of rocks the size of pebbles versus the size of sand. The pebbles will bang around like rocks while the sand will pour like water.
The magnetic laundry system totally trashed my front loading washing machine. The electrics went nuts after only three washes, stuck on 1 minute spin cycle, when stopped by main switch I opened the door to find smoke coming from the machine. It was a 30 degree wash by the way.
Water can be “magnetized” In order to become “magnetized”, a molecule must not only be paramagnetic (contain an unpaired electron), but groups of molecules must be able to align themselves into local regions (“domains”) that amplify the effect and retain their orientation for a long time. The effect is known as “ferromagnetism” and as far as I know has only been observed in solids, the most well known, of course, being metallic iron.
A more down-to-earth argument might be that the vortex turbulence breaks up water “clusters” which somehow impede plant growth.  But this is wrong: even in still water, clusters break up and re-form around a billion times per second, and it is well-established science that these clusters do not impede water transport across cell walls.
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Shortly afterward, another reader sent us some newspaper articles reporting that the Utah state division of consumer protection had sent a couple of TradeNet’s laundry balls out for tests and found they contained, not crystal technology as claimed, but dyed water! A TradeNet spokesman says the state was testing an “earlier model.” Meaning what — TradeNet at one point thought dyed water would actually work?
LIFETIME WARRANTY AND UNCONDITIONAL RISK-FREE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!…If You Aren’t Completely Convinced That This System Cleans As Good Or Better Than Your Current Laundry Detergent, You Can Send It Back For A Full Refund!† AND It Comes With A LIFETIME WARRANTY So You Will Never Need To Purchase Another System!
In effect, the water is ionized as negatively charged oxygen ions are stripped from stable water molecules and freed to perform a number of tasks. Among other things, the altered water can dissolve scum lines, help stabilize pH, kill algae and microorganisms, and release stains and odors from fabrics.
File complaints about deceptive and fraudulent advertising practices with the attorney generals of Massachusetts (where I am located), Pennsylvania (where the company manufacturing the product is located), and Utah (where the company that sold it to me is located). [done]
Don’t miss the study of Magnetized Water Therapy of Early-Stage HIV. “There is reason to believe that the true mechanism of action of homeopathy is identical to that of MW: they are both energized water therapy that activates the chemiluminescence of the red blood cells.”
Just as the only way you can prove that your product actually works is to provide objective evidence that it cleans better than water alone, the only way you can prove that you actually care how your customers are treated is to sever your relationship with any distributor which is found to be cheating people.
We came to a solid conclusion: When it comes to stain removal, Crystal Wash does not work any better than hot water. And, when it comes to some important stains, Crystal Wash often works far worse than laundry detergent.
I sent several messages and emails to contact them regarding my order and they have not responded back I’m just glad I paid with PayPal and will be contacting PayPal to help me out. I would say if yo…u used PayPal let them know about any issues your having with this company See More
Magnetic Disks : Higher Capacity, reliable,, Cheaper… use cool neodymium magnets, They are really fast Optical : Expensive, Lower capacity, uses lasers which go weaker by time, They are slower Result : Winner is none of these, Both are important as Optical disks are used as CD, DVDs etc and Magnetic Disks are used in standard Hard disks
Magnet also affects the bonding angle between the hydrogen and the oxygen atom in the water molecule. Magnetized causes  hydrogen-oxygen bond angle within the water molecule to be reduced from 104 to 103 degrees. This in turn causes water molecule to cluster together in groups of 6-7 rather than 10-12. The smaller cluster leads to better absorption of water across cell walls.
Grate bar soap with a hand grater, then mix in washing soda and borax. Thoroughly stir, or for best results, blend together in a food processor. (Some use a dedicated processor for mixing detergents.) Use 2 tablespoons per load (some use more for larger or heavily soiled loads – find the right amounts for you).
This product has me purely amazed! As someone who has mcs, and finds it frustrating to have to wash new clothes numerous times to get the chemicals out, or used ones even MORE because of the highly scented detergents in them, this product is truly a MIRACLE product! I thought the green wash ball was good, but this blows that, and anything else I’ve ever tried out of the water! If you don’t have mcs, you might not understand the lengths we go to, to try to get our clothes rid of these toxins.

“Best Videos Of Magnets For Laundry California laundry magnets work”

PATENTED AND INDEPENDENTLY PROVEN…There is no other non-detergent laundry technology in existence that has two United States Patents and has been proven in Independent Laboratory Testing to clean as well as chemical laundry detergent. This is truly different from the common laundry ball or washer ball products may have heard of. You have never seen, heard about or tried anything like it before!
I saw the ad for the magnets the other day, and was tempted to buy them. The comments on the ad were glowing in praise. But the show-me skeptickism prevailed. Yes, it was shown to be too-good-to-be-true. Thanks for your testing methods!
There are very few scientifically validated reports of successful MWT installations in the mainstream scientific and engineering literature. Given the potential economic benefits of a widely-applicable chemical-free softening process, especially in arid regions such as the U.S. southwest, one would expect a lot more scientific and engineering support.
Before you use your Magnetic Laundry System for the first time, I recommend you clean the residual scum from the washer. This is deposited in the outer tub (which you can not see) The best way to do this is to place the laundry system units into the washer drum, add 4 cups of white vinegar and run the wash cycle, either empty or with old rags/towels or clothes.
The second wash I did was of 2 brand new bras that I’d had sitting around for awhile cause I ran out of my natural detergent, and stopped using the green wash ball because it was making holes in my clothes. I put the bras in a mesh bag, turned the water to cold, and extra low. Because the water was on extra low, I put the magnets on the very bottom of the washing machine basin. One on each side of the agitator. I was nervous……I just knew I was going to have to wash those bras at least a few times. Boy was I wrong!!! They came out smelling like it does just after it rains! CLEAN! That is it! I couldn’t believe it. I can’t believe it. I’m still in pure amazement! I know this must sound crazy, but if you don’t have mcs maybe it’s hard to understand how one can get so excited over something so simple……….I just can’t begin to describe how miraculous this is! lol Who gets excited to wash clothes??? I do now! I can’t wait to go to the thrift store, and buy something to throw in there, cause they always reek of scented detergents so bad, that sometimes I wash them 10 or more times, and still don’t get the detergent smells out. That’s A LOT of wasted water, electricity, and time, not to mention expensive natural products I use to try to eliminate the smells.
Nowadays most people were wasting their money on purchasing flavored and dirt removing detergents to wash their clothes but it damages the real quality of your dresses and it becomes useless in few hours? If you use the toxic detergents or chemical to remove the hard strain from the clothes will spoil your dresses as well as creates some type of skin infection, irritation, and other problems. For that reason, Water Liberty.com has launched an innovative product to support all the users to avoid the problems when you are washing your clothes. Of course, anybody can use this Magnetic Laundry System to avoid the health issues by stop using chemical detergents to get back cleaned clothes without wasting your money and time.
Some manufacturers claim that the components inside their balls emit far infrared rays, which are claimed to reduce the surface tension of water and facilitate washing.[8] The claim of emitting infrared is not false, as almost all materials emit “far infrared waves” at room temperature, in other words, heat radiation.[4] It is also true that heating reduces the surface tension of water, but the effect of the radiation emitted by the balls is negligible compared to the radiation emitted by the internal walls of the washing machine or by the water, especially if it’s hot water.[4]
You will never need to buy another set of Laundry System units because they operate from a renewable, permanent magnetic source. Laundry detergents work to clean your clothes, but are non-renewable and may create health and environmental risks by potentially poisonous chemical by-products. The Laundry System is not only renewable for your laundry, but for your pocketbook as well. No more wasting money on detergents month after month, year after year. The laundry balls are also extremely convenient and easy to transport to the laundromat.
I’m a Mom of 4 very messy children. My boys play hard, all 4 of my kids help with all of the animals- Horses, dogs, cats, chickens, ducks… We all stink by the end of the day. And I work as a Realtor, so I need to be clean and not stink, not to mention it’s just a nice thing to do for everyone right? I was a total skeptic, but I was willing to give this a try. After the first load I was impressed with how clean everything was and I still continue to be impressed! I don’t want a lot of chemicals in or around my home, so this is a perfect alternative. Here are some before and after pictures of a typical pair of jeans worn by my 9 year old. The mud has dried on because I was too exhausted to do laundry when he came in the evening before. I washed them on a quick cycle for 26 minutes on cold with a full load and everything came out clean and fresh. I’m a believer.
Today I remembered to do my research. I didn’t bother with the ads – as soon as I saw “Magnetic Laundry Scam” in the search engine, I knew I’d found what I was looking for: a dissatisfied customer. And, unlike some such customers, you, my good man, actually ran a scientific test to reveal exactly what’s going on. Kudos!
But all of this is really beside the point. The point is this: as I said in my blog postings about the Magnetic Laundry System, all its manufacturers need to do to prove that it works it to publish test results from an independent testing laboratory showing that laundry washed with the Magnetic Laundry System gets cleaner than laundry watched with water alone. They had an independent laboratory perform exactly that test, but then they declined to publish the full test results.
Free Yourself!…Laundry Detergents Are Petrochemicals Derived From Crude Oil–NOT Natural Soaps. Because Oil Has Hit Record Highs, So Has the Cost Of Detergent. You Can’t Stop the Financial Pain Of Fueling Your Car, But At Least You Can Stop “Fueling” Your Washing Machine!
Many magnetic-cure hucksters try to tell you that the two poles (north and south) of a magnet produce different effects, and some even offer what they claim are “monopolar” magnets. They commonly confuse magnetic polarity with electric polarity (positive and negative.) Thus one site offers this misinformation, carefully tailored to mislead the science-challenged:
Magnetic Laundry System is the perfect laundry detergent alternative that washes away the bacterias completely. This product is proven to eliminate 99% of bacteria, 80% of germs, and 82% of mould. Here, you can place the units in the pockets of pairs of pants or a single pair of thick socks before running the cycle.
Life Miracle’s magnetic laundry system is one of the latest trends in green cleaning: chemical-free laundry. Although more research is needed, some studies and activists have raised concerns about ingredients in laundry detergents. I wasn’t down for the Pinterest route of making my own detergent, but I thought this option might be worth a try.
Lasts Up To 100 Dryer Cycles – The #1 BEST Fabric Softener and Natural Fragrance Refill For Your Dryer. Natural and Earth Friendly Ingredients. Replaces Liquid Fabric Softener, Dryer Sheets, Wool Dryer Balls and Free Clear Packs. Soften and Add Fragrance to Clothes Naturally Without Allergy Causing Chemicals.
Type: Washing Ball. 1 x Washing Ball. Net Weight: 164g. – Cleaning, bleaching, and sterilizing. Weight: 184g. – Prevent skin allergy and irritation. – Eliminates mold and pathogenic Organisms. – Clean…
These devices, such as this one are promoted by hucksters such as “Dr.” Robert Beck and sold by the same outfits that flog food-energizers, chackra-checkers and other new-age paraphernalia. They generate short but highly intense magnetic fields that are supposed to cure everything from cancer to baldness. See here for one of Beck’s typical bloviations. Needless to say, there is no credible scientific evidence to support these outlandish claims. But if you have a sick horse, give this one a try. And here’s a super-powerful ring-shaped one that delivers 50,000 gauss, presumably to get that waistline down!
Overall this Magnetic Laundry System was strongly recommended and used by many people like you and me. They got the real benefit on washing clothes with this system and it never damages the quality of your cloth and also removes all the stains quickly. While using this system you can save water, money, trees, and life of nature. For that reason each and everyone recommending this eco-friendly system to save your money and time. It will support you to know the truth of harmful chemical used in detergents to save your life and also protects your family from health issues. So don’t miss this opportunity… Grab it before the offer ends.
It is difficult to assess this paper. His experimental results are interesting (there are photographs of the crystals), but much of the interpretation strikes me as suspect. Even more off-putting is the quotation attributed to him in the section on agricultural applications.
They needed proof of my mailing the laundry magnets back. I used the address on the warranty card that came with them which wasn’t the right address probably, but I needed something. If you are in the same situation, mail them back to the warranty address or mail them to anyone so you can get your proof of mailing. My credit card company just credited the cost of the laundry magnets including shipping back to me.
I wonder if you could add iron filing to the water heat it enough for the calcium to build up on the iron filings and then use a magnet to pull them out of the stream. Although you would then be dragging bags of iron filing around instead of bags of salt, have greaters costs as you heated the water and have to folter the water to make sure no iron filings got through to the tap… – Ardesco Jun 6 ’11 at 10:23
Bottom line: We’re all for the idea of a detergent-less laundry system, which would save money and time for consumers and have less impact on the environment. Unfortunately, neither of these systems lives up to the potential.
The upshot is that the warnings I originally publicized about Adya have essentially been confirmed, and the product is now mostly marketed as a water purification solution rather than a dietary supplement to remove heavy metals.
The Magnet Ball can also be used dishwashers (on the bottom shelf), toilet tanks (to reduce hard water build up in your toilet bowl), and I have even heard of some people who use them in their tub while drawing a bath!
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Magnetic forces never have direct contact with electronic devices and this magnetic cleaning system should be used on water drums to have the effect on cleaning clothes as well as keep the quality of the cloth at all the time.
These items in the box were brand new, and the urine had been on them since appx December (so 4-5 months back). I thought, this will be the acid test for these magnets. Well, there was one sock on top which got the brunt of the stain and the smell. That stain was a dark orange color it had been dried on there so long. The stain came out. All the socks had no stains now… (they were all packaged together, stacked)…. however the top one still had a faint odor. I re-washed it and it came out odor-free. Now THAT is a test to pass for sure….(note to everyone: anything I can clean and get back to the lady, I am doing it – so these socks are going back to her house after the major cleanup is done).
I am also environmentally “aware” and do my best to pick up trash, etc., whenever I can…and since I am in some wooded areas caring for feral cats, I end up with a pretty good haul of trash or recycling sometimes. So anything that can help us stop polluting the earth is an easy decision for me…especially when all you have to do is stick a couple of magnets in your washer….and no longer worry about what your detergent is doing to the drain field, or adding one more huge jug to the recycling bin every week.
In November 2011, the Hong Kong Consumer Council published a report on the effect of using washing liquid, washing powder and washing balls. The former two were shown to be effective in removing stains, while the washing balls were not more effective than plain water.[22]
These strips are mechanically coated with common household substances like and red wine, and the three tests were performed with the Kenmore 25132, a top loader very similar to what’s found in a lot of U.S. homes. We set the Kenmore to its highest temperature setting and used the Normal cycle.
cause the water molecule to dissociate through an electrical phenomenon (destabilization). The thus “fractured” H2O molecule units are much smaller, enabling them to easier penetrate fabrics and dissolve dirt, resulting in the readily observable cleaning effect. When the ceramics are removed from the water, it returns to its normal electrically neutral state.
Jump up ^ See for example: “Dallas Marketers of Laundry Detergent Substitute Charged with Making False and Unsubstantiated Claims Agree to Settlement with FTC and Six States”. Federal Trade Commission. July 1, 1999.

“Purchase Clothes Rack Magnetic Clothesline laundry magnets how they work”

The negative field is used in most treatments to help the body heal. When a cell’s electrical charge is elevated from its stressed, improperly charged state to a highly-charged negative state, the cell’s natural ionic forces
“Does detergent-free laundry sound too good to be true?” So asks Pure Products International, maker of the pureWash Eco Friendly Laundry System. Based on Consumer Reports’ testing of this product, as well as the similarly marketed Wash It laundry system, the answer for now is, “Yes, it’s too good be to true.”
In fact, you can buy other flocculants made with similar ingredients on Amazon.com for a fraction of the price Water Liberty charges. The pictures shown here reveal two low-priced flocculants available right now on Amazon.com.
Overall, Adya Clarity is promoted using deceptive, exaggerated images that imply the formula is some sort of magical water purification substance. The Water Liberty website even admits this, saying in small print, “This image is an over exaggerated example” just below an image showing a filthy dirty glass of water suddenly being transformed into clean, pristine water.
“When mono-atomic water molecules enter the body, the body more efficiently metabolizes more the singular oxygen and hydrogen atoms due to its greater availability. The greater availability of the hydrogen and oxygen provides the body with a much larger share of its requirements of these important elements and as a result, the body has shown to start functioning in a more balanced state and therefore begins to heal itself.”
“I am very skeptical about trying new products, and especially something that doesn’t use soap to clean your clothes. I cannot believe how clean the clothes come out! I have white towels in my powder room, and I purposely only washed one of them to compare. The washed one came out white! I also like that the clothes come out smelling fresh and they stay fresh smelling even after putting them away and not using them for a few days. It is amazing that you can wash clothes with only magnets and no soap. I am truly sold on this product and will continue to use it and save money on laundry soap that isn’t good for you or the environment. Thanks!“
It is difficult not to make “terrible assumptions about [your] intentions” after examining the scientifically absurd claims you make about your product; noting your failure to provide any objective scientific evidence that it works; noting your hiding of objective scientific evidence in your possession related to the question of whether it works; and noting that when asked for objective evidence that it works, you start talking about the toxic chemicals in laundry detergents, which, true or not, is completely irrelevant to the question of whether your product actually cleans clothes.
Influence of altering magnetic field on chemical properties of water, scale formation and morphology was studied using polyethylene and copper pipes located both in a laboratory pilot-system and in an apartment complex formed by five different buildings each having four or five different homes. In the pilot network, magnetic field decreased calcium scaling by 15% in the both studied piping materials. Also, surface film on the copper pipe appeared to be less compact by the magnetic exposure. In the studies conducted in the apartment complex, magnetic field effectively mobilized earlier accumulated iron and copper from the copper pipe surfaces especially dealing with a hot water circuit.
But the magnets stay “stuck” (magnetized) to the walls, which are metal, so there’s no friction. And they don’t change the molecular structure of water (which would be scary), but the charge. I’m no expert, that’s why I had my sister and her family try it out! And with excellent results! Placebo effect? Could be, but she has a little boy who sure dirties things. Maybe I’ll have her try doing a load minus the magnets to see her thoughts. I’ll post back my her reaction to this experiment if she goes along with it.
The effects of magnetic fields on water was discovered in the early 1900’s by Danish Physicist Hendrick Antoon Lorenz.  He received the Nobel Prize in 1902 for his discovery of the effects of magnetic fields on water. 
The 1902 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded jointly to Lorentz (who was Dutch) and Zeeman for the discovery of the effects of magnetic fields on atomic emission spectra. (If Lorentz studied water, it was probably its magnetic susceptibility, which has nothing to do with magnetic water treatment.)
“Thus, the water molecule being a small magnet (dipole), one may effect its magnetic (or electric) field by causing the molecule to turn or rotate in one direction or the other, taking on a positive or negative higher potential, depending on whether the S (South, positive) or N (North, negative) outside magnetic field had been applied. ”
For some users, MWT seems to be effective in controlling scale deposition; there are too many favorable anecdotal reports to dismiss it entirely. Looking at the carefully done studies on actual installations, the results are mixed. This suggests that the conditions under which MWT is effective are dependent on factors that are not well understood. Scientific studies on model systems suggest that magnetic fields can have subtle effects on water[⇒] and can affect carbonate precipitation[⇒], even though H2O molecules are not paramagnetic. Some studies have shown that the presence of certain substances in the water can affect scale precipitation; these include iron ions, phosphates, silica[⇒], and oxygen.
Hi Kris, you can use any dishwasher detergent with your Norwex Magnet Ball. Keep in mind, however, that bleach degrades anything you use it on, so although Norwex doesn’t specify that you can’t use a detergent with bleach in it with your Magnet Ball, my advice would be to try to avoid it, and use as healthy a detergent as possible.
The first is the neutral smell.  Most of us are used to having everything we own smell April fresh.  Unfortunately that’s not how clothes smell on their own.  That is a chemical additive from your detergent at work.  And while it smells comfortable and familiar, once you remove it from your life for a while, it doesn’t actually smell that great. 
Chlorine is by far the most widely-employed agent for disinfecting municipal water supplies, and there is no question about its effectiveness in reducing water-borne disease. Unfortunately, this active element also reacts with some of the organic components present in certain water to generate small amounts of chlorinated products such as chloroform and chloramines which have been shown to be mutagens and may be carcinogens. Although there are no epidemiological studies that demonstrate an adverse effect of chlorinated water on human health, it is understandable that many people would prefer their drinking water to be chlorine-free, if only to reduce the unpleasant taste in localities where the chlorine content is especially high. This can usually be accomplished by activated charcoal filters, and in extreme cases, by boiling. Numerous vendors sell magnetic devices, often in the form of shower heads, that purport to remove the chlorine from the water. Their Web sites paint frightening pictures of the dire consequences of showering in water containing this poisonous element. Consider, for example, this breathless paragraph from one sales site, obviously intended for people the vendor considers so dumb that they will be impressed by all of the words being capitalized:
* ‘Mineral’ washing balls allegedly work by using these minerals and magnets to change the properties of the water. They increase the pH balance of the water, and break down the molecules, both of which help the water be absorbed by the material, and therefore it gets right in there to clean out any dirt. * Detergent washing balls contain a tiny amount of liquid soap.
What is within our control is how we treat our customers. We have a number of companies who buy the product from us and retail to the consumer. Jonathan purchased the product through one of our distributors. I cannot confirm the information posted above, but I will nevertheless take his word for it.
“When water is magnetically charged, it electrically takes on a greater ionic charge than the minerals which creates a natural magnetic attraction between the two…. Softening and better taste occurs from an actual reduction in the size of the water molecule… The small magnetized water molecule has a greater solvency and a magnetic attraction that results in cleaner bathing and washing which cleans and washes like soft water. The smaller molecular size also has less evaporative surface area which magnetically and dramatically reduces the gases and foul taste of sulfur, chlorine and fluoride, etc. [link]
The dog balls will work fine on their own, without anything, I think I get better result with the baking soda and salt. The baking soda deodorizes the clothes. The salt helps to get rid of perspiration stains, helps prevent colour bleeding, and as we live on a farm, it kills any nasties including chicken flea eggs.
as well as the article {Gas-Saving Products: Facts or Fuelishness?}http://magnapak-magnetic-mattress-health-therapy.com/xcart/catalog/product_5_MagnaFlow_Magnetic_Fluid_Treatment__MF1.html at the U.S. FTC site.
The Laundry Solutions SuperGlobe “contains concentrated iETM Crystals” and “proprietary activation beads.” The SuperGlobe “is designed and intended to be used in conjunction with the SuperGlobe Booster” which is “a highly concentrated liquid with its own built in fabric softener.”
Safe Wash not only sells laundry disks, but includes a link to the laundry-disk-skeptical World Wide Scam Network and is a member of something called the Association of Ethical Internet Professionals.
Some manufacturers claim that the components inside their balls emit far infrared rays, which are claimed to reduce the surface tension of water and facilitate washing.[8] The claim of emitting infrared is not false, as almost all materials emit “far infrared waves” at room temperature, in other words, heat radiation.[4] It is also true that heating reduces the surface tension of water, but the effect of the radiation emitted by the balls is negligible compared to the radiation emitted by the internal walls of the washing machine or by the water, especially if it’s hot water.[4]
The front fabric is wrinkled/loose, not sleek like in the photo. Color is disappointingly a very dark brown, like dark chocolate or coffee grounds, not as pictured, see photo. Two stars for it’s nice size and sturdiness.
Manufacturers of MWT devices commonly offer simplistic or scientifically untenable explanations of how these devices work, giving the consumer who knows some chemistry little confidence in those who promote the product.
Apparently, magnets also cure headaches, they improve gas mileage, I am trying to think of some others. They probably clean or water. I have heard stuff like you can get power from them (to charge stuff, maybe actually be true). Anyways… I love magnets… but without doing real tests that have real results… it is all a bunch of … as George Bush would say… fuzzy Math (I never voted for him, by the way).
Spray it on areas that are usually loaded with bacteria like the armpits, the neckline, sweaty areas, in underwear, etc. Make sure that you test the spray in an inconspicuous area of clothing to ensure colorfastness. The hydrogen peroxide is a very effective natural bleach and can bleed colors, so be careful.
BUYER BEWARE. Do not buy from this company. I bought this product on 19 May & received notification from Water liberty it is out of stock & will be delivered in July. It did not arrive, I asked for a …refund 28 July & was told they will refund my money. It’s now 18 August, I still don’t have my money back and Water Liberty is not replying to my emails. See More
and have offered him a full and complete refund (including shipping costs) from us if he does not receive satisfaction from the reseller. We will do this even though we did not sell it to him or collect the money for this order. According to his written account, Jonathan deserves, and will receive, a full refund. Though it represents a total loss to us, we believe it is absolutely the right thing to do, and the right thing for Jonathan.
“Experiments were conducted in a test heat exchanger system to evaluate 10 non-chemical scale and corrosion control devices. These devices may perform either by electrostatic, magnetic, electronic, or catalytic mechanisms. Chemical tests also compared results with non-chemical systems to insure the test conditions were not so severe that scale prevention was impossible. Water from a single deep well known to cause calcium carbonate scale when heated was used in all tests. The test heat exchanger was a two-tube shell and tube with steam applied to the shell side. Water flow was either in series or parallel through the two tubes,depending on the desired test conditions. No device tested significantly reduced the amount of scale formed, compared to the controls. Proprietary chemicals containing phosphorous reduced scale formation almost completely.”
“How does the laundry solution [U.S. $75] work? It is structured water that emits far-infrared electro magnetic waves through the walls of the container into your laundry water. This causes the water molecule cluster to disassociate….”
“Magnetic water and fuel treatment: myth, magic, or mainstream science?” This article, by Mike Powell, a chemical engineer, appeared in the Skeptical Enquirer 22(1) 27-31 1998. The author provides a few references, practically all to non-refereed journals and conference proceedings of dubious quality. Powell observes that “the utter lack of published data is revealing. According to the vendors, magnetic fuel treatment has been around for fifty years. If it actually worked as claimed, it seems likely that it would by now be commonplace. It is not.”

“Best Magnets For Laundry Jobs Colorado laundry magnets work”

I need to know how to properly return this? There is a P.O. address on the package it came in, but always like to make contact with the company before sending it in the mail. Many times there is a different address in which to return it, often a RMA #.
Remember that soap and detergents are not the same. Unless you are washing by hand, a washing machine can not thoroughly rinse soap like detergent. It gunks up your washer and your clothes. Do a strip on clothes washed with soap and you will be DISGUSTED! Find a good coconut based detergent.
The MLS Magnetic Laundry System saves you money, helps the environment, cuts down on the amount of water you use, and is great for your health. You typically don’t need to put your clothes through a rinse cycle with the Magnetic Laundry System because there are no extra chemicals you need to rinse out. Cutting out this rinse cycle can save up to 40 gallons of water, the electricity it would take to run the cycle, and the gas used to heat the water. You also save money on softeners and static cling removers given that it is the chemicals that make your clothes stiff in the first place. Magnetic laundry systems are good for the environment because they completely cut out petrochemicals and other chemicals that your clothes would otherwise release into the atmosphere.
Those are precious. My 8-year-old son is BEGGING to help with the laundry (seriously!) but I am struggling with finding a good system. I want him to be able to help, but I don’t want to babysit him to tell him exactly what kind of treatment each load needs. Maybe I need to start putting laundry symbols on the hampers. (And maybe I need to search your archives too!)
I’ve read the science that says it can’t work but this works for me it’s that simple. 9 months now I estimate over 200 washes and I won’t be buying any detergent again. Scientists have been wrong before …
But the magnets stay “stuck” (magnetized) to the walls, which are metal, so there’s no friction. And they don’t change the molecular structure of water (which would be scary), but the charge. I’m no expert, that’s why I had my sister and her family try it out! And with excellent results! Placebo effect? Could be, but she has a little boy who sure dirties things. Maybe I’ll have her try doing a load minus the magnets to see her thoughts. I’ll post back my her reaction to this experiment if she goes along with it.
I’m not going to blow smoke up your you-know-what and tell you this magnet system cured that problem overnight.  But I’ll tell you what DID happen.  After a couple months of washing without detergent, the smell of his nasty gym clothes actually got better. 
One other thing that is great is, you don’t even have to do a rinse cycle anymore unless you just feel an item needs more agitation or something. is NO detergent (unless you add some, but I don’t know why you would do that as it defeats the whole purpose of the product) to rinse off. With not having to do a rinse cycle, that will save even MORE $$$. Less water, less electricity, and less time! Wash loads will get done in half the time now. I’m just so stoked over this product, I am actually excited about it!
The smaller cluster size gives the water excellent cleaning properties, high solubility and good permeability. In other words, water clusters in smaller groups lead to a better absorption of water through the tiny open spaces or “pores” of the fabrics. This technology essentially enables and strengthens the water’s ability to ‘physically’ clean and rinse dirt off fabrics without the use of chemicals. Learn more.
I do know that the vast majority of clothes will come clean from just plain water-washing. Unless something has sweat or B.O. on it, or something oily or greasy, you can run it through a rinse cycle and it will come out fine.
If you want clothes that are clean, stain-free, and smell like a summer breeze, throw out the washing ball and stick with a detergent that has a good track record, like Surf excel Matic. This really is the only way to ensure your clothes are truly clean.
That depends on your definition of “clean” and “bright”.  When comparing the usage of the Magnetic Laundry System with laundry detergent, you need to factor in a few things…  We define clean as chemical-free, non-harmful to the wearer and non-toxic to the environment, in addition to being optically acceptable.  But only you, the user and owner of the product can determine that.
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While sticking a ball into a washing machine to “agitate” the clothing may work — indeed, increased agitation is the reason that the (now mostly defunct) Dyson washing machine had better performance — “Laundry Balls” have far more woo centered explanations for how they work. Some washing ball products contain “washing pearls”. These are small ceramic balls which supposedly “interact” with the washing water or release substances into the water — possibly this is an example of a homeopathic detergent.[2] Actual details of the science behind these laundry balls are few and far between, and as with most woo, when methods are kept secret, alarm bells usually start sounding in skeptical heads. Usually both types of balls are marketed as “environmentally friendly” alternatives to ordinary washing powders or liquids. They are claimed to be able to wash several hundred, up to 1000-1500 loads of wash until they should be discarded.